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Aurora Braelin-VonHaus

Whatcha Got For Us, VH?

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Aurora Braelin-VonHaus

Welcome to the Hospital Wing! This is the place where everyone gets treated for all those bumps and bruises and broken bones you children would normally receive at this point in your life. We welcome you to roleplay with us and get those irritating injuries healed.


But, let me take this opportunity to remind you that we’re not normal. We are a magical people and a lot more can happen at Hogwarts than falling off the Whomping Willow. So, we encourage each and every one of you to use your imagination and go beyond those pesky muggle injuries.


What happens to you when you secretly try that spell you overheard an older student use to change their hair color? Or when you decide you know how to brew a potion you found in the library and test it out? Or you're so sure you have the switching spell down, but now your ears are on a cactus?


Magical injuries and back-fired spells take imagination. Not all of you will make it through Hogwarts without a mistake here and there and we welcome the challenge! There have been known instances of children sprouting huge feathery wings; a man whose head rang like a bell whenever he moved his head; a woman whose head had been made into something like a "teapot" - she whistled and gave off steam, and her face was red and sweaty; and people with strange things growing out of them, such as an elephant's trunk.


So, come on, whatcha got for me, VH?


By the way, we’re NOT saying you can’t RP broken bones, bruises, etc., because they ARE part of being a kid. We are saying that it would be nice to see more than the common injury in the wing every now and again.


If you have any questions or ideas you want to run by me, feel free to send me a PM! I don’t bite.


(The only caution is if you decide to RP an injury in a class - be sure to PM the professor first to get an ok, and so they can bring you, or have someone else bring you to the wing. They would certainly notice if you hurt yourself in their class, right?)

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