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Mrs Blithe

The Great Coding Library

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Mrs Blithe

The Great Coding Library

. . . The Coding Library serves to show you how to do all the pretty/fancy tricks that most long time VHers already know.

Now the first Rule of posting is...

Always Preview your post before submitting it Why? Tag errors, things didn't appear exactly how you wanted, many reasons. Professors prefer that you only submit your assignments Once without any editing. So preview your post first to make sure there aren't any coding mistakes.

Let's start with the basics just to make sure we covered them. 


qtO73Ll.jpg (1344×711)

You can also access some of these modes through coding formulas!  BOLD Italics Underlined Strikethrough Sub-script and Super-script






and [sup]Super-script[/sup]



Fonts! Now I can hear you saying, but fonts are self-explanatory. You highlight which text you want and then click the font on the scroll down bar. Right? Well, here's a trick that you may not have known. VH supports more fonts than just those! We simply prefer that you use those since they are easiest to read. If you want to do something fancier in a post, for example make a sign:

Pre-Hogwarts Primary Summer School








[size="5"][font="Viner Hand ITC"]Pre-Hogwarts Primary Summer School[/font]



Remember! not all fonts will appear on VH - try to stick with fonts that came standard on your computer and Always Preview your post before submitting it! Also, for the sake of other people, please use legible fonts for your general Role Playing. It hurts the eyes to try and read some of the more complicated fonts, much like using the lighter colors...

Which brings us to... COLOR!

As with the fonts, VH does in fact support more colors than are shown in our color chart. Every color has a hex code that allows the computer to know exactly which color you want to appear. See below.












I use this website for most of my color choices -- > Hex Color Code Generator.

If I need a color that isn't listed... or isn't exactly the shade I want, I use this one ---> Hex Color Code Chart

Both are very good resources to have when deciding colour.

Now, something else you can also do with colour. [borrowed from Miss Claire Abienne's VHOT Coding Library]

Remember the Strikethrough and Underline?

This is how to change the color of your strikethrough or your underline only without changing the color of your text.








[color=limegreen][s][color=black]This is how to change the color of your strikethrough[/color][/s][/color][color=magenta][u][color=black] or your underline only without[/color][/u][/color] changing the color of your text.




Now I'm sure you're wondering... how did you make links? The code for that is below.








[url="http://www.2createawebsite.com/build/hex-colors.html"]Hex Color Code Generator[/url]




Oh look! It's me!

Icon created by Lilia McEvans.

A note: Always, Always, Always! give credit for images, avatars, and banners unless you made them yourself.) The easiest way is to credit the creator when you upload the image into the gallery.












I am quoting myself, Say What?











I am quoting myself, Say What?

[quote] I am quoting myself, Say What?[/quote]


How do you show all this amazing code?
[=code]Oh look code...[=/code] (but remove the = from them)

Now that you've got the majority of it down, let's show you how to do a few more neat tricks.



I am writing and i want there to be an indent in my writing.


Oh look! It happened!


[indent]Oh look! It happened![/indent]


You can also use successive indent tags to increase the level of indentation.


And it’s happened again!


[indent][indent]And it’s happened again![/indent][/indent]


This one will be very useful for your Character Library.




Align Right




Align Center

Align Left






[right]Align Right[/right]

[center]Align Center[/center]

[left]Align Left[/left]






  • Ravenclaw
  • Gryffindor
  • Slytherin
  • Hufflepuff

  • Seeker
  • Chaser
  • Beater
  • Keeper
  • Referee
  • Comentator

  • Oh Look
  • Yet
  • Another
  • List!

[*]Oh Look
  • And
  • Another!
    • ZOMG!
    • I made it double!
  • Seriously tho...
  • Last List
[*]I made it double!
[*]Seriously tho...
[*]Last List

And now you know pretty much everything there is to know about coding for Virtual Hogwarts.

If there is anything you think I missed, post here to let me know with an example and we will add it.

Happy Coding!

Miss McManus & I want to thank Miss Katie, the former teacher of PHP for compiling such a wonderful resource for us to use! And Mrs Brom would like to thank Addison Toft for helping with updating this to reflect New!VH!

Edited by Mrs Brom
Updates for New New New VH

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Mrs Blithe

Other References to help with Coding


The List of Colors created on VHOT by Angelique Paquet


Additionally there are some differences in coding on vh and coding on VHOT (thank you Cameron Creevey and Coronas Hunter) so Marie-Claire Abienne created a great reference here!


So a great many thanks to both of them!

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