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Jeff Nailsmithers

Jeff's Summer Before Hogwarts, Year 1

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Jeff Nailsmithers

It was a nice, warm day at Diagon Alley. Jeff had just came out the Leaky Cauldron with his parents since they didn't have any floo powder, let alone fireplace to use it! So after walking around, he strode right into Gladrags London. He said to the Shopkeeper; "Hi, I was just needing some new robes for school this year. Do you have anything that could SUIT me?" "Ha ha ha little tike, very clever. Of course we have robes and other clothes for the school year as well, please follow me!" replied the Shopkeeper. Jeff was just about to fall asleep when the man said; "Done! Here are your hat and robes!" Jeff thanked the man and walked briskly out of the shop.


So on Jeff went down Diagon Alley, he soon found Flourish and Blotts. He figured he would get his books from there. "Hello?" he said into the empty shop. Soon a tall man had appeared out of nowhere. "You ring?" he asked. "Yes," Jeff replies. "I need the set of textbooks that'll get me from my first year at Hogwarts to my third year. Plus a few jars of ink and about 2 or 3 dozen macaw quills." "Sure thing! Coming right up!" after a few minutes of waiting, Jeff saw the man appear out of nowhere again with an armload of books, feathers, and ink. "Here you go young man. Enjoy!" he said. "Thank you very much sir! Also, do you know where I will be able to get my potions ingredients?"


So down the road, he finally saw a shop that said, Slugs and Jiggers, just like the man said. Jeff walks into this shop and wonders what he will see. "'ello chap! You look like a man who could use some school supplies, yes?" says a strange man. But before Jeff could say anything the man says; "You look like you want to do big things at school, so let's see, ah! 'ere we go, the advanced potions kit, brass scales, and a #2 iron cauldron!" That was fast. Thought Jeff. Now he was off to go see his mum and dad who said they needed to get him a special something. I wonder what it could possibly be? Jeff thought as he walked down to the Magical Menagerie where he would meet his parents.


Sorry 'bout name, just confused it with another account of mine on a different site!

Edited by Jeff Nailsmithers

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