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PHP Feedback

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#21 Gaspar Pendagast

Gaspar Pendagast


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Posted 21 July 2012 - 10:01 PM

My ideas so far :

1) love the system. It offers you a great deal of infos especially if you are new to the site.
2) lessons are less demanding which can be a great thing, because they give you time to familiarize with everything and see how other people are interacting with the site the lessons etc.
3) however since there are more people who aren't new to this, i would like to borrow an idea professor Sprout had first. TUNNELS. What i have in mind is that you guys could create a lesson's map, where each kid would chose different path. For this you would have to seperate the lessons into two parts. One part that would be a small practical homework and one where there will be a more detailed one. Each student will have to chose his own path through this lesson's map filled with tunnels. According to which path he/she will take he/she will have to do the corresponding homeworks.


#22 Azalia Rod

Azalia Rod


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Posted 28 July 2012 - 02:43 AM

I'm not new to VH, but this is my first time going through PHP! I absolutely LOVE IT. It really gave me a great opportunity to develop my character a lot before the sorting. The activities and games are very fun, and you should definitely include more if that is possible! I can't think of many ways that it could be improved, besides adding on to what you already have.

Perhaps you could simulate a VH lesson. Start a thread in the Park with a lesson included, and people can post replies as part of their homework and a link to it in their workbook. Or, maybe threads for field trips and such that everyone can post in as a group.

Thank you so much for creating a great Pre-Hogwarts experience!

#23 Alexis Endicus

Alexis Endicus


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Posted 28 July 2012 - 08:02 AM

I'm really enjoying PHP so far, it's been a blast doing the lessons and RPing at PHP. It's way better than only having the train to RP on. Never again D: It's been a blast to meet other students before sorting. Alexis is a pureblood so she's already met some before Hogwarts but I've had a muggleborn character that I felt like I couldn't RP much before sorting. That wasn't fun but if I had PHP back then, I would probably have liked that character better as I would get a chance to develop them before Hogwarts. However, I was looking at the badges section in the shops and saw that the Avid Afterschooler Certificate is a lot prettier than Extracurricular Overachiever Certificate. I am so tempted to skip two of the nine extra credit activities because I really want the rainbow in my profile. I've talked to other people too and they generally agree with me about this. So... Can you make the rainbow certificate for doing every extra credit activity instead of just seven? I want to work towards something awesome :3 :wub: x1000 for you guys

#24 Jonathan Park

Jonathan Park


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Posted 03 August 2012 - 10:36 PM

Hats off to you guys for making such a program ^.^

Since I'm new here and everything, doing PHP has helped me find things around VH and with coding. I remember trying to figure out how in the world you were supposed to change color and fonts. :blush: The lessons were always in depth and helped us newbies get everything together before sorting and we also got to meet new people!

Everything was clear and easy to follow and whenever I got lost, I'd comb through PHP to look through things again. It looks like you guys put a lot of work into this and I think it really shows. Though I didn't sign up for it, the PHP mentoring program was a really neat thing- wish I'd done it D:

But it was really helpful and I had lots of fun with coding and developing Jonathan.

Thanks, guys! :wub:

#25 Finick Ashville

Finick Ashville


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Posted 11 August 2012 - 05:40 AM

I take my hat off for you and offer you the highest of fives! You have done a wonderful job with the new system and although I must admit that I didn't take full advantage of what it had to offer (mostly due to lack of time) I really do believe that this version of PHP was a great improvement from the previous one. I, like Johnathan, struggled last year with understanding the technical side of the site and the improvement in this side in the PHP program was tremendous! I actually learned new stuff from it which the last PHP didn't cover and I didn't know about the site even though my first character is almost a second year! I had a grand time completing the Workbook and developing Finick through it and even though like I said before that I didn't take full advantage of the RPing apportunities it had to offer I still learned a lot about him and the things I missed were mymooss... I actually would have liked to see more RP opportunities within the actual lessons as EC. Like teaming up with someone to complete a task (sort of like the picnic threads of last year) or what Azalia suggested about the lesson simulation. Things that will both help the newbies prepare for VH and help everyone develop their character. I really think one or two more options for each lesson where you can choose which one you like best would have been better than the plain old no option "pick an animal and tell me why I picked it" kind of EC. That way people would get the chance to choose what assigment they feel is easier for them to complete for their EC and if they really want to they can make use of the other options (or the ideas behind them, sometimes by thinking about someone else's ideas you get your own) into pure character development and fun. Personally I have no idea how people lived before PHP! Especially muggle-born characters - they had next to no character development opportunities before sorting before there was PHP! I'm so glad I arrived here after it was created. I probably would have gone nuts from trying to figure out how things worked and left before I realized how fun and awesome RPing is! (particulary in this site and this wonderful community!) Another thing that I would like to add like some before me is that the Extracarricular Overachiever Cartification lacks a great amount of colour and fun... It's very dull compared to the others. (even the Lazy Daisy one looks nicer!) I also really like the Graduation Ceremony idea. It could be really cool and exciting to see our baby ickle chicks graduate in a Sorting Ceremony type of thread :) I think that's it for now! :] I hope this helps and be sure that I'll come back with another character when I decide to make another one in the future! ^^

#26 Charity Shepherd

Charity Shepherd


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Posted 12 October 2014 - 07:33 AM

Hey, just wanted to drop in and say I was on VH years ago and couldn't get through PHP.  There was just too much so being able to do all the non-extra-credit parts in one day was great for me.


However, since the site has been updated,  I noticed there are some things in the lessons that also might need updating.  Mainly just formatting, like if you want to write your own BBcode you need to hit that button in the top left corner that looks like a switch to switch to coding mode.


Also, don't know if it's still relevant but I would have liked the IC option for my character to have not attended, because when playing a muggleborn a lot of the pleasure is in the surprises of the magical world. That gets undercut if the character has spent a summer being prepared to enter the magical world.


Additionally, the information telling us it's mandatory isn't included in the site getting started info, only in the PHP info.  If I hadn't already been reading the PHP info (because I'd decided my character wasn't going to attend), I wouldn't know it the Ministry had made attendence mandatory and therefore I would have continued to RP as though my character hadn't gone.


I hope this helps.

#27 Astrid McManus

Astrid McManus


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Posted 11 December 2014 - 03:05 PM

Thank you very much for your feedback, Miss Shepherd, and I'm sorry for not having posted a response much sooner.  Welcome back to VH, and I do hope you're enjoying yourself!


Yes, yes... :( We really do need to fix those formatting parts of the lessons, someone mentioned it earlier this year but it completely slipped off my radar.... Let's just say I'm becoming more addled with age (but don't tell anyone I'm getting old!! ;) ) and I'm going to have to make sure I've figured out all the new formatting, myself. I hope this has not been too detrimental to everyone going through these lessons and I really do apologize to anyone this has caused any issues!! (It's quite unacceptable for us to have not fixed this sooner, I really am sorry.)


I'm going to add it to my to-do list to check with the Ministry on the reasoning for PHP being mandatory for all students. Since this was established before Mrs Blithe and I began teaching at PHP, it's something we've kept up with... but you have very valid points for why a student might choose not to attend, and I'm wondering if we couldn't come up with an alternate format for lessons to provide more options, both for students attending and not attending PHP.


Thank you again for your comments, they did indeed help! <3

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