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Mrs Blithe

Welcome to Pre-Hogwarts Primary!

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Pre-Hogwarts Primary is a program created by the Ministry of Magic, designed as a summer school for the students who are about to begin Hogwarts as a way to familiarize themselves with magic, and the school they are soon to attend. It is open to any student who will receive their Hogwarts Letter by September 1st of the upcoming year. Transportation to the school is by the Knight Bus, the floo network, side-along apparition, or a portkey; Muggleborns are recommended to floo from the Leaky Cauldron (...that's in London). The dress code for Pre-Hogwarts Primary is casual dress suitable for both classroom and recess in the park; plain black robe optional during class.


In Character, it is a preparatory summer school to make sure you are able to handle the pressures of attending a boarding school. Out of Character, it is meant to help everyone learn about Virtual Hogwarts, as well as give you a chance to develop your character a bit before the sorting comes.


If you are a witch or wizard who knows about their magic & heritage, you would have been informed of/signed up at the school by a parent or guardian. If you are a witch or wizard who for whatever reason does not know about their magic & heritage, you would have been referred to the school by a Hogwarts Professor after receiving your acceptance letter.


It is important to note that IC it has been made mandatory by the Ministry of Magic that everyone attending Hogwarts also attend Pre-Hogwarts Primary. However, OOC you do NOT need to complete or even participate in the program, though it is highly recommended.




Mrs Delaney Blithe - Pre-Hogwarts Primary Instructor [CL] [PM]

Mr Max McRobbie - Pre-Hogwarts Primary Instructor [CL] [PM]


Trouble - Pre-Hogwarts Primary Resident Gnome [PM]

Puddle - Pre-Hogwarts Primary Resident Gnome [PM]


PHP Pets

Pancake, Mrs Blithe's Miniature Pig

             Peanut Butter & Jelly, Mrs Blithe's Double-Ended Newt

Buzz, Mr McRobbie's Crup



And of course, credit for those images goes to

the lovely people who draw our shop items <3

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Posted Image

  • The Site Rules of Virtual Hogwarts also apply for Pre-Hogwarts Primary, so please always be sure to follow them. They can be found here. If you haven't had a chance to read them, please do so now.
  • As of right now, all Roleplaying outside of homework assignments in your workbooks should take place in the Crystal Fountain Park Forum.
  • Detentions can and will be given to Pre-Hogwarts students for any In Character Infraction in any of the places Unsorted students can RP. Given at the discretion of any VH Staff Member.

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When you're ready to begin the lessons for PHP, you'll start by posting your own workbook in the
Pre-Hogwarts Primary Library. This is where you will post ALL of your lessons, the homework assignments, and any extra credit, or links to extra credit, that you complete. The workbooks are what you'll be graded on.

  • Step One: The title of your Workbook should be your name, last name first (see below).
  • Step Two: You may add a Tag for your VH year and PHP Workbook - please use vh36 php workbook.
  • Step Three: Copy & Paste this form into the first page of your workbook, and fill it out.

I, Your Name Here, have read the Rules & Guidelines.

Blood Status
Are you new to VH? (Yes/No)
What do you want to learn the most from this school? (in character)
What do you want to learn the most from this school? (out of character)
A few things your character likes doing in his/her free time

  • Step Four: Now, you can begin your lessons! The Lessons are all posted in the Pre-Hogwarts Primary Classroom & the list of lessons can be found here. There is no weekly due date for these lessons. You have all year to work on them. They should be completed by the time the Sorting Form closes. Each lesson should be a new post in your workbook. And each post should include a heading with your name, VHYear, and Lesson #.
  • Step Five: When you've completed your entire workbook, and edited in everything you plan on editing in, with the exception of your Sorting Ceremony Post, please add a final post to your workbook that simply states 'I'm Finished!' (or something to that effect) so that we know which workbooks are ready to grade and which you're still working on.

Please note, it is no longer required that you PM one of us with a link to your Workbook. We'll be keeping an eye out for new Workbooks.
An example of how to format and code a PHP Workbook is
But basically your first post should look something like this -

Thread Title: Blithe, Delaney
Tag: vh36 php workbook

I, Delaney Blithe, have read the Rules & Guidelines.

Name: Delaney Blithe
Blood Status: Muggleborn
Are you new to VH? (Yes/No): Nope!
What do you want to learn the most from this school? (in character): Delaney wants to learn all about magic and Hogwarts!
What do you want to learn the most from this school? (out of character): I'd like to meet other people in my year and learn my way around VH.
A few things your character likes doing in his/her free time: She likes to read & explore!

Each Lesson Post should be structured similar to this, and please denote homework and extra credit sections -

Delaney Blithe
PHP Lesson 1

Your lesson goes here.

If you have any questions about your workbook, please feel free to PM any of us, or post your question here and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. <3

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Posted Image


     Attendance: In each lesson, there will be a simple OOC homework assignment relating in some way to the lesson that you are required to complete in order to receive credit for attending the lesson.


     Extra Credit: There will also be at least one Extra Credit option in each lesson that will be related to whatever the lesson is teaching.



Posted Image


     PHP, being a primary school, has a slightly different grading system than Hogwarts. Instead of letter grades, Participation Certificates are offered for various levels of lesson completion in your Workbook, and awarded as follows:


  • Present! Certificate: Completed 9 of 9 required assignments.
  • Extracurricular Overachiever Certificate: Completed all 9 Extra Credit activities.
  • Avid Afterschooler Certificate: Completed at least 5 of the Lessons including a Homework Assignment AND Extra Credit option.
  • Lazy Daisy Certificate: You started a PHP Workbook... but that's about it!


     These will be awarded upon your character's Sorting.


     You may receive up to two of the top three listed.


     A huge thank you goes to Vanity Devons for designing the certificates!

Edited by Mrs Blithe
Updated the Avid Afterschooler Certificate Requirements

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This is an outline of the lessons, and a quick idea of what they're about. Click the Links to go to each lesson.

Lesson One: Welcome to Pre-Hogwarts Primary!
An Introduction to Pre-Hogwarts Primary and Virtual Hogwarts

Lesson Two:
Hogwarts Rules
Profiles, Posts & Signatures: How to make them pretty!

Lesson Three:
Becoming You
Character Development

Lesson Four:
Your Family & You!
Character Libraries

Lesson Five:
Getting Along
Roleplaying & Meeting People

Lesson Six:
Preparing for Hogwarts
The Bank & Shop Systems

Lesson Seven:
Homework 101
Homework on VH

Lesson Eight:
The Fun Stuff
Extracurricular Activities & Events

Lesson Nine:
Off to Hogwarts!

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Quite a bit of the rules, guidelines & ideas for Pre-Hogwarts Primary were created by Miss Katie Bell and Mr & Mrs Valentein who were generous enough to let us borrow it all! And the new lessons were written and organized by Mrs Blithe & Astrid McManus. Thank you all! And another huge thank you to Vanity Devons, who created those awesome profile certificates for us, and to Simon Armistead for that amazing header! <333

Many thanks to the following contributors for their help in varying degrees:
Alexa Lestero, Andromeda Midnight, Atwell Sinclair, Carpe Izepic, Delilah Hollenbach, Edward Golden, Feige Jarkeni, Kristen Dorland, Leonardo McLaughlin, Madam Braelin-VonHaus, Mister Hanes, Mortimer C. Nece, Mr Dunlevy, Ms Robertson, Myfanwy Elphinstone, Parker McAdams, Vanity Devons, Professors Babbling, Bartlett, Bateman, Belova, Colebrook, Fjord, Gawkrodger, Owens, Ozark, Ripley, Roth, Sheffield and Sprout, Snape, Swott, and Wigglesworth. <333

And as always, if there are any questions, please don't hesitate to post in the
PHP Questions & Answers!

Edited by Mrs Blithe

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