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Aara Aydelston

Aara Aydelston

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Aara Aydelston


The Basics:

Name: Aara Aydelston

House: Slytherin

Birthday: 8/23


Pureblood/half blood/muggle born: Pureblood

Five words that best describe your character: Thoughtful, Competitive, Provoking, Ambitious, Wander-lust.



Hair Color: Brunette

Hair Style: Shoulder length, slightly wavy.

Eye color: Hazel, borderline Amber.

Height: Just over 4 feet

Other distinguishing details:Usually wears hair in a side braid.



Father's name: Charles Eaton

Brief description (occupation, blood, etc): Businessman. Pureblood.

Mother's name: Marianne Aydelston

Brief description (occupation, blood, etc): Shop owner. Pureblood.

Siblings (names and descriptions): Younger half-brother & half-sister; father's side.

Other key family members: Uncle Barry, her mother's brother. Liddy, her cousin's cousin on her father's side.


At Hogwarts:

Your best subject: Dueling

Your worst subject: Astronomy

Extracurricular activities: Dueling

Favorite place at Hogwarts: Dueling Chamber, Lakefront, Hidden Chambers

Least favorite place at Hogwarts: Classrooms

Do any of the staff members scare you? Not yet

Do any inspire you? Not yet



Interests/hobbies: Has dueling come up yet? Aara also enjoys exploring, anything active and engaging, and collecting chocolate frog cards.

What you might like to do after Hogwarts: Be the woman behind the ruler of the world.

Someone you look up to: Her mentor Silvia, and Adora – both excellent duelers.

Something else people really should know about you?: Nothing they should know. The surprise is half the fun.

Edited by Aara Aydelston

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Aara Aydelston



The Family History

Coming Soon...


The Wand

►9 ½ inch holly, phoenix feather


Holly is one of the rarer kinds of wand woods; traditionally considered protective, it works most happily for those who may need help overcoming a tendency to anger and impetuosity. At the same time, holly wands often choose owners who are engaged in some dangerous and often spiritual quest. Holly is one of those woods that varies most dramatically in performance depending on the wand core, and it is a notoriously difficult wood to team with phoenix feather, as the wood’s volatility conflicts strangely with the phoenix’s detachment. In the unusual event of such a pairing finding its ideal match, however, nothing and nobody should stand in their way. Source


This is one of the rarest core types. Phoenix feathers are capable of the greatest range of magic, though they may take longer than either unicorn hair or dragon heartstring cores to reveal this. They show the most initiative, sometimes acting of their own accord, a quality that many witches and wizards dislike. Phoenix feather wands are always the pickiest when it comes to potential owners, for the creature from which they are taken is one of the most independent and detached in the world. These wands are the hardest to tame and to personalise, and their allegiance is usually hard won. Source


The Astrology

►VIRGO August 23 - Sepember 22 "I ANALYZE"


While these Slytherins might not be the most outgoing of their class, they are often among the most wise, and their canny observation and lightning-fast analysis of any given situation will take them far. Often behind that quiet mien hides the mind of a big dreamer, who had both the imagination to come up with a concept and the power to follow it through. These Slytherins are an interesting mix of politeness and politics, pragmatism and intuition. They make good alchemists, Ministry bureaucrats (well, somebody's got to do it), and academic advisors. They are often underestimated. This is most unwise. Source


The Sorting



You’re keen on experiencing new things? There’s no shortage of opportunities for that here, especially with your curiosity. Rowena wouldn’t mind having you, you know. She values intelligence and you’ve certainly got it. But above all else, you’re ambitious and cunning, a true snake at your very core. SLYTHERIN!

Edited by Aara Aydelston

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Aara Aydelston



Chapter One: The Duels

••►Starting WP: 50. Ending WP: 81

Chapter Two: The Adventuring Club


__ w/ Greg Argos & Arianna Wright


__ w/ Greg Argos & Arianna Wright

__ w/ Greg Argos & Arianna Wright






Chapter Three: The Threads







Chapter Four: The Spells


__♦ Alohomora - Used to open and unlock doors.

__♦ Ebullire – boils water.

__♦ Flammeus Tailora - Transfigures a match into a needle.

__♦ Flipendo - Pushes things/people backward.

__♦ Immotus Verto - inanimate inanimate transfiguration.

__♦ Incendio (Bluebell Flames) - Shoots a jet of bright blue flames.

__♦ Infelicio Fur - Marks an object by creating a mist around it. It prevents your stuff from being stolen.

__♦ Inflammus Circe - Blue and white flame, gives off heat but does not burn.

__♦ Lumos - Creates a narrow beam of light that comes from your wand like a torch.

__♦ Nox - Opposite of Lumos. Puts out the light.

__♦ Obsidio - Blocks lower level spells being sent at you.

__♦ Perurere Coloratus - Pinches someone on the cheek causing their cheeks to glow different colours.

__♦ Petrificus Totalus - Full body bind spell. The victim cannot move.

__♦ Ramale Penna - Turns twigs into Quills

__♦ Reparo - Repairs broken objects

__♦ Revalio - Transfigures an eraser into a revealor.

__♦ Scourgify - Used to clean something.

__♦ Scriopea - Transfigures a quill into a spoon.

__♦ Specialis Revelio – reveals a misty image if a object is cursed.

__♦ Tulilatum - Autofocuses your telescope.

__♦ Wingardium Leviosa - Levitates objects


__♦ LV1 Jinx Shield - Cuniculi Pedis

__♦ LV3 Horn-Tongue Hex - Lingua di Corno

__♦ LV2 Pepper Breath Hex - Pyretz

__♦ LV1 Twitchy Ears Curse -Cellicare Auris

__♦ LV1 Blocking Charm - Obsidio

__♦ LV1 Knockback Jinx - Flipendo


Chapter Five: The Grades

__♥ Herbology: O

__♥ DADA: O

__♥ Potions: O

__♥ Charms: O

__♥ Astronomy: O

__♥ Flying: O

__♥ Transfiguration: O

__♥ HOM: A

Edited by Aara Aydelston

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Aara Aydelston



Chapter One: The Duels

••►Starting WP: 81. Ending WP:


Arianna Wright; Edward Braelin-VonHaus; Antigone Grey; Cillian McCullough; Erin Flannery; Edward Braelin-VonHaus 2; Emery Roux; Cricket Silverstar; Tecinus Cephias; Emery Roux 2; Amos Downing; Leonid Stanislaus; Adora Crawford; Melissa Tavella; Christian Dobb; Alexa McPherson; Chandler Grayson 2; PM Me!; PM Me!; PM Me!; PM Me!; PM Me!;


Axel Flint; Chandler Grayson; Jake Greyson;


Simon Armistead; Alice Bogswead; Edward Braelin-VonHaus 3; Cricket Silverstar 2;


Elijah Ellis; Cassandra Murray;


Chapter Two: The Threads


__ w/ Chazie Felix, Amadeus Titor, & Ajax Devereaux.



__ in which Aara first experiences Slytherpuff.

__ w/ Ivan Valvyous, Jake Greyson, Bobbie Welch




Chapter Three: The Adventuring Club






Chapter Four: The Spells


__♦Pingunt Crepitus, Creates any color paint.




Chapter Five: The Grades



Edited by Aara Aydelston

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