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Jasper Wilcox

this world comes in waves; constantly

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Jasper Wilcox

Pre-Hogwarts Primary hadn't been a 'thing' when his parents were in school. Hence why it took them so long (2 children long - granted they were twins) to stop laughing when other parents brought up the programme in polite conversation. 


Even then, it took a third child attending Hogwarts and returning with complaints that his cohorts had befriended one another prior to arrival for them to seriously look into exactly what PHP was.

"Summer school?!" Jasper nearly choked on his morning Shreddies as he tried to get the question out. Coughing up milk, he continued, "Mum wont send us to regular school, but now you're both all gung ho about summer school." 


Both his parents seemed amused by his outburst - probably because they didn't have a camera on hand to capture the moment 'for contents sake' as they always said. Regardless of the reason, their expressions conveyed one message: he was going, end of. 

Jasper expected there would be a short time period allotted to him to 1) grieve his loss (aka his summer) and to 2) prepare for his living nightmare (aka public school -- or as public as wizarding schools could get.) Instead, once he was finished with his breakfast, he was shuffled off to the fireplace by his mother. 


"Say your destination clearly," Willow urged him; he rolled his eyes in response. 

"I know how to floo, mum, I'm not an idiot, despite what you might think." In order to get the last word, something that seldom happened with seven brothers and sisters, he tossed a handful of greenish-grey powder into the fireplace, "Ottaline Gambol Centre."

A burst of bright green flame later, Jasper found himself on the floor of an unfamiliar building; hurriedly, before anyone saw him, he scrambled to his feet. Brushing ash from his jacket, he took in his surroundings -- he was more than pleased upon discovering the sign welcoming him to the OGC.


That was proof he'd been successful; now to show it to his mum so she'd stop chiding him pre-floo. He turned, expecting to see Willow emerging from the fireplace he'd just vacated. Instead, he was met with nothing more than soot-stained bricks. 


"Typical," he grumbled to himself, stalking off in the direction other people who'd arrived via floo were heading. If he wandered about long enough, he'd eventually find the PHP classroom... probably; besides, if he didn't, it wouldn't be any skin off his back.  Now which way to go: right or left?

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Blaise Henrion

Blaise was tired of always being pushed off onto someone else so that he didn't have to be dealt this. Auntie Elle, who was actually his cousin, was nice enough. Blaise could feel the resentment and the frustration, however. She had heard the whispers of her and her husband, Thor. He knew he wasn't wanted. But it wasn't like they could let him go on the streets. He had hardly known his father, who had spent a week with him before dumping off with Elle. If he was honest, he was actually glad to be getting away. Even if it was to Summer school. Orion would be attending with him. Orion was Elle's eldest child. Him and Blaise were the same age, and had gotten to be quite close in the year before they started Hogwarts. They had fun teasing Kiara, and setting up fights between the younger two boys, Daniel and Bjorn.


Blaise had slipped away from Orion, wanting to make friends of his own when he ran across a boy his age. "Are you lost?" He asked, stepping in front of the boy, and crossing his arms. "For a small price, I can get you to where you need to go." He said with a smirk.

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