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How To Post Your Topic

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Ever been curious what exactly happened between those two Slytherin chicks for them to hate each other so much? Want to know just who else that Gryffindor playboy has dated before you agree to go out with him? Want to make a surprise doll for someone but don't know what they look like? Want to find that great roleplay you wrote in your 2nd year, but don't want to dig through the whole site for it?


That's basically what this forum is for.


This forum is here for people to keep a history of their character's progression through Hogwarts. Each character can post a topic for himself or herself. In these topics, you'll include some basic information about yourselves as well as links to roleplays that you've participated in, especially ones that advance your character's story.


This is meant both as a convenient place for you to find old roleplays you've written and as a place for people interested in your character to read up on what you've been up to.


It'll be completely up to you to keep your topic up to date if you choose to make one.


I should warn you that from time to time Admin has to delete old topics to keep the site running smoothly. So if you're really attached to something you've written, you should download the topic to your computer for safekeeping.



The rules of this forum:

1. You may not post in any topic but your own. Anyone who posts in another person's topic will lose house points.

2. Only sorted students and staff may post topics for their characters.

3. The normal VH rules apply to any content posted here.

4. Let your roleplays do the talking. (i.e. Avoid long expository posts)

5. Animated gifs are disallowed throughout the entire board, including in Character Libraries. You may link to them, of course, but nothing else! (Plus if they're being stolen from tumblr, please make sure you have the artist's full permission!)

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How to post your topic:

Topic Title: Your character's name
Topic Description: Your house or your job title

Students/Alumni: Choose your house and the year you were sorted

Staff: Choose the most accurate job title. You may also choose a house if your character attended Hogwarts.


Your first post: Please fill out the following survey and include it in the first post of your topic. (This is meant to be an easy place for people to find out basic information about your character, so please keep your answers short.)

[b]The Basics:[/b]
Pureblood/half blood/muggle born:
Five words that best describe your character:

Hair Color:
Hair Style:
Eye color:
Other distinguishing details:
(Insert a portrait here if you like)

Father's name:
Brief description (occupation, blood, etc):
Mother's name:
Brief description (occupation, blood, etc):
Siblings (names and descriptions):
Other key family members:

[b]At Hogwarts:[/b]
Your best subject:
Your worst subject:
Extracurricular activities:
Favorite place at Hogwarts:
Least favorite place at Hogwarts:
Do any of the staff members scare you?
Do any inspire you?

What you might like to do after Hogwarts:
Someone you look up to:
Something else people really should know about you?:

Later posts:

This is not meant to be a journal or a story about your character. We'd like for you to let your roleplays show who your character is.

However, if you wish to write a summary of your character's history for years already completed at Hogwarts you may do that. Especially you older students since many of your early topics have probably disappeared from the boards.

Post things however you like. You can keep them neat and organized by year or just post each new topic as you're working on it. It's up to you.

Here's an example:

Life before Hogwarts:
Before I attended Hogwarts, I lived a quiet, peaceful life with my muggle parents in the countryside. Well, at least until the locals decided I was a witch and tried to burn me alive. After that, we had to move to London where my special abilities would not be so obvious. Ever since then, my little brother has hated me because he misses his pet pony, Apple. The only other thing that has disturbed the peace of my family is my evil great grandfather Malificus. He's a death eater and has been trying to kill my mother for bringing shame to the family and marrying a muggle. So far, he's been largely unsuccessful, thanks to the Fidelius Charm we're living under. I sure hope Mr Doodles never folds and gives up our location.

First year:
It was hard adjusting to life here at Hogwarts, but I soon met some lovely friends that helped me get through it. Tomtom and Pixie and I had some great adventures. Once we went into the Forbidden Forest and a Centaur sneezed on us. Another time, we were twisted into pretzels by a very handsome death eater, but I don't like to talk about that too much. We all tried out for the house quidditch team but only Tomtom made it. Lucky little twerp. I also took up dueling that year and have made it my life's goal to beat that snobby Gryffindor show off Bartelby. One of these days, Bartelby! One of these days!
Centaur adventure.
Relaxing at the Three Broomsticks

Current year:
Tomtom is acting weird.
Encounter with a spider in the forest.
Recovering from spider attack in the hospital wing.
*gasp* I think Tomtom likes me!
*gasp* Bartleby asked me out on a date! Whatever shall I do?
Practicing quidditch. I swear I'll make the team next year if it's the last thing I do.

You can also post old drawings or graphics of your character that you no longer want in your sig, and things like that.

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I've edited the previous post to include tagging policy now that we have tags.


Students/Alumni: Choose your house and the year you were sorted

Staff: Choose the most accurate job title. You may also choose a house if your character attended Hogwarts.

I'm trying out tag restrictions in this forum, which means you can only choose from predefined tags.


The current choices included school houses, sorting years, various Hogwarts staff job titles, various creatures, and auror, death eater, and OoTP. There is also Hogwarts Staff and Creature to cover any I might have missed.


I thought about adding various other things, things you're probably thinking about right now, but decided not too. I'd like to keep these fairly clean and simple as the subtitles before.


Note: The job title tags are only for hired staff. Please do not use them unless you are/were hired to do the job. (For example, even if your alumnus happens to be a librarian in the muggle town he lives in, he cannot use the librarian tag.)

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