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Aaliyah Aarons

Aaliyah Aarons

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Aaliyah Aarons

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The squid won’t eat you, dear. I promise. He is actually quite helpful should you fall in the lake. Now let’s see what else is in here… quite the thirst for power. Has anyone ever used the word ambitious with you? Only one place that will fully nurse that ambition...

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Aaliyah Aarons

Scratching The Surface

(A General Outline)

The Basics

Name: Aaliyah Pheobe-Passion Aarons

House: Slytherin

Birthday: July 23rd 2003

Hometown: Suffolk, England

Pureblood/half blood/muggle born: Pure-blood

Five words that best describe your character: Proper, Polite, Persnickety, Brave, Proud.



Hair Color: Dark Brown

Hair Style: Large wild and curly

Eye color: Brown

Height: 4"7

Other distinguishing details: None



Father's name: Kevin Donovan Aarons

Brief description: Kevin is a 38 year old pure-blood. He's a secret supporter of the dark arts as it wouldn't be smart to reveal to his co-workers (he's an obliviator) that he despises the mixing of the muggle and magical worlds. A former Hufflepuff.

Mother's name: Accolade Maria Smarmand-Sytsov

Brief description: Maria is a 35 year old travel agent. Also an avid supporter of the purification of the wizarding world, though not as ambitious as Kevin is about it. Odd considering it was she who gave him his despise for the mixture of the two worlds. A former Slytherin.

Siblings: Bruce Lewis is Aaliyah's 16 year old half-brother. He is home schooled in magic with his father.

Other key family members: Carl Lewis is Bruce's father. He and Aaliyah have always been very close, and he is like a second father to her.


At Hogwarts

Your best subject: Herbology. Aaliyah loves the outdoors.

Your worst subject: Potions, an atmosphere like that would make it difficult for her to concentrate.

Extracurricular activities: Dueling

Favorite place at Hogwarts: The lakeside.

Least favorite place at Hogwarts: The dungeons.

Do any of the staff members scare you? None.

Do any inspire you? None.



Interests/hobbies: On a good day, I like to be outside.

What you might like to do after Hogwarts: I don't know, but I have lots of time to figure it out.

Someone you look up to: My father.

Something else people really should know about you?: I am going to be Mrs. Icarus Falls one day.

Edited by Aaliyah Aarons

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Aaliyah Aarons

Everybody Who Is Anybody

(Relationships for Pre-Hogwarts and First Year)


Bonnie Greyson

• Good Friend // Room Mate

Aaliyah didn't meet Bonnie until her first night at Hogwarts. They aren't best friends but they're on pretty good terms.


Gianlucas Gamberelle

• Dislike

Lucas dislikes Aaliyah because of her personality. Aaliyah dislikes Lucas because he's sexist. He also reminds her that he's the exact type of person her parents want her to end up with. Need less to say, he irritates her and he can't accept the fact that she hasn't got an evil bone in her body... aside from her left kneecap, that is.


Icarus Falls

• Obsessive Stalker Crush

The day she met him, Aaliyah knew that she wanted to marry Icarus. So of course when she found out she was a Slytherin, there were no words to express her joy. She acts strange around him and tends to follow him places. (Not every thing Icarus and I have planned out can actually be roleplayed. So some things will be mentioned that haven't technically happened through RP's.)


Jocielle Arevalo

• Good Friend

Jocielle and Aaliyah had a play date set up before Hogwarts began. This way they wouldn't be alone in the castle, or so their parents thought. They declared themselves Princesses Ellie and Allie and expect you all to worship them.


Julian Trice

• Attraction // Annoyance

From day one it's been obvious, Aaliyah thinks that Julian's hot. How ever, she also thinks he's creepy and should stop sniffing her.


Randi Klum

• Annoyance

Randi seems like a sweet girl, but much too careless for Aaliyah's liking.


Renée Asper

• Best Friend // Dorm Mate // Family

Ren has been one of Aaliyah's best friends since she was young. She's also one of Aaliyah's dorm mates and is a member of the cutest quartet in history. Ren, Sophie, Rhynn, and Aaliyah have been a group since they were five. Though Ren has always been closer to Sophie.


Sophie Spinnette

• Best Friend // Irritant // Dorm Mate // Family

Aaliyah and Sophie love one another, they just also happen to be in a competition. They've been trying to out-do one another since pre-school. This is probably why they both shy to their own real best friend when they have a problem.


Tacey Flynn

• Good Friend // Cause for Tension // Dorm Mate

Tacey is a sweet girl who was in the wrong dorm at the wrong time. She quickly became just another object for Aaliyah and Sophie to argue over. That didn't mean she wasn't still a great friend.


Traise Velmont

• Annoyance

Aaliyah has only met Traise once, but first impressions mean a lot. She sort of thought of Traise as a bit too ditzy for her liking. That most likely isn't her real problem with Traise, though. It's probably that Kaoru seemed to ignore her as soon as Traise showed up. Aaliyah hates having attention stolen from her.




Ginger Marciano

• Annoyance

Ginger is a nice girl, but it isn't hard to make Aaliyah's 'No' book. She was a little too messy for Aaliyah's liking.


Hyang Lim

• Acquaintance

Hyang was sweet and polite, despite her bumbling. All in all, Aaliyah was pleased with the girl's behavior. She seemed like the type of girl she would want to be seen with.


Iain Kerion Torrent

• Acquaintance

On the one occassion that Iain met Aaliyah, he was very quiet. Aaliyah on the other hand, happened to be particularly bubbly that day. The outcome was a long one-sided conversation that neither of them seemed to mind.


Iris Miller

• Idol

THE Iris Miller. 'Nuff said.


Kaoru Li

• Best Friend // Crush // Cause for Tension

Since day one Aaliyah has been drawn to Kaoru. Perhaps because he's a nice person with a sense of humor. Or perhaps because he's an amazing friend who doesn't get mad at her for being an idiot. The only problem is that he's muggle-born and she's very commited to the purification of the wizarding world. She tends to ignore that side of her when ever he's around, though. Aaliyah has a crush on Kaoru, she just doesn't realize it. Which explains why she doesn't obsess over him the way she does with Icarus.


Lucy Norwood

• Average Friend

Aaliyah likes Lucy for some reason. Normally, she can't stand any thing that has to do with muggles. Perhaps Lucy is just so charismatic and charming Aaliyah couldn't help but like her.


Vinson Baine

• Good Friend

Aaliyah met Vinson when her and her cousins had a sleep over. Sophie felt like pushing people off of their swings so they went to the muggle park.

They met Vinson and took him home to have fun at their sleep over. He braided hair and had girl talk with them. Long story short: they all fell in love with him.




Ben Shepherd

• Acquaintance

Aaliyah only met Ben once, but she likes him well enough. Ben had a pair of illegal fire breathing kittens. The kittens took a liking to Aaliyah. So he let her keep them.


Camille Savula

• Good Friend // Cause for Tension // Family

Aaliyah loves Camille, but she's really mean to her. Camille never really did any thing to her. It's just too much fun being mean to her.


Charlie Barrett

• Good Friend

Charlie is strange and far too enthusiastic about every thing. She's got entertainment value, though and she's sort of dependable.


Keegan Plopper

• Dislike

Keegan just seems very rude and disrepsectful to Aaliyah. Rudeness is bad enough on it's own. Couple it with disrespect and you have Aaliyah's least favorite traits.


Rhynn Kadel

• Like Siblings // Cause for Tension // Family

They say opposites attract, that's true for Rhynn and Aaliyah. They fight over certain key things which makes their relationship unstable at times.

When it all comes down, Rhynn and Aaliyah have always and will always be there for one another. They met at a family reuinion and kept in touch ever since.

They must have been about four and just hit it off really well. Aaliyah would do any thing for Rhynn no matter what the cost. She's the only person outside her immediate family that Aaliyah would trust with her life. Rhynn's a very important person to her.




Bobby Reynolds

• Acquaintance

He put up with Aaliyah on a bad day. That gives him major brownie points.


Tinny Valentein

• Annoyance

Tinny happened to pick at one of Aaliyah's nerves on a bad day.

Edited by Aaliyah Aarons

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Aaliyah Aarons

Pre-Hogwarts Roleplays


This Train is Bound For Glory

Completed - Summary to come

Elijah Dewey U | Charlie Barrett G | Kaoru Li H | Traise Velmont S


Mummy, I followed her home. Can she keep me?

Completed - Summary to come

Lucy Norwood H


Hey Mister, What Page Are You On?

Incomplete - Summary to come

Tybalt Stuart U


This is more than a little embarrassing.

Incomplete - Summary to come

Ryann Copper U


Don't take it personaly. I'm not very fond of any one.

Incomplete - Summary to come

Jocielle Arevalo S


Fire breathing kittens.

Incomplete - Summary to come

Camdyn Watowlski H


That Lisette woman.

Incomplete - Summary to come

Gianlucas Gamberelle S


Thank You For The Venom

Incomplete - Summary to come

Eliza Laurent U | Hyang Lim H


I want you to get excited about your life.

Incomplete - Summary to come

Iain Kerion Torrent H | Zoe BelleU


Food. Is. Good.

Incomplete - Summary to come

Ginger MarcianoH | Steven Lucrid U


Ladies and gentlemen sit down for a tale

Incomplete - Summary to come

Randi Klum S


Dark, Dreary, Rainy Days

Incomplete - Summary to come

Kailey Duerre U



Incomplete - Summary to come

Lena Pelligrini H | and Rhynn Kadel G


If this is hell, chain me to the wall

Incomplete - Summary to come

Hakeem McQueen G


Oh fudge.

Incomplete - Summary to come

Savannah Pembleton G


In Which Vinson is Kidnapped

Incomplete - Summary to come

Renée Asper S | Sophie Spinnet S | Rhynn KadelG | and Vinson BaineH


Grave News at Hogwarts

Incomplete - Summary to come

Hyang Lim H | Kithleen Caspa S | Tinny Valentein R


I'm going to be just like you!

Incomplete - Summary to come

Iris Miller H


Do these come in pink?

Completed - Summary to come

Clayton Jadyn O - Ollivander's Asistant


I'm innocent, I swear it!

Incomplete - Summary to come

Ben Shepherd G


Of Brothers and Broomsticks

Incomplete - Summary to come

Sophie Spinnet G


The art of blowing bubbles

Incomplete - Summary to come

Rhynn Kadel G | Ben Shepherd G


I always feared he'd run off like this

Incomplete - Summary to come

Nathan Clark S


I'm not the sun.

Incomplete - Summary to come

Icarus Falls <3 S


Edited by Aaliyah Aarons

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Aaliyah Aarons

First Year Roleplays

First Year

Remember When We Were Such Fools

Incomplete (Abandonned) - Slytherins Only / Aaliyah meets her mentor and the other kid he's mentoring.

Constantine Midnight | Carcer Xanvio


I'm not bowing to you fat head.

Incomplete (Abandonned) - Slytherins Only / Kingston really lets his name go to his head, doesn't he?

Kingston Blake | Sophie Spinnet | Gianlucas Gamberelle


I'm sure this is a short cut.

Incomplete (Abandonned) - Kaoru and Aaliyah gets lost but she knows a short cut... or does she?

Kaoru Li H


This is OUR show

Incomplete (Abandonned) - Tyson and Lundon get themselves some fake prefect badges and decide to try and trick some ickles.

Tyson Leeames H | Lundon Rose R | Bonnie Greyson S | Meix Madeleine R | Vivienne Moss R | Jocielle Arevalo S


Well the way I figure it we have to get lost

Completed - So Liyah meets Julian and is nearly scalped. Lovely, I know. ><

Julian Trice S


I bring showers for the flowers!

Incomplete (Abandonned) - Lucas and Aaliyah in the Owlery

Lucas Stewart R


People like you were born for days like this.

Incomplete (Abandonned) - Aaliyah and Rhynn and ice cream makes three!

Rhynn Kadel G


The Great Slytherin Mentoring Tour: Part One

Incomplete (Abandonned) - Constantine takes Aaliyah on a tour of the castle

Constantine Midnight S


"You're crazy" "No, crazy wishes it was me"

Incomplete (Abandonned) - Aaliyah is reuinted with the love of her life. Icarus!

Icarus Falls <3 S


Am I the only one who sees what we've become?

Incomplete (Abandonned) - May is a jerk and didn't reply ;_;

Maynard Mordisen S


Bow in the presence of greatness

Incomplete (Abandonned) - Aaliyah meets Micael and falls madly in love... and sort of tries to take his hair

Micael Malqvist R


First Year Duels

First Year

It's like real magic!

Win (Penalty to Bobby) against Bobby Reynolds.


We're going to live a little.

Loss against Kaoru Li.


First Fight of a Life Time

Loss (Penalty to me) against Keegan Plopper.


Breakfast, the most important meal of the day.

Win (Penalty to His Highness) against Kingston Blake.


How dare he!

In Progress against Camille Savula.


If I click my ruby red slippers three times

Win (Penalty to Charlie) against Charlie Barrett.


Tell me girl, do I have to say please... or do I have to involve the police?

Win against Julian Trice.


Intermediate Mentoring, aka: Dueling is a cool people thing.

{Mentoring Session}

In Progress against Moss Greimne.


You're the closest to heaven that I'll ever be.

Loss (Penalty to me) against Ethan Vance.


I hate the dentist.

Loss against Sebastian Montague.


The Time Is Now

Loss against David Bane.


Crawling Into Bed With Me

Loss (Penalty to me) against Owen Farraday.


If you've got a butt, I'll kick it!

Loss (Penalty to me) against Mark Elven.


My, My, What ever possessed you to buy that?

Loss (Penalty to me) against Luca Ferranti.


Edited by Aaliyah Aarons

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Aaliyah Aarons

Second Year


I'm going to assume that she must have done SOMETHING at this point in her life. I'll make something up later.


Edited by Aaliyah Aarons

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Aaliyah Aarons

Third Year

Third Year

A Public Affair (Part I)

Completed - Slytherins Only / Aaliyah, Ren, and Bonnie spend some time plotting to do a bunch of random things around the castle in the middle of the night.

Renée Asper S | Bonnie Greyson S


A Public Affair (Part II)

Completed - It's the middle of the night and three lovely little (clean) Slytherin girls enter the kitchens. They leave shoeless, sticky, covered in ice cream, and with strange tales of snogging on their minds.

Renée Asper S | Bonnie Greyson S


A Public Affair (Part III)

In Progress - After the great ice cream adventure, the girls stop off in the great hall for some fun with nail polish where they meet up with June. Strange time and place to meet someone... then again, it's June.

Renée Asper S | Bonnie Greyson S | June Pachinko Johnson R


First stop candy shop! Second stop Karate chop!

In Progress - Summary to come

James Potter G | Lucia Adams-Monroe G


Popular. You're gonna be popular.

In Progress - Summary to come

Rhynn Kadel G | Julian Trice S | Valen Exalia G


You can't understand how I could just kill a man

In Progress - Summary to come

Sebastian Montague S


How did we get from the top of the world to the bottom of the heap?

In Progress - Slytherins Only

Renée Asper S



In Progress - Slytherins Only

Sean Vallmar S


You know you've got to stop. You're tearing us apart.

In Progress - Summary to come

Kingston Blake S


Oh these feelings, I don't know if you've been there

In Progress - Summary to come

Camille Savula G


We both know this is make believe

In Progress - Summary to come

Rollan Cullen S


The current came and washed them all away

In Progress - Summary to come

Sylvester Rook H


'cause the Morning's for Sleeping

In Progress - Summary to come

Joaquim de Compostela H


'It was easy to see how the devil himself could be pulled out of me

In Progress - Summary to come

Lucas Freeman S




I am the game, you don't wanna play me

In Progress against Sebastian Montague.



Edited by Aaliyah Aarons

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