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Adam M. Sorderstorm

Adam M. Sorderstorm

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Adam M. Sorderstorm

Posted Image

The Basics:

Name: Adam Michael Sorderstorm
House: Ravenclaw
Birthday: November 1st, 2000
Hometown: Liverpool, Eng.
Pureblood/half blood/muggle born: Pureblood
Five words that best describe your character: Tall, snob, sarcastic, smart, obsesive


Hair Color: Dark brown
Hair Style: Short
Eye color:Dark green
Height: According to the growth chart
1st year ... 5`4" (1.62 m)
2nd year ... 5' 6" (1.67 m)
3rd year ... 5'9"(1.75 m)
4th year ... 6'0"(1.80 m)
5th year ... 6'2"(1.85 m)
6th year ... 6'2"(1.85 m)

Other distinguishing details: He found out in 2nd year, he is short-sighted and wears glasses sometimes


Father's name: Marcus Sorderstorm
Brief description (occupation, blood, etc): He is a pureblood wizard, who used to be a Slytherin. He works with his brother, Julius as heads of the family's firm of design of Magical Buildings. They hope one day their sons will join them in the business. In Adam's opinion he is a top class bully
Mother's name: Cristina Sorderstorm
Brief description (occupation, blood, etc): a pureblood Ravenclaw, that is a house wife. She fills her time with... well who knows!, her son is away and she has several house elves
Siblings (names and descriptions): Adam is an only child. But in the summer of 2nd year Sierra Leonki started to spend her holidays with the Sorderstorms, and now they call each other brother and sister.
Other key family members:
Iker Sorderstorm
Grandpa and Grandma Sorderstorm.

Posted Image

At Hogwarts

Your best subject: Divination! and Potions
Your worst subject: None of course
Extracurricular activities:Quidditch
Favorite place at Hogwarts: Lawn
Least favorite place at Hogwarts:Dorm
Do any of the staff members scare you?: She doesn't scare him; but he hates McAmis
Do any inspire you?: Not yet


Interests/hobbies: Quidditch
What you might like to do after Hogwarts: Work with his father and uncle
Someone you look up to: Grandpa Sorderstorm
More stuff Edited by Adam M. Sorderstorm

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Adam M. Sorderstorm

Posted Image

Sorting Ceremony

The second of the Sorderstorm grandchildren was waiting patiently for his sorting ceremony before the first years were allowed into the great hall. He didn’t understand the nervousness of the kids around him. The house was just a place to sleep and a Quidditch team to support, it was not a matter of life or death. Or at least that was Adam´s opinion. He couldn’t care less which house the Sorting hat was about to put him into.

He was worried about sharing a hat with two hundred other kids, who knows where their heads had been at. Finally they were allowed in. It looked like a thousand kids had passed before, until finally his name was called

Sorderstorm, Adam Michael

The tall boy climbed the few steps up to the stage where the hat waited patiently and unanimated for him. He sat down and looked around at all the students looking at him, poor fellows, having to watch this year after year. Finally he put the hat on the head, and waited for it to tell him his house

Sorderstorm eh? Your cousin just graduated if I remember correctly. Of course I do, I never forget. Alas, his house just isn’t the place for you. You’d have fun there but you’ll have more fun in this house's padded cell. Trust me, I’m never wrong. RAVENCLAW!

Ravenclaw Scorpio

Scorpio is the eighth house of the Zodiac and governs the genitalia. Positive traits include magnetic charisma, ambition, drive, a penetrating mind, curiosity, intensity of focus, emotional depth, consistency, persistence, willpower, and the potential for inner transformation and regeneration; negative traits include selfishness, obsessiveness, vindictiveness, hypersensitivity, ruthlessness, cynicism, an inability to understand the word "moderation," and jealousy. It is said that Scorpios embody both the best and the worst of all that are born under the stars, and that there are three kinds of Scorpios: wicked scorpions, cunning serpents, and saintly eagles. What each Scorpio becomes is entirely up to that Scorpio.

Curiosity killed the cat; satisfaction brought it back. If ever a wizard exhibited a danger of self destruction from too much knowledge, surely it was a Ravenclaw Scorpio. It doesn't matter whether the pet obsession this week is botany, Muggle pop music, or the history of the Necronomicon, if a Ravenclaw Scorpio wants to know about it, then he will, and damn the consequences: full speed ahead. Indeed, just mention that a subject is "forbidden" and you'll see a peculiar light shine in their eyes. They sneak into locked rooms after dark, and forge passes to the restricted library sections. The lust for arcane knowledge is both the greatest strength of these wizards, and the Achilles heel. It's best to indulge them whenever possible and let the obsession burn itself out; and, when this is not possible, to explain in great detail and absolutely *no* patronizing why the subject must not be explored. These Ravenclaws are quiet and secretive, but don't be fooled by that calm and placid exterior; they have hidden depths

Edited by Adam M. Sorderstorm

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Adam M. Sorderstorm

Posted Image

Iker Sorderstorm

"Pff, where to begin with Iker?. He is a Hufflepuff.... how the hell did a Sorderstorm end up in that house?. Maybe cause he is nice, too confindent of himself and shallow but nice. He has called me goblin all my life. I never called him anything cause I admired him. He always taught me stuff like how to play videogames or ride a broomstick. He is the only person I trust with personal problems, and somehow he always has an answer to them. A stupid one, though.

I'm very glad, that he is marrying Dara, because I know that makes him happy. The idea of taking over The Family's Firm is not that exciting, but the idea of woking with him is just to show him how much smarter I am is. Grandma once told us, that when our parents were gone, the only thing we'd have is each other, I know he'll always be around.... just don't tell him I said that or the idiot will never leave me alone.

5th year update:
He finally married Dara. I hope they have babies soon

Sierra Leonki

“When I first met her I thought she was trying to get attention from people by saying her family had been attacked by a werewolf, but as I got to know her I found a great friend in her, someone once told me she had a crush on me, but I really doubt that, because we are really close friends, that is why I took her home with me when her family rejected her.

I will never forget the feeling, of watching her fall that day in the garden or how terrible were the days of her amnesia. I made her believe she was my sister back then, and I guessed I bought my own lie, because I can’t stop thinking of her like that. She is fun, and it’s weird how she thinks she is not pretty when she actually is or how after being a Sorderstorm for a few months she acts now and then like a pureblood princess… I dunno how to describe her, she is my ex.sister and I love her for that”

5th year update:
She is insufrable since she is dating Ryan... they are so corny it makes me sick, but I'm glad he makes her happy... oh yes! and she is a traitor witch that told Izzy that I kissed Raven. *eyes her*

After Hogwarts update:

I miss her like hell since she left; but I'm really glad that she is so happy there.

Tinny Valentein.

“After a rough beginning, a Death Eater attack and the kidnapping of her brother brought us closer. Tinny is sweet, nice and dull for Arithmancy but I like to help her, because she is so cool to hang out with and I really admire how she can pull being green so well”

Jayda Harte

"I think she thinks I'm the biggest jerk that has ever walked this land, but she tolerates my existance, maybe because of Sierra and Izzy. Maybe... with time we'll get to be friends"

5th year update:
Jayda is kinda nice... and though

Izzy McCaverty.<3<3<3<3<3<3

“She has to be the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. She is just perfect. Her smile is like lighting a Christmas tree, her hair smells so good and shines so brightly under the sun light and her eyes are kind. She helped me with Sierra, and has proven to be resourceful, smart, tempered and a very powerful witch, which made me think she just get nervous in charms, because she SUCKS at it. Many times I had tried to stop thinking all these about her, but I can’t, I find my self always discovering great things about her. She is a dear friend… and that is all she should be, because she is not a pureblood like me or even a good half-blood like Sierrinkis, I think her father was a blood traitor, and that is serious stuff… however I can’t stop liking her. ”

5th year update: Apparently I hurt her baaadly by dating Ivy Milano, and now that finally her hufflepuff attempt of boyfriend dumped her, I can do something about it. I know she likes me or perhaps she does more than liking me. I don't know how, but I'll get her. You'll see.

After Hogwarts update:
We tried, we failed. She will always have a special place in my heart

Stelara Whitmore. <<33

“She is weird. I have to admit she is a better quidditch player and she must be some sort of genius, because she knows how stuff works without books or teachers. I can talk to her about anything in this life between our tests of inventions; I really feel that although she is younger she is much wiser than me.”

After Hogwarts update:

The best of friends, the best of godmothers... but there is something more about her.

I was probably really blind, having this amazing girl infront of me all this time, but I guess some thing take time to grow and properly flourish and Stelara and me is one of them. Merlin! she's great.

Lina Hafer.

“If you can pull her from behind a book, she is really awesome girl to hang out with, she is intelligent and cool, and she will do things like go to a ball dressed like Paris Hilton, to prove everyone she is not shy, although she is. She was my first friend at Hogwarts, and for that I’ll always remember her”

After Hogwarts update:

Life has put us in the trickiest of the situations, yet I could not ask for a better companion in this parenthood adventure

Ivy Milano. <3

“I never thought I’d like some other girl, but Izzy until I met her. We just hit it off. She is pretty and fun and drama free. Around her I can be me without being called a jerk. However, we are not that close, and true to be told I have no idea why I asked her to be my grilfriend *shrugs*"

Veronica Lastudo a.k.a. carrot head <3

"That girl is obssesed with me, in the bad way. Just because I lifted her up in the air she started this war against me, to make things worst, our parents know each other and they are friends, so not only I have to endure her pathetic existance on school but outside of it too... Are we done? I really don't wanna talk about her.

Carmen Johnson

"Another Loserpuff! who thinks should protect carrot head from my evil attacks! or something that stupid, like the book on Harry Potter she was reading"

Ryan Davisdon

"I met him, cause Sierra likes him, aaaand I think he likes Sierra, I hope they start dating soon. We started getting alone during the summer cause we shared room and I found out we like the same things, paramore, quidditch and football. I'm really looking forward to hang out with him more, there are not many guys in Hogwarts and even less guys that are worth hanging out with"

5th year update:

He acted like a jerk calling my sister filthy. I had to punch him for that, but we are cool now.He won't do it again

After Hogwarts update:
Best mate ever!. I really hope he finds peace and solves his issues back home. Who would have thought the African wilderness had rubbed on him uh?

Raven Ashcroft <3

"If you wanna have fun, Raven is your girl. She is easy going, easy, and worryless. I really like her. And who would have thought there was a girl in Hogwarts that thought like a boy?!. Unless you mean it, snogging is not a big deal. I love that Raven understands that.

However I don't like her closeness to Ryan, there is something smelly there. I think they would make a great couple, unfortunately that would leave my sister out of the picture and broken hearted.I'll keep an eye on those two"

<3 -> Love intrest Edited by Adam M. Sorderstorm

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Adam M. Sorderstorm

Posted Image

1st year threads

Week ends
Adam meets Lina

No werewolves here
Adam meets Sierra

I cant fly
Adam meets Izzy and confuses Sierra

The raven that should be a snake and the raven that should be a spider
Adam, Sierra and Izzy discover a secret place.

Ravenclaw Table
Lina and Adam bet. The first one to fall inlove in this madness of school will pay the other one a considerable amount of money.

Wasting time
An afternoon in the pitch with Izzy and a secret she didnt want anyone to know

The Sara Watson´s feud threads

Did the cat give you your tongue back¿
Adam bullies Sara and he gets what he deserves

After being punched by Sara in the back, he starts coughing and ends up in the hw, Sierra shows up later concerned

Sara Watson, wants revenge for what Adam did to her, so she and her friend Serenity locks him in a closet, Sierra saves him. An awesome thread fun to rp!

Chicks were born to give us boys fever
So after being a ####### to Sierra in the lawn, he is about to apologize after D.A.D.A. but they end up fighting like an old married couple

Summer threads

Visiting hours
Adam visits Izzy during the summer, she looks pretty and the sun is shining, but not everything is happiness in the world. One of my favourite Adam's threads ever

Everything is all mixed up
Adam owls Sierra during the summer break wondering how she is

First year banner Edited by Adam M. Sorderstorm

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Adam M. Sorderstorm

Posted Image

2nd year threads

Adam M. Sorderstorm: Summer Detention!
After his pupeteer forgot to post credits in a homework Adam lost 50 points to Ravenclaw and wrote this lovely 800 word length essay!

In fair Hogwarts where we lay our scene
Adam notices that Izzy has interest in another boy and inexplicably bursts into anger. Loads of yelling, crying and screaming and lovely Sierra as a referee that justifies the shakesperian title of this lovely thread

No yelling kicking, biting or fighting allowed
Sierra calms down Adam and Izzy and they all head to have fun in the kitchens

Is this what it feels like
Sierra and Adam have a talk in the North Tower

Ickles say the darndenst things
Adam sees Izzy after she finds out he likes her, and she makes up a potions tutoring session.

Sleeping bags= no comfortable
The night after the DE's attack everyone is supposed to spend the night in the Great Hall. Adam gets a pink sleeping bag, Lina has an attitude, Tiny cant find her brother and Winter is just Winter

Herbology books are evil(RCR)
Adam rans into Izzy in the common room, it is all wierdness between them. Adam finds out Izzy has been lying to him.

Summer threads

House of Sorderstorm
Sierra Leonki's family despises her because she is a magic person and Adam takes her in, a great thread with Adam's parents and Sierra's mum, speeding broomsticks, a mediwizard and Sierra's mother.

Letters to Izzy
Adam, Izzy and Sierra mailing during the summer previous to their third year. A thread of letters.

The new Beckham
When Adam goes with his uncle to a construction site, and by one of that coincidences of VH, he rans into Annabella and he asks her out

Second year banner It was supposed to be a bill, but I guess none got it :P
Second year avatar Edited by Adam M. Sorderstorm

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Adam M. Sorderstorm

Posted Image

The appointment (RCR)
Adam schedules a meeting with Izzy and Tinny to explain them the situation with Sierra and her amnesia

Studying for Charms
Izzy <3 Adam.... and Adam <3 Izzy

*Memories and Secerts places
Different moments at the North Tower's ledge

Ravenclaw Stands
Adam is beater for the match against Hufflepuff, by Shanian's request he hangs Luca's boxers up high in the stands

Birthday gift for Miss Spider
Title quite explanatory

DADA Lesson: Stealth
I put this lesson here cause Adam is the guinea pig

The rookie RCR
Adam is bitting his nails out of nerves cause of the first game, Stela gets her hair stucked in a "Detangler", Adam suggests it to cut it, but Izzy saves the situation

Testing... 1 ... 2 ... 3
Very, very fun to write thread, Stelara and Adam go to the Forbidden forest to try an "On Pitch comunicator" that she built.

Is there a dueling chamber?!?!?!?!?!
Adam loses his duel virginity to... Luca Ferranti. Painful thing. He had no idea what he was doing and honestly nor his pupeteer

How to have a Good Christmas ( Hogwarts Express )
The first kiss

Unveiling the truth

Sorderstorm Mansion
Ok, ok, Sierra thinks the house is a Mansion but is really a big house. This thread is where everything begins. ( Homes and Holidays )

I've tried my BEST to let go of you
After being kissed in the train by Izzy, Adam waits for her after Ancient Runes and they talk about their "relationship"

One of my favorite threads of all times. Secrets told to Slytherins, flaming books, stunning spells, curses and Professor Longbottom.

Adam gets a well earned detention, that ends up being the funniest Saturday morning in "no quidditch" times
Izzy's Detention Sierra's detention

You are my problem
The Ravenclaw trio and an attempt to fix things.

A very green thread
Tinny helps Adam to return his hair back to normal.

It was my idea first
Adam meets Ivy Milano, she is pretty and fun and he founds himself asking her to go to Hogsmeade.

If you stopped talking
On his way to meet Ivy, Adam finds Izzy, they have a nice talk.

A family affair
Awww... Adam and Sierra make up


Astronomy Lesson 3
Avon needs people to help her in the front of the classroom and who does she chose. Adam, Izzy and Ivy

Lina's back!!!!!!!!

He has no enemies but he is intensily disliked by his friends
An amazing Oscar Wilde quote that describes Adam's life during the feud with Sierra. A very explosive thread with Stela love

Scrambled Eggs and Broken Hearts
Another Izzy/Adam moment.

Roleyplay of DOOM
Veronica hates Adam

Itsy Bitzy Tiny Jayllow Polka dot Sierrinkins
Awesome thread at the beach.

Third year banner Edited by Adam M. Sorderstorm

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Adam M. Sorderstorm


The Classic North Tower Thread
Now, a tradition Adam, Izzy and Sierra sit to discuss the illness of Adam's mum, Sierra's family and the Tri froggy tournament

And don't you know? You're really gonna be someone..., You're beautiful, every little piece, love.
Ivy and Adam start dating oficially

To fight a git
Adam and Izzy sitting on a tree d u e l i n g

What goes around comes around (RCR)
A rumour begins this conversation of sibblings in the common room

The boys's thread
Adam, Ryan Mark and a billiard table. Sometimes guys need to hang out with other guys

The boys's thread
Adelaide and Adam have more in common than they have ever thought

Sunrise, looks like morning in your eyes
Adam and Izzy go out flying

I thought we had love in store
Adam and Ivy fight

Just Call me chicken little
Adam walks into Elias and Ivy kissing

Is it broken?
Finally!, Adam has the nerve to apologize for dating Ivy and asks Izzy out.... she of course said NO!

I'm in the business of misery
Sierra and Adam talking about Izzy and Ryan. 100% pure teen drama

You jerk!
Not happy with kissing Ivy on his face, Elias pours itching powder on Adam's bed. The fourth year goes to find him and punch him... until Jayda shows up

Before the summer begins
Adam meets Kay Hart

Summer Threads

JPT Jayda and Adam
Adam is so stupid sometimes, this time he kissed Jayda.

Big Fight with Sierra... like in old times

Puddlemere clap,clap,clap Puddlemere
Ryan and Adam go to a match

The sinking ship
After the fight with Sierra, Izzy goes to Adam's to yell at him. For the first time in his life he doesn't yell back, turning the shouting match into a tour around a wizard's house


right vs easy


Fourth Year Banner *Celebrity Switching to Jim Sturgess coz yeah he makes a better Adam.
The group

Edited by Adam M. Sorderstorm

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Adam M. Sorderstorm


To Izzy
Adam lets know Izzy he left

Letters to Meathead
continuation from "To Izzy"

Don't make me do this


Sierra confronts Adam after he returns from Durmstrang

I'll melt the snow
Adam goes out on a date with Kay Hart, unfinished

Run,hide you can't escape
Jayda and Adam on the quest of deffending Sierra's honor of evil old Ryan

The North Tower thread
Short one, because this year we started it late



Family Secrets


White flags waving on Ravenclaw Tower (RCR)
Jayda and Adam have a civilized conversation

Sitting on the library tapping my muggle pencil on the table
Raven and Adam talk about pureblood

Practice makes perfect
Izzy and Adam doing homework

What a better way to cheer up a guy than two girls
Written to cheer up the puppeteer. Sierra dares Raven to snog the first guy that walks by, and guess who was the lucky one?

The benefit of friends
Raven and Adam ran into each other, and they formalize their relationship


Sorderstorm, Adam Michael




Very Intense Summer Threads

Chez Sorderstorm
A hot afternoon, where he and his sister pour their teen hearts out

Am I more than you bargained for?
Summer afternoons are usually boring for Adam, so he calls Raven

You are wrong when its right
Izzy is angry because Brian dumped her because she talked too much about Adam. When he shows up at her door, the tension between them explodes

Girl Time
The following day after the previous thread events, Izzy goes to Adam's to talk to Sierra, who can't keep her mouth shut and causes a big fight that only increases the tension between Adam and Izzy

5th year Avatar
5th year Siggy

Edited by Adam M. Sorderstorm

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Adam M. Sorderstorm

Posted Image



The empty Table of Ravenclaw

Adam and Raven are discussing the damage caused by their little fling when "PUACK, SMACK, DUNG" Ryan walks in, Denton stops them.


Has no muse

Date Izzy for dummies. A thread between Si and Adam



Detention Adam Sorderstorm

A saturday spent with Professor Denton


Such wit without a concience equiped

After the denton-itons Ryan and Adam ran into each other. After a fist fight, things are cool between them


What do you mean you cant fix it?

Sierra goes coo-koo



I need you to love me

With the help of the Ravie4's Adam and Iz get togheter (finally!)


When the dust settles

A talk with Raven after the fight


Get a load of me, get a load of you

A peer look into Izzy and Adam's smoochiness



New Year's eve

Sierra holds a party at the Sorderstorms. Adam meets the *in-laws*. Michael kisses Attia Mark and Ivy brake up at 12:00 and Lydon has a snog in the kitchen



A man to man talk

Adam and Ryan, talking about women and pointing out how stupid they are about it. The plot thickens and Adam's dad is not so happy about his relationship.



Kittens and confessions

Izzy has a surprise for Adam.... and they say the L word



Back to the street

Spotted: Sordyboy talking to Little R and carrying her desinger bag in the upper east halls of Hogwarts. I wonder what Spidey and Zimbi have to say about it?. XOXO



The cure for Bordeom is curiosity

A thread with Sherlock the cat and Sierra the sister. Adam gives Sierra the bad news about his mother and Izzy.


Are you still the same?

Adam and Sherlock ran into Ivy. Surprisingly, they get to talk.


Just give him back his manhood!

Gryffindors need a push sometimes to figure out stuff.


Chronicle of a breakup foretold

Adam dumps Izzy


This is how a heart breaks

Sierra and Jay talk to Adam after the break up


Summer Threads


Back to you

Let's face it, they were not going to stay apart a long time

Edited by Adam M. Sorderstorm

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Adam M. Sorderstorm


Adam tries to duel Raven

After curfew
Lonely Adam meets Mariame

How to keep a secret
Adam and Izzy meet after a long time

... and I feel like somebody else
Adam recieves the worst news. Luckily all his friends are there to support him



The last North Tower thread


Your first step towards world domination
Sierra becomes a landlady

What happens in Hogsmeade stays in Hogsmeade
Adam meets the youngest Ashcroft

Adam's NEWT rp
Adam works hard for his arithmancy NEWT

The capital sin nammed anger
Adam has fight with his father

Edited by Adam M. Sorderstorm

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Adam M. Sorderstorm

Life After Hogwarts


Move Along



Wish I could press rewind somehow



Uncle ...me?



Nants ingonyama


Because owls don't work anymore



Where else could you find two Ravenclaws?



Pinch me



Caught in the fire



Miss Ashcroft, what a pleasure to see you



Thank Merlin, it's Friday



Six feet under the stars




Call him Godfather


Edited by Adam M. Sorderstorm

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Adam M. Sorderstorm

Posted Image

Adam Sorderstorm is a Ravenclaw, teenage pureblood boy. He comes from a small family (as you can see in his family tree) that act more like a clan than a family taking decisions all together. The Sorderstorms own a magical architecture firm, that has been passed from generation to generation for 200 years, Adam is expected to continue with the business with Iker, the only relative he has on his generation

He is an only child, and with no kids his age in his household, he lived a very lonely childhood. When he turned 6, he was sent to a Catholic school for boys, like Iker did. This might seem as a contradiction, since his father really believes in purity of blood, but he realized that it was for the best interest of Adam, the discipline and the education was better than having him home schooled.

Adam never felt good in the Muggle School and never formed a close friendship with anyone, he only joined the other kids to play football, (deep down he likes it better than quidditch), and so he graduated and never talked to any of his old classmates again.

At home, he holds a close relationship with his mother, who is nice and loving. With his father is a different story, he is strict and apparently never happy with his son, what has Adam under the pressure of pleasing his father and never achieve it. As a child he saw him as a strong figure of authority, but now as a teenager he would describe him as a bully and a jerk, he really dislikes him, although they have similar personalities. As he becomes an adult he'll question his father's point of view of life and adjust his own. Despite this, he is not of a rebel nature and he won't dare to disobey a direct order from his dad.

Adam has an obsessive-compulsive personality, he is not the kind of person that would turn the lights on three times, but he definitely has to have everything in perfect order, you rarely would see him wearing his shirt out of his pants; or would find a spot of dust in his perfectly organized school bag and his school notes look better than many textbooks. This type of behavior translates to the other aspects of his life, for instance; if he has a question he will obsess with getting the answer no matter what he has to do to get it. This sometimes works fine for him, some other times it backfires him

As a Ravenclaw he is an intelligent person, but he wasn't aware of it until he was sorted in that house, usually he finds classes easy, but can be hard worker when its required like in Potions. Probably if it wasn't such an important characteristic of his personality he would have been sorted in Slytherin, cause he is the kind of person that would do anything to achieve his goals, he doesn't think twice about lying or cheating as long as it is necessary to achieve something, usually something good

At the beginning of his Hogwarts life, he was mainly a spoiled pureblood jerk that thought that was better than everyone, what made the beginning of his friendship with Sierra and Izzy a bit rocky at first. Deep down he is grateful they wanted to be his friends and he enjoys not being so lonely anymore, and allows himself to grow deep relationships with both of them, with Sierra some sort of siblinghood and with Izzy a romantic thing.

Adam likes Izzy by default and during his Hogwarts years he'll find that what started in his first year as thought of her being the prettiest girl ever would evolve by the end of his Hogwarts life in his first and probably only love. Being an obsessive person, he'll find impossible to stop liking Izzy even if he is attached to other girls. Edited by Adam M. Sorderstorm

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Adam M. Sorderstorm

Posted Image


A boy's life Soundtrack
Songs that remind me of Adam or fit his life some how

1.- Blink 182 Adam's song

2.-Jesse Mc. Cartney

For Izzy in third year, prior their first kiss

3.-Pixies Where is my mind?
For that periord when Sierra had amnesia

4.-Rolling stones Poison Ivy!
Funny thing, is that it suits her

5.-Maroon 5.

For the Ivy Milano ship.

6.-Miguel Bose feat David Summers

His philosophy on life... here are the lyrics you can translate below or ask the puppeteer for the translation

For Izzy in general terms

8.- Shania Twain

For the Ravie4's
Edited by Adam M. Sorderstorm

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Adam M. Sorderstorm

First word: Pickles, he overheard his mother saying it when he was a toddler and then he repeated it several times

First step: Age one at his grandparents house, baby Adam made it from the couch to the coffee table, the one who noticed was Iker, cause mum was in the toilet and that was busy talking with people from his work

First nickname:Pickles, by his mum

First magic: When he was a baby and erupted, he produced bubbles with his then chubby hands

First tooth: His lower incisive

First flight: At two, his father was flying and picked him in the air

First wand: The one that he currently has

First brush with the law: Detention with Longbottom

First punch:To the wall of one of the corridors

First weird fetish: Muggle stationary

First obsession:Filing his school work

First pure-bloodist comment:

First dream:

First nightmare: Being chased by basketballs

First date: Kay Hart

First crush: Izzy McCaverty

First kiss:to Izzy McCaverty on the train

First girlfriend: IzzyIvy Milano

First love:Izzy McCaverty

First friend with benefits: Raven Ashcroft

First platonic crush Professor Ginny Potter...

First game : As a substitute in second year

First duel: To Luca Ferranti after flagging his boxers

First cheat: Dating Ivy Milano in third year

First dream job: be a taxi driver

First book he read:the little prince

First pet:Albus the frog, who he rescued from a transfig. class

First cat pet: Sherlock the cat

Edited by Adam M. Sorderstorm

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