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Adalina Griselle

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Adalina Griselle


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Posted 29 August 2007 - 12:30 AM

The Basics:
Name: Adalina Kathleen Regan Griselle
House: Ravenclaw
Birthday: 26 July 2001
Hometown: Sussex, England
Pureblood/half blood/muggle born: Pureblood
Five words that best describe your character: Bossy, Mean, Snobby, Spiteful, Talk-Back

Hair Color: Dark Brown with Light Blonde Streaks (Her Mother did a Spell to make them natural and so she carn't dye her Hair again To Teach Adalina a Lesson)
Hair Style: Shoulder length and Wavy
Eye color: Dark Brown
Height: 5'2
Other distinguishing details: Nope

Father's name: Jake Adamus Griselle
Brief description (occupation, blood, etc): Ministry of Magic, Pureblood
Mother's name: Roselle Louise Griselle
Brief description (occupation, blood, etc): Aurora Pureblood
Siblings (names and descriptions):
Arrabelle Griselle
Cicela Griselle
Other key family members: None that she knows of at the moment

At Hogwarts:
Your best subject:
Your worst subject:
Extracurricular activities:
Favorite place at Hogwarts: Dungeons
Least favorite place at Hogwarts: Library
Do any of the staff members scare you: Not yet
Do any inspire you: Not yet

Intrests: Annoying Arrabelle, Being Mean
Hobbies: Stalking and Annoying Arrabelle
What you might like to do after Hogwarts: Dunno
Someone you look up to: Mother
Something else people really should know about you?: Deep Deep Down inside Adalina does care....I Think

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