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Acadia Westgate

Acadia Westgate

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The Basics:

Name: Acadia Veron Westgate

House: Ravenclaw

Birthday: June 18th 2012

Hometown: Great Yarmouth, Norfolk ,England.

Pureblood/half blood/muggle born: Muggleborn

Five words that best describe your character:



Hair Color:

Hair Style:

Eye color:

Height: Ends at five foot three or four.

Other distinguishing details:

(Insert a portrait here if you like)



Father's name: Bryce Westgate

Brief description (occupation, blood, etc): Muggle. Investment broker. Five nineish with dark hair and blue/grey eyes. Always carries a briefcase.

Mother's name: Viola (nee Fletcher) Westgate

Brief description (occupation, blood, etc): Muggleborn. Gryffindor. Works as muggle teacher for preschool aged childern. Shoulder length dark brown hair with bangs. Pointed face and freckles. Barely five feet tall. Loud voice.

Other key family members:

Rosamond Fletcher Bass


Muggleborn. Gryffindor.

Writes for wizarding magazine.

George Orion Lyman Bass



Wizarding security guard.

Kingston Jude Bass

“Kings da Man”

Second Year Gryffindor.

Unagreeable, concieted, coniving, bothersome prat who thinks he’s a ladies man. But he’s NOT. Annoyance.

Houston Wellington Bass

Unsort VH23/Vh24

Hugh’s a pretty nice kid.


Eleanora ? Bass

Unsort VH26

Nora’s a pretty nice kid.



At Hogwarts:

Your best subject: TBE

Your worst subject: TBE

Extracurricular activities: TBE

Favorite place at Hogwarts: TBE

Least favorite place at Hogwarts: TBE

Do any of the staff members scare you? TBE

Do any inspire you? TBE



Interests/hobbies: TBE

What you might like to do after Hogwarts: TBE

Someone you look up to: My mum.

Something else people really should know about you?: I love crowds.


NOTE: This will ALL be edited and added to. Soon.

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