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Andrew Blackstone

You snooze, you lose

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The noise at the common room was too much for Andrew and his dorm wasn't any better. He usually joined the conversations in the Gryffindor common room but today, he just wanted some peace and quiet. This week has been tiring for him and all he wanted to do was sleep. He couldn't take it anymore and exited the common room. Bringing his small pillow along with him, he looked for somewhere to sleep. It was a weird sight really, seeing a boy walk around Hogwarts with a pillow in his hand. He didn't mind the stares and kept looking for a place to lie down. It took him awhile but once he had reached the fourth floor, he finally found a classroom. It looked like a pretty safe place to hang for a bit, so he entered inside.


None of the candles were lit but the sun's rays filled the classroom with its light. He took put three chairs next to each other and laid his pillow on top of the first one. When he decided that it looked comfortable enough, he lied down on the chair, making sure the pillow collided with his head. Andrew thought if he was going to get in trouble for being here but shook off the thought and decided that he didn't care. He needed his serenity. Since lately, he has been studying and thinking about the quidditch tryouts nonstop; he was restless. Andrew didn't show it, that's for sure, but it was in his mind twenty-four seven. After a few moments, he drifted off to a dreamless sleep.


Andrew woke up when he heard the door close loudly. He sat up swiftly and rubbed his eyes. His vision was clearer now and saw someone near the door looking at him. "Hi." he said, lifting a hand at the one who disrupted his sleep.

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