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Miss Lushia

Is Your Thread Finished?

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Miss Lushia

Hey everyone!


Do any of you remember a time (OOCly) when you went to the doctors for a checkup, and when it was said and done, you got a lollipop at the end of your visit?! Those were the best days, weren't they? Well, I am adopting the same incentive here.


If you complete a thread (3 posts with 100 words minimum each) with us in the Hospital Wing, I'll give you a treat. Sounds easy, right?


If your thread from last year was just finished, feel free to post in here, too. You still deserve your treat.


If you've come to us in the Hospital Wing seeking treatment for whatever - and do try to entertain us - that's awesome. We do so enjoy the chance to RP with everyone on VH.


To that end, when your thread is finished, please post here with the following form and I will send you a treat. You are able to pick out something from Honeydukes Sweetshop.


If you roleplay with us more than once, then you're welcome to claim a treat for each qualifying roleplay, however, you may only claim one treat that's over 1g in the shops once per year. Anything under that you may claim more than once per year. If you have any questions, please ask me. ❤️


Log-in name
Who treated you?


"But, Miss Lushia so-and-so hasn't responded to my thread in over a week! What should I do?!?!"

Never fear. Sometimes RL can get a little busy on us. Send the staff member in your thread a PM. If they don’t respond in a week, send myself, and the person who was treating you will magically change into us, and we'll wrap up the thread on their behalf.


This post was taken from Aurora Braelin-VonHaus,

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