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Abigail Freewell

Abigail Freewell

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...abigail fontana freewell

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[xx] beauty in the breakdown //

Name: Abigail Fontana Freewell

House: Gryffindor

Year: 4th

Birthday: May 10th, 2000

Hometown: Quency, England

Pureblood/half blood/muggle born: pureblood

Five words that best describe your character: bratty, mature, sarcastic, compassionate, kind


[xx] you've got the looks //

Hair Color: blonde

Hair Style: straightened

Eye color: blue/hazel

Height: 4'8

Other distinguishing details:


  • dimples
  • small features
  • a scar on her left arm
[xx] this is why im hot //

Father's name: Archilles Freewell

Brief description (occupation, blood, etc): He's not as imaginative as his daughter, preferring the brutal facts to anything else. He's also extremely protective of her, and will not hesitate to go after her boyfriends with an axe if they don't get introduced by the first date. He worries often about her and her big mouth, and all the situations she gets herself into.

Mother's name: Amanda Freewell

Brief description (occupation, blood, etc): She's much more of a dreamer than her husband, which is probably where Abigail gets most of it from. She's rather flamboyuant and exubarent, and it's best just to put up with whatever brilliant ideas she has than to try and deter her. She does act as a mother, though, and although she thinks that Abigail can carve her own path, also worries a little.

Siblings (names and descriptions): None.

Other key family members: Kithleen Caspa, third year Slytherin.


[xx] its my home now

Your best subject: Astronomy

Your worst subject: History of Magic

Extracurricular activities: Student Quidditch

Favorite place at Hogwarts: Her dormitory

Least favorite place at Hogwarts: The Forbidden Forest

Do any of the staff members scare you?: Nah.

Do any inspire you?: Psh.


[xx] other unimportant drizzle

Interests/hobbies: Quidditch...that's it.

What you might like to do after Hogwarts: Be a Healer, maybe.

Someone you look up to: "I look up don't know. No one?"

Something else people really should know about you?: I eat faces.

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[xx] first year

  • Abigail was sorted into Gryffindor, where she wanted to be.
  • She met Harry Wandsworthing, and they fought.
  • She tried out for Quidditch, and didn't make it in.
  • She got kidnapped by Death Eaters with 50 billion other kids.
  • Harry/her made up. Er, when she was back at the castle.
[xx] second year


  • Abigail did nothing this year.
  • Oh, there was that Come As You Aren't Ball.
  • She went as Peter Pettigrew, and ended up turning into him.
  • Sucks.
[xx] third year


  • Abigail met a new friend, Ashen Aurora.
  • Apparently, she thinks Ashen is not a veela but a lesbian. Go figure.
  • She kissed Harry in Hogsmeade.
  • She also thinks they are dating.
  • He has no idea.
[xx] fourth year


  • Year in progress.

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