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Devin Oakwood

Seven Letters today, a record!

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Devin laughed as he read the letter Nicole sent him, about a full month ago. He didn't have time to send his vback after the hole Raven/Nicole/Devin fight. Well, now everything was going smoothly with the three and Devin had a girlfriend so what could be wrong?


So, making his way to the stinky owlery, he decided to write a letter to his five good friends and his girlfriend. Inviting them to his place sometime during the holidays. Yes, his aunt and uncle would have a total fit when they hear he's inviting six people, but that's life when your a outgoing ickle at hogwarts.


To: Raven Ashcroft (Gryffindor CR)

From: Devin Oakwood


Hey, how are you doing? I know we just hung out a while ago but you know how things are. We can't stay away from each other two long can't we? Haha, actually that's half of why i'm writing to you. First off, I scedualed when we can meet up this holiday. I'll be inviting you, Nicole, Nicky, Jaemea and Ambience. You know Ambience right? If not, I should totally introduce you to her, she's a good friend.


So anyway, it'll be sometime after christmas because my aunt is expecting my cousin on Christmas eve!! She also wants us alone during our first christmas together. Anyway, it'll be around the 27th-28th or something. You guys can also sleep over for a night if you want.


Love for always,


Now that was nice, he should now reply to Nicole and then just send a note to Jaemea, Nicky and Ambience. Making sure the letter to Raven wasn't going anywhere, he took a other peace of parchement paper and thought of what he would write to his Pink haired Gryffindor friend. "Hmm,' he said smiling as he spotted Dodger, his owl. "I'll also write to my uncle and aunt." he whispered as the white owl perched on his shoulder.


To: Nicole Amber (GCR)

From: Devin Oakwood


Hey, I know, I haven't written to you in weeks! But i'm sorry, I didn't have much time and I didn't think you'd care to read this when the fight began. Well, now were on good terms again and that's good right? So, my brothers are the coolest right? They made your little bro a non-nerd anymore. Well, no offence.


Plus, I'm dying to see that picture! (OOCly: Awesome job with it!) I just remembered, would you, and maybe Ralph, want to come over for the holidays? I'm inviting Raven, Nicky, Ambi and Jaemea. Oh yeah, You know about this already, I forgot. So yeah, still available to come? If so, you can write to me before term ends, i'll try to read and send back a letter ASAP.


Enough chatting now, it's just some useless stuff anyway, I don't know why I write so much, I guess I have a lot to say. You, me and Raven should get together soon and talk about what's been going on lately, I feel we aren't as close as we used to be us too anymore.


Your Hoofle friend



His wrist was hurting now, two letters, wait, to big letters in a row was hard on the small wrist. Plus, he still had five more to go. Yes, Six letters. Seven letters, six going around Hogwarts, that was a record. So next on the list was Nicholas J Hamblin. The guy Devin liked hanging out with the most. He should definatly come, and maybe bring his little cousin, what was his name? along to play with the twins and Ralph.


Nicholas J Hamblin (Gryffindor CR)

From: Devin Oakwood


Hey dude, what's up? Me, not so much, I was just wondering if you'd like to come over at my place during the holidays? I also invited Raven, Nicole, aemea, Ambience and Nicole's brother, oh that reminds me, you know your little cousin, I forgot his name, Tyson? Tyler? I'm not even close aren't I? Anyway, would you come?


That's pretty much it.


Now that was pretty small. I guess he had more to say to his two bestest friends, one of them was his girlfriend too... Wow, Devin Oakwood, your life is so dramatic lately. Well your Pupateer made it that way! :P So who next? Jaemea, right. He flexed his wrist before grabbinmg a other parchement and dipped his quill in ink. Now, this one was going to be short too, good.


To: Jaemea Good (GCR)

From: Devin Oakwood


Hey, I haven't writen to you yet. How are you? Anyway, I just wanted to invite you over to my place over the winter holidays. Raven, Nicole, Nicky and Ambience (a Hoofle friend of mine) are also coming. I'll give you further details in the next letter, if you are allowed to come, or want to. So yeah, that's it pretty mcuh.




Okay, the smell was getting Devin now. He only had one letter to write next. He might see Ambi in the Common Room again before the holidays but just to make sure...


To: Ambience Valentin (Hufflepuff Common Room) That's a first!

From: Devin Oakwood


Hey Ambi, what's up? Me? nothing to much. So the reason i'm writing to you is because I wanted to ask you if you wanted to come over at my place during the winter holidays. Some other people are incvited too. You might not know much of them but their's Raven Ashcroft, Nicole Amber, Nicholas Hamblin, Jaemea Good... All Gryffindors, I know but I was planning on heading there too and I fit in! Haha, anyway, i'll fill you in on more details if you can come!



Now, all the letters were writen. He only had one left but that would be for a other time. He fed Dodger a dead rat and the white bird flew away. Devin sighted impatiantly. "What a dumb bird, I feed him so he can deliver my letters but nooo, he only gets the treat, not the task..." he said in a still impatiant tone. Devin's pupateer is also getting impatiant on how long this RP is!!! So Devin, and his pupateer waited for a other one too come and hope he won't take off with the baccon he had tooken oyut of the kitchens one morning.

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