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Adagio Beckett

Adagio E. Beckett

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Adagio Beckett

All About Me


The Basics:


Name: Adagio Elizabeth Beckett

House: Ravenclaw

Birthday: February 14

Hometown: Zurich, Switzerland

Current Residence: Nottingham, England

Pureblood/half blood/muggle born: Half-blood

Five words that best describe your character: Clever, Witty, Moody, Eclectic, and Strange




Hair Color: Brown/Red

Hair Style: Usually curly, but she does straighten it occasionally

Eye color: Hazel (more blue than green)

Height: 5' 5"

Other distinguishing details:

First Year Second Year Third Year Fourth Year Fifth Year Sixth Year Seventh Year Alumnus

Important Tidbits:


~When Adagio was young, she went to her first Quidditch match with her mother and witnessed a man fall off and break a considerable number of bones. From that point forward she has been terrified of flying. Well, at least flying on a broom. Riding on a hippogriff or a dragon sounds like a completely pleasant idea~! A broom however, is a no go...


~ Adagio loves languages, and being born in Switzerland means that her first two languages were English and French. That being said, most of the time the first 'foreign' fraise that most people hear her say is 'Ai Dios mio~!' Which mean Ai, My god~!


~ Quickest way into her heart you ask? Make her something! Adagio loves receiving homemade present, and also has a sweet tooth. You do the math...




Father's name: Tanberk Zeki

Brief description: Though he had a child with Adelia Beckett they were not married and they did not get married later on. At this moment in time he lives in Turkey with his wife and their children, but he still stays in contact with Adagio and tries to buy her affections. On the other hand, Adagio does not like her father, but she does like her step-mother Esra. In Turkey he works as an owner of a restaurant that pulls in a rather large amount of money.


Mother's name: Adelia Beckett

Brief description: A woman of strength, Adelia raised her daughter without any help from her family and is a very hard working woman. She currently works in the ministry of magic and makes sure to take care of her daughter as best as she can. Even though she does not always get along with her daughter, they share a tight bond that makes it easy for them to understand each other.


**Since her Mother works for foreign relations in the ministry, Adagio tends to move around a lot. However, her Mother has promised that this will be the last move for them for a long while**


At Hogwarts:


Your best subject: Herbology and Astronomy

Your worst subject: Flying

Extracurricular activities: Hanging around

Favorite place at Hogwarts: Lake Front

Least favorite place at Hogwarts: Quidditch Pitch

Do any of the staff members scare you?:

Do any inspire you?:

Are you leery of any of them?: Professor Grimsby




Interests/hobbies: Reading, Potions, Care of Magical Creatures

What you might like to do after Hogwarts: Teacher or Translator

Someone you look up to:

Something else people really should know about you?: I can be really moody, so I hope you catch me on a good day!

Edited by Adagio Beckett

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