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Abbigail Addison

Abbigail Addison

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Abbigail Addison

Abbigail Forest Addison

Table of Contents









Random Facts









The Sorting



First Year

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Abbigail Addison




The Basics:

Name: Abbigail Addison

House: Hufflepuf

Birthday: July 13th, 2003

Hometown: Havant, England

Blood type: Pureblood

Five words that best describe your character: Innocent, Naive, Sweet, Energetic, Gullible


Hair Colour: Blonde

Hair Style: Almost to mid back

Height: 4'9"

Other distinguishing details: Down right adorable! XD


Father's name: Desmond Addison

Brief description (occupation, blood, etc): Pureblood; Stay at home dad

Mother's name: Elle Addison (Maiden name- Leyg)

Brief description (occupation, blood, etc): Pureblood; Mediwitch

Siblings (names and descriptions): None

Other key family members: Cousins- Freya Misora, Jacob Misora, Jordan Taylor, Tatiana Taylor, Emmett Reed

At Hogwarts:

Your best subject: N/A

Your worst subject: N/A

Extracurricular activities: N/A

Favorite place at Hogwarts: The Lakefront

Least favorite place at Hogwarts: No where!

Do any of the staff members scare you? Why would any of the staff members scare ickle Abbi?

Do any inspire you? Professor Prewett! <3


Interests/hobbies: Watching clouds, duelling, flying, talking, jumping in puddles

What you might like to do after Hogwarts: Mediwitch

Someone you look up to: Daddy!

Something else people really should know about you?: Abbi tends to annoy people, with her giggly-ness, happiness, naiveness (which can sometimes come off as stupidness), and nonstop excitement. And yet, she still thinks everyone wants to be her friend. She's obsessed with making friends!

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Abbigail Addison
Abbigail Addison


Random Facts


Family; Indepth:

Mother's History

Elle Leyg was born to Adamo and Mihi Leyg. They were both very strict Ravenclaws, as were their parents, Connor and Harilat Leyg, and Alumino and Gabisiona Invinso. They just really wanted their children to all continue that tradition. Well, most of their children, atleast.


They adopted a child, years back, named Michael Taylor. He kept his birth parents last name. It wouldn't surprise Adamo and Mihi if Michael didn't make Ravenclaw. They say the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. It did in one case though. Michael made Slytherin, while Felix and Pietus, Elle and Michael's siblings, both made Ravenclaw. Elle, however, wasn't able to impress her parents as easily. Hufflepuff was chosen for Elle, and even though she was thrilled, her parents were devestated.


But what could they do? Disown an eleven year old!? No, there was nothing they could do, so they tried to go on life as normal, despite the fact they had a Hufflepuff as a daughter. Several years had past, and Adamo and Mihi had yet to fully get over that. The relationship between Elle and her parents was very very strained at that point, even though Elle hated to admit that. Once she had graduated from Hogwarts, their relationship seemed to brighten slightly. Very slightly. Her parents were still convinced that she was "a true Ravenclaw" even though she had been in Hufflepuff. The fact that Elle had always been so happy about being in Hufflepuff was what urked them. They thought she should have also been crushed about not making Ravenclaw.


It stayed strained for a couple more years, until they learned that Elle had gotten engaged... to a fellow Hufflepuff alumni, Desmond Addison. It's not that Adamo and Mihi had something against all Hufflepuffs, but they were just hoping Elle would "set things straight" and marry a Ravenclaw. That was the last straw for them, and they didn't speak to their daughter at all, for a few more years... until they got news that Elle was pregnant.


Once Abbi was born, Elle, Adamo, and Mihi put everything behind them and became the family they were before Elle had went to Hogwarts. After all, what type of people would they be if they never even spoke to their Granddaughter!? And they finally realised that Elle's happiness was more important than family traditions!


All of Abbi's cousins, with the exception of one, were born that same year. Michael Taylor is the father of Jordan and Tatiana Taylor. Jordan is a second year Gryffindor, and Tatiana is a first year Slytherin. Pietus Leyg got married to Abominor Misora and gave birth to twins, Freya and Jacob. Abbi and Freya are uber close <3.


Abbi wants to follow in her mother's and her Auntie Pietus' footsteps and become a mediwitch.


Father's History: **Still Plotting**


11 inch Apple, unicorn tail hair

Wood Description: Healing, Love, Beauty, Eliminating Toxins

Core Description: Best for the pure of heart, Charms



Sign: Cancer is the fourth sign of the Zodiac and governs the breast and the stomach. Positive traits include loyalty, a love of home and family, the ability to express emotion, intensity, a great sense of humour, a sense of initiative, tenaciousness, a gift with finances, compassion, shrewdness, and intuition. Negative traits are self-indulgence, moodiness, clinging to other people, bossiness, emotional manipulation, and oversentimentality.

Sign In Relation To House: Hufflepuff Cancers are oriented first and foremost to the home and to all things domestic. The ultimate homebodies of the magical world, they are at their happiest when they are puttering in the kitchen, stirring up food in magical cauldrons or whipping up soothing, healing potions. These wizards desperately need to be needed. If cut off from family, a circle of close friends, or a flock of wounded birds to tend, they will get anxious and depressed, unless their energies are directed somehow to a cause or a person which finds them good use. They are caring and compassionate, and are excellent listeners.



Mary Sue Test:

Full points ; No points ; Half points + reason


Section 1 – Your Name (Or, A Rose by any other name is probably a good idea.)

* The character is named after you. (Uses some element of your real name, your nickname, the name you go by in chat, etc.) {5}

* The character’s name is cooler than your name. {1}

* The character has the really cool name that you wish you had. {1}

* You spent more than one day coming up with just the right name. {1}

* The name is a pun. {1}

* The name is an unusual spelling of a normal name. {1} {.5} It's usually spelled Abigail, but Abbigail isn't that unusual. So I'll take half a point.

* The name is an unusual spelling of a normal word. {1}

* You have more than 2 given names, a hyphenated surname or a roman numeral at the end of your name. {1}

* The character has a cool nickname or pseudonym, which you thought up yourself. {1}

* You have considered naming your pet / child after your character. {1}

* You have already named your pet / child after your character. {pet=2}, {child=5}

* Your character has the same first name as one of the characters in canon. {5}

* Your character has the same last name as one of the characters in canon. {5}

* Your character’s name sounds like some part of the name of a character in canon, but is spelled differently. {2}

* Your character has a name that is normally used for the opposite gender. {1} Abbi's middle name is Forest. When it's spelled Forrest, it's a male's name, but when it's Forest, it can be either. But still usually male.

* Your character has changed his or her name, or otherwise has an alias. {1}

* Your character’s last name is a word not normally used as a name. {1}

* Your character’s first name is a word not normally used as a name. {2 pts. for each name.}

* Your character’s first or last name is some form of one of the following words (in any language): Angel, Black, Blood, Bloom, Dark, Death, Doom, Dragon, Fairy, Fire, Light, Love, Night, Raven, Rose, Silver, Viper, Vamp, Vampire, Wolf. {1 pt. per word or word element}


Sections 2 – Family Background/ Ancestry (Or, It’s all in the Blood)

* Your character is a muggleborn. {1}

* Your character is pure-blood. {1}

* Your character is a super pure-blood. {1}

* Your character thinks he/she is a muggleborn, pure-blood or half blood, but is actually something else. {1}

* One or more of your parents or guardians is magical, but you were raised as a muggle and not told about magic until you received your Hogwarts letter. {1}

* Your character is a hybrid of two species. {1 pt if approved}

* Your character is half-Veela. {add 1 more}

* Your character is an alien, part-alien, or alien hybrid. {50 pts.}

* Your character comes from a wealthy family. {1}

* Your character comes from a fabulously wealthy, filthy rich family. {1}

* Your family home is a mansion, manor, or estate. {1}

* You call your family home the “[insert surname here] mansion, manor, or estate”. {1}

* If you associate with people of the wrong blood class your parents… will be upset. {1}

* …will disown you. {2}

* … will have you “rubbed out”. {3}

* If you get into the wrong house, your parents… will be upset. {1}

* …will disown you. {2}

* …will have you rubbed out. {3}

* Your parents support Voldemort, the new Dark Lord, Death Eaters in general. {1 per parent}

* Your parents are Death Eaters {5 per parent}

* Your parents teach at a wizard school other than Hogwarts. {1}

* Your parents work for the Ministry of Magic. {1}

* Your parents are Aurors. {2}

* You hate your parents. {1}

* Your parents hate you. {1}

* Your character is related to someone in canon. {If approved, 1 pt.}

* Your character is the child of someone in canon. {If approved, 1 pt.}

* Your character is the long-lost or illegitimate child of someone in canon. {1 more}

* Your character was adopted and/or lived with someone other than his/her parents. {1}

* Your character is an orphan. {1}

* Your character thinks he/she is an orphan, but really isn’t. {1}

* Your character thinks he/she is not an orphan, but really is. {1}

* Illegitimate child or parent of illegitimate child. {1}

* You have a sibling going to Hogwarts. {1}

* You have never met your sibling, or didn’t know that he/she was your sibling until you met. {1}

* You are a twin. {1}

* Your twin sibling will be attending Hogwarts, too. {1}

* One of the twins is evil/unpleasant, while other twin is good/pleasant. {1}

* You are a triplet. {2}

* You are a quadruplet or higher multiple birth. {5}

* You are a clone. (Alright, smart aleck.)


Section 3 - Physical Characteristics (Or Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful.)

* Your character is beautiful or roguishly handsome. {1}

* Your character is extremely beautiful or roguishly handsome. {1 more}

* Your character is “sexy”, “seductive”, “sultry” or has “smoldering good looks”. {1}

* Your character has any eye color other than brown, black, blue, grey, green, or hazel. {1}

* Your character’s eyes are red. {1 more}

* Your character has two different eye colors. {1}

* Your character’s eye color changes with moods or for no apparent reason. {5 pts.}

* Your character’s eyes glow. {1}

* You find it necessary to describe your character’s eyes with more than two adjectives per sentence. {1 pt per word}

* You have used the word “orbs” to describe your character’s eyes. Ever. {1}

* Your character’s hair is any color other than brown, black, blond, or natural red. {1}

* You are male and your character’s hair just won’t lay flat. {1}

* You feel it necessary to mention the color of your highlights when describing your hair color. {1}

* Your character has great hair that must be described in detail more than once per RP thread. {1}

* You have used the word “tresses” to describe your character’s hair. Ever. {1}

* You have had more than one hair-color per year since you have been at Hogwarts. {1 pt. for each additional color}

* You have dyed your hair in Moaning Myrtle’s bathroom. Ever. {1 pt. per time.}

* Your character is under 16, but appears older than his / her years. [1 pt for each year older than you are supposed to be.]

* Your character has a fabulous body. {1}

* Your character is under 13, and has a fabulous body. {5}

* Your character is supposed to be an older adult but appears to be in earlier 20s or younger. {1}

* Your character is a teacher and/ or DE and is younger than 25. {1}

* Your character is an “experienced” auror and is younger than 25. {1}

* Your character has any accent other than British. (English, Scottish, Irish, Welsh are all fine.) . {1}

* Your character’s accent is American. {1 more}

* Your character has a noticeable scar or a strange marking that does not actually detract from his/her appearance. {1}

* Your character has a tattoo. {1}

* More than one tattoo. {2 points per additional tattoo}

* Your a tattoo shows only when they are undressed and yet you have managed to find an opportunity to describe it more than once? {5 points}

* The tattoo says “I <3 the Dark Lord”. {10}

* Your character has piercings other than in the ears. {1 each}

* Does your character has anything pierced that you could not show your grandmother? {5 pts.}

* Your character is physically disabled. {2}

* Your character is physically disabled but you plan to “cure” them before graduation? {5}

* Your character has special magical abilities, such as: Telepathy, Telekenisis, Psychic powers, other wandless magic. {5}

* Your character is not a half-giant, but is taller than the 95% percentile on standard CDC growth charts. {1 pt. per each inch above limits below}

Either 10 or 11 5’2”

Either 12 5’4”

Either 13 5’7”

Female 14 or older 5’9”

Male 14 5’10”

Male 15 6’

Male 16 or older 6’2”

* Your character has wings, horns or vampire teeth. {10}


Section 4 – Talents (Hey kids! Let’s form a band!)

* Your character plays an instrument exceptionally well. {1}

* Is in a band. (And I don’t mean marching band.) {1}

* Has a fabulous singing voice. {1}

* You have studied martial arts. {1}

* You have a black belt. {1}

* You speak more than one two languages. {1}

* Fluently. {1}

* And it’s French. {1}

* You are an ickle, but well versed in literature, history, or philosophy. {1}

* You are under 13 and have read any work by Shakespeare that wasn’t in a children’s condensed version. {1}

* You are under 13 and have had a paid job that wasn’t paperboy or babysitting. {1}

* You can make CD players and other muggle devices work at Hogwarts. {1}

* You play more pranks (or is better at them) than Fred and George. {1}

* Is incredibly intelligent. {1}

* As smart or smarter than Hermione. {1}

* Knows if other characters are muggleborn, pure or half-blood by looking or because you “just have a feeling”. {1}

* You can tell what other characters are thinking. {1}

* Heals remarkably well/ quickly. {1}

* Animals are instinctively drawn to you or calmed by your touch, voice, etc. {1}

* Is really good at Quidditch (even though you aren't actually on the team/have really low QP) {1}

* Does your character have some random hobby that will be essential for a plot you have planned? {1}


Section 5 – History (Your Sordid Past)

* One or both of your parents are dead. {1 per parent}

* One or both of your parents were murdered. {1 per parent}

* By Death Eaters. {1 per parent}

* By muggles. {1 per parent}

* By some other member of your family. {1 per parent}

* By you. {25 per parent}

* Any other member of your family was killed by D.E.s or muggles. {1 per}

* Was abandoned by caretakers. {1}

* Born or raised in extreme poverty. {1}

* Lived on the streets or otherwise left to fend for himself/herself. {1}

* Sole survivor of a calamity. {1 pt.}

* Physically abused. {1}

* Sexually abused. (Rules violation. Don’t go there.)

* You suffer guilt for something you did in the past. {1}

* It turns out you didn’t really do it. {1}

* You are being stalked by an evil wizard / witch who wants to kill you. {5}


Section 6 – Other interesting facts

* Your character was not living in the UK and had no relatives living in the UK, but was still sent an admissions letter to Hogwarts. {1}

* Is the character an exchange student from one of the other wizarding schools? {1}

* Your character wishes he/she was going to Beauxbatons or Durmstrang. {1}

* Does s/he spend an absurd amount of time depressed/brooding/sulking/being generally miserable about a situation beyond his/her control? {1}

* Was not really guilty or it wasn’t really his/her fault. {1}

* Does your character break school rules? {1}

* By going into the Forbidden Forest? {1}

* More than once? {1}

* Your twin, triplet, sibling, clone, etc. is actually your alter. {1}

* Your best friend or sworn enemy is your alter. {1}

* You spend a large percentage of your character’s time RPing with your alter or alters. {1}

* You hate or avoid most people. {1}

* You like or see the innate goodness in all people. {1}

* You are a goth. {1}

* You are emotion-less / emotionally repressed. {1}

* You are a multiple personality. {1}

* You are a sociopath. {1}

* You hear voices. {1}

* You’ve been admitted to St. Mungo’s. {1}

* You are dark and brooding. {1}

* You are interested in learning the dark arts. {1}

* You’ve been seduced by the dark-side of the force. {1}


Section 7 – Romance (Single and Looking)

* You started dating while still on the train. {1}

* You broke up with your boyfriend / girlfriend while still on the train. {1}

* You started dating someone else while still on the train. {1}

* While we’re at it, give yourself a point for each boyfriend/girlfriend you’ve had before the age of fourteen. {1}

* Your boyfriend / girlfriend is actually your alter. {1}


Section 8 – The Real World

* You would want to be friends with the character if you met them in real life. {1}

* Do you think everyone who reads the story should automatically like the character and want to be friends with the character? {1}

* If someone tells you he/she doesn't like your character, do you take it as a personal attack on you? {1}

* Do you ever pretend, just to yourself, that you are the character, with the same strengths and abilities? {1}

* If someone calls your character a Mary Sue, do you immediately assume they're jealous of you? {3}


Final Score: 13.5

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Abbigail Addison



Freya Misora

First Year Ravenclaw

Abbi and Freya are cousins, and really good friends. Their mum's, Elle and Pietus are sisters.

Castor Cronus

First Year Slytherin

Abbi and Castor have an... interesting relationship. He seems to think she's naive and doesn't understand reality. Whatever that means.

Amanda Leary

Third Year Hufflepuff

Wooo! Mentor!

Emmett Reed

First Year Gryffindor

Abbi and Emmett are cousins, but they never really met. Their parents, Desmond (Abbi's dad) and Jennifer (Emmett's mum), had a fight when they were younger and stopped talking. They can't even remember what the fight was about, but needless to say, they're not speaking so Abbi and Emmett never really see each other.

Tyson Leeames

Second Year Hufflepuff

Bahahaha, Abbi and Tyson were in a compartment on the train and he was being really silly and telling them that giant spiders will eat them. Funny Tyson!

Hakeem McQueen

First Year Gryffindor

They talked on the train, after Abbi saw Hakeem's cute little sister

Olivia Mylee

Second Year Hufflepuff

Abbi got rid of a bug in her compartment on the train, heh

Tatiana Taylor

First Year Slytherin

Abbi and Tatiana are cousins, but aren't overly close. But ya, they're just average cousins

Jordan Taylor

Second Year Gryffindor

Jordan is Tatiana's sister, and Abbi's relationships with them are pretty much the same.

Jacob Misora

First Year Slytherin

Jacob is Freya's twin. Even though she's uber close with Freya, she's not very close with Jacob.

Aiden Hughes

First Year Ravenclaw

Abbi and Aiden were paired together by their dueling mentor, Ashen.

Jasmine Mitchell

First Year Hufflepuff

Abbi and Jasmine met in Diagon Alley and hit it off right away!

Laelia Midnight

First Year Hufflepuff

Abbi and Lia ran into each other in Diagon Alley... literally.

Seraphim d'Stelas

First Year Hufflepuff

Abbi was having fun and jumping into puddles in Diagon Alley, but accidently splashed Sera and her kitty...

Sophie Spinnette

First Year Slytherin

Abbi was in the sweets shop, when two little boys knocked her over and she fell onto Sophie. Sophie wasn't too happy about that...

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