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Shops are back!

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The Bank and Shop are up and hopefully functioning well. It has some limitations. Everything works fine for buying and transferring items and transferring money. We can give out allowances.


Not yet coded:

*Earning money for posting. Your only current sources of income is allowances or transfers

*Admin module for adding or editing items, so adding items is currently a hassle and something only I can do. 


Known issues:

*Inventory error - if once upon a time you transferred an item to an account that has been deleted, your Inventory page may error out. This should be fairly rare. Please let me know if this happens to you.


Please re-familiarize yourself with the shop/bank rules before you go on a wild shopping spree! ❤️



Allowances will be given out soon. Yes you will get back allowances for the ones you've missed. (We've missed four allowance cycles). 

Badges will be distributed this weekend. We have a long list of folks who are owed badges and certificates.


REMEMBER: If your account was registered after the shop went down, you'll need to click on Gringotts first to initialize your shop/bank account. (You don't have to do anything once you're there). Nothing will work until you do that and no one can transfer items or money to you either.





Although she wasn't able to finish it completely and we haven't heard from her in a while, @Arianna Wright did ginormous amounts of work and heroically waded the confusing waters of Invision's totally redesigned code to make the shop, bank and sorting hat work on the new version. And not only did she make it work, she overhauled, redesigned and beautified it. It's a huge improvement and I am so thankful for all her hard work.


Do the Dervish & Banges items look different to you? They should! @Leela Toor redrew all (almost all?) of them and they look gorgeous. We also have a stock of new items other artists have drawn waiting to be added. (Soon!)


And last but not least, @Undercliffe and I worked really hard and stretched our brains and managed to get the last few things working enough to install the shop on the board. Undies did amazing and I admit I'm kinda pleased with myself for my part in working this all out. (Code is not my forte!)




Yay Team Weaselcliff!

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We found some issues after you all started using it, of course. We've fixed a few errors. Please note:


*The starting bank amount was set to the old amount (7 galleons) instead of the newer amount (60 galleons). I've gone through and sent 53 extra galleons to everyone who started with 7 today.

*Don't reload transactions! Some transactions will repeat if you refresh the page (resending the form). You could buy the item twice or accidentally send someone double the items or money you meant to send.

*Allowances next week: I'm going to give people more time to notice the shop is back and open their bank accounts before I send out allowances. So you'll be getting those in a week or so.

*Badges/Credentials/etc: We've sent out outstanding prefect and head student badges and some others. Let me or Picklescott know if you're missing a badge or credential.

Also, if you accidentally bought one during the excitement this afternoon, please let me know so I can remove it for you. 

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