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Out with Flamel, in with a Pest

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An insider at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry has noted that while preparations for the new school year have gone smoothly thus far despite recent and sudden changes to the staff, it seems a new flock of doxies have taken residence in the countless draperies around the castle. Staff of Hogwarts have been fighting the doxies off with Doxycide as per routine, however this seems to be a bigger job than they'd originally thought.


Doxies typically prefer cold climates and it has been unseasonably warm. Whether the pests were planted there as a revenge scheme from the rumored-to-be bitter former Headmistress Flamel is mere speculation, but it looks as though students may find themselves attacked by more than knowledge on September 1st.  Get your knockback jinxes ready, kids!

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20 minutes ago, Professor Foster said:

Damn. Thought they were talking about Headmaster Gawkrodger.


Me too.

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One of those bit me, nasty, and I was caught unawares. The school should host a hunt for the Queens and remove them to a remote location to live in peace. Like Muggles do for some animals in various nations to get them away from people.

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