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Felicia Fletwock

You could say this is not too far to carry this

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Felicia Fletwock

Fe glowered and grumbled her way down the corridor. Although her list of grievances against her appointment as Prefect was already roughly fifty feet of parchment long, this drudgery was the absolute worst of it.


YES, worse than spearheading the mentoring program.


YES, worse than going on patrols when she could be chatting with Masha.


And YES, worse than having to report to her parents weekly about her accomplishments (for her dad’s records and her mum’s amusement).


Shepherding students from one class to another during her free periods was absolutely barmy, and the Gryffindor did not see why it was necessary: now that the attack had already happened it was unlikely to happen again and therefore a bit late for chaperoning younger students to be a preventive measure. Buuuuut she slumped and groaned her way through it anyway.


“I could name two thousand things more worth my time than being a glorified body guard for these kids,” Fe muttered crossly to Ethan before proceeding to rattle off said list. Who knew, maybe she’d annoy him enough that he’d cut her off duty and make some other poor sucker do it instead…


❌ ❌ ❌ 


This is an OPEN thread for First Year students wishing to be accompanied between lessons, because they prefer to travel in groups or because they're scaredy cats or because they want to goof with the poor Prefects who've been recruited to lead them places they know FULL WELL how to get to 😠  Feel free to branch off into your own threads, or request separate threads for your specific year, or anything else you can think of!


Please wait for @Ethan Smith to post before proceeding!

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Ethan Smith

Since the attacks happened, he figured that some of the younger students were going to need more help with this buddy system. Since they all had the same class Ethan thought it would be a good idea to be their buddies before going to his classes for the day. 


Hoping that this would be smart. 


Working with Felicia, who was going off a list of things that she would rather be doing, he was not trying to make her be here. “There things I would rather be doing also Felicia, but we are here to set the example. And making sure that the first years are safe when going to classes with two older students would be for the best.”


He thought that it was. Hoping that the first years wouldn’t mind this at all. They were there to helped them. 


“First years, over here. We are going to make sure you get to class. Safe and on time.” Hoping that they would come and him and Felicia would be able to take them to classes and that he wouldn’t be late to his also. He was sure he would explain to the professors why he was late. 


Which never happens, they would be understanding with it all. 


This thread is now open to all FIRST YEARS


If someone from 2-7th wants a thread let me know and I will see about getting more started. If you want yo go into your own thread but still want Felicia and Ethan there. Tag us and we can post in that thread also. 

This is for fun. 


Starting Posting ❤️ 

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