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VH Lessons & How to do Them!

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Posted 14 February 2012 - 01:41 AM

A How-to for Lessons on VH!

. . . There are many kinds of lessons and assignments created for Virtual Hogwarts. In this resource I will be explaining some of the more popular ones that your teachers will be using.

. . . This does not mean that these are the only lesson types/assignment types/etc that you will see... just that these are common ones. So remember to read the classroom rules before the start of every term. Sometimes new rules pop up, sometimes one Professor grades differently or counts an assignment differently, there are many tiny differences - just like in a real school! <3


. . . One-shot Lesson
+ this type of lesson is written in one post. It begins with the Professor's Role Play of the lesson and ends with the day's assignment.

. . . I-did-it! Lesson
+ this lesson is also posted in one go, similar to the One-shot lesson, but includes an interesting detail. At some point during the text, a student's action is highlighted in colour. This means that one student can claim in their assignment to be that student.
EX: Professor Lina noticed one quiet Gryffindor girl in the middle carefully writing down everything she said, while the Slytherin boy behind her tried to dip the girl's pigtails into an inkpot.
Now, one Gryffindor girl and Slytherin boy can claim those actions in their Role Play (usually posting "I claim ___" at the top of their post). Sometimes the professor will even go through and link their post to the highlighted words, but only if they have time.

. . . Call and Response Lesson
+ this type of lesson is a bit newer and allows the students to interact a little bit. The Professor will post one half of the lesson role play and then ask for a specific number of students to reply and ask questions. Once that number of students has responded... then the Professor will answer those questions, continue the lesson, and post the assignment for the day. Again, this allows for more student interaction during class.


. . . Required Assignment:
. . . Every student is required to post a 50 word Role Play of their character attending class in order to get credit for that class. If you attend every single lesson, your character will get an Outstanding Grade for that term.

. . . Formatting:
. . . Color: Use DARK COLOURS, if you use bright and hard to see colours (like these ones that i can't read.) then your Professors and the graders get very sad, have headaches, and not want to grade your assignment.

. . . Font: Same as with colour, just because you can USE a beautifully scripted cursive font... does not mean we want to spend an hour trying to read it. Please use the generic ones listed as options when posting assignments. You can be as creative as you want during role plays and in your signature.

. . . Layout: Every assignment that you post should have the following information in it, but check with the Rules for each classroom before posting your first assignment. Some teachers ask for something different.

Character Name (your log-on)
House Affiliation
Lesson Number (depends on teacher)

Jane Doe
First Year
Lesson Three

. . . Signature: We know that most of you have spent a ton of time making your signatures perfect. However, if we have to scroll through 100+ assignments in order to grade a lesson... and you all have your sigs on... it turns into twenty pages worth of assignments. The faster we read and grade your work, the faster you get house points and your final grade. So! Turn off your signatures when posting assignments.

Extra Credit

. . . Extra Credit is any assignment given during a lesson that goes above and beyond the 50 word requirement. Professors always give House Points for Extra Credit done in class and it can, depending on the teacher, bump your grade up a letter if you miss a class.

. . . A Note: If you have done the EC assignment, then it is not always required to do the 50 word RP on top of that for it to count towards attendance. Make sure to read the classroom rules before the start of each term, so you know exactly what each Professor expects from you.

. . . Another Note: If you are given more than one EC option, make sure to read the instructions. Some Professors only want you to choose one, but others will give you more points for doing all of them.

. . . Some Typical EC Assignments: (I try to include a variety in my own lessons to give you an idea)
Write 200 words or more about your character attending class and doing the day's assignment.

Create a graphic related to the class ( in the past this has been designing a plant for Herbology or a copy of your scribbled on notes and many other creative ideas )

Write a short essay (usually 200 words) on various topics.

Write a short story about your character in ? situation.

Fun Extras that Students have done

. . . Joint Lesson - when two (or more, but that is rare) students get together and do the assignment/RP together. Usually one student will post the entire lesson with the others posting directly after with a link to the first post, but I have seen it split up and posted in two posts one right after the other as well.
EX: Jane = Blue Bobby = Red

Jane sat waiting impatiently for class to start. She was sitting next to her best friend Bobby and they had promised to work on today's spell together. Now if only the teacher would start class already! [insert enough to make it a paragraph] While waiting she subconsciously began tapping her quill again the desk.

Bobby stared around the classroom, the epitome of boredom and all things not-interesting. Next to him, Jane was bouncing around like a jitter-bug who had waaaay too much black tea. Typical behaviour for Jane. She loved learning new spells. Bobby would much rather be out on the pitch learning a new Quidditch play. He imagined himself flying over the grass, trying out the starfish to save a throw, when a rather annoying tapping entered his conciousness.

"Jane," he groaned. "Quit it!"

"Quit what?" Jane asked in confusion, halting the quill unknowingly as she turned to her friend. [insert more sentences to make paragraph]

. . . As you can see, the two characters each write a little bit and then respond to each other while still doing the assignment. Which, in this case, is RPing the lesson.

. . . Mass Plot - when a very large group of students all get together before a lesson and decide on a task or theme or what-have-you that they will all perform during a lesson.
EX: Professor Ozark tells me that during one Astronomy class, the students would pass a note to each other with each post, replying and adding onto the note as it went from person to person.

. . . Another example might be a mass prank, such as all the students only being able to speak Pig Latin for the lesson or something. Be creative!

Once again we would like to thank Miss Katie for creating such an excellent resource!

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