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Shops Remodel

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As I mentioned in my recent blog post, we're remodeling the Marketplace forums. We're going to keep only the Diagon Alley, Hogsmeade and Ollivanders subforums and remove the rest. 


In their place, we're going to pin topics which list all the shops in the area, plus describe a couple NPC shopkeepers for each. Members will be allowed to roleplay interactions with these NPCs or just keep them in mind for the ambience of the business they're roleplaying in.


The topics are going to look something like this. Still in development, but that's what we have so far.



1. Coming up with NPCs for the shops*

2. Portraits of those NPCs if any artists are inspired to help with this

3. Writing brief descriptions of the shops

4. Formatting this information for the pinned topics



*Re NPCs:

-I've reached out to recent shopkeepers to see if they're interested in being listed as NPCs. They were associated with Honeydukes, Leaky Cauldron, Madam Puddifoots, Quality Quidditch, Slug & Jiggers, Three Broomsticks and Weasley's Wizarding Wheezes. If you are one of those shopkeepers, please check your accounts for the PM

-Several of the shops already have some NPCs listed. This info has been gathered over in this topic.  Please reference that before you start.



-Note that we're going to have the option for businesses you've created to be listed as well, so think about that and whether you'd like something to be included

[Edit: please hold off on submitting any of your original alumni workplaces just yet. I'll ask for submissions when we have the standard shops all worked out]


So...anyone enjoy coming up with characters? Please volunteer. Or just start brainstorming. And please ask if you have any questions!

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Any recent shopkeepers are listed. They have the option of remaining associated with the shops as NPCs. Even if they accept, we may still want additional NPCs. Bold names have agreed to be NPCs. Striked out names have chosen not to be NPCs.



+Dervish & Banges 

+Hog's Head 

+Honeydukes Sweetshop

      Jared Trice (manager)

+Madam Puddifoot's

      Wesley Mercer (owner) - Alumni

+Three Broomsticks

      Joaquín Peñaloza (bartender) 

+Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes

      Raymond Mayfield (manager)



+Flourish & Blotts

+Gladrags London

+The Crossfire Club (we'll keep this forum)

+Leaky Cauldron

      Vanora Melwyn (waitress) - Alumni

+Magical Menagerie

+Ollivander's (we'll keep this forum)

+Slug & Jiggers Apothecary

      Annelia Higgins (shop clerk)

+Quality Quidditch Supply

      Edward Golden (owner)

      Elizabeth Gardner-Golden (owner) - Alumni (non-godmoddable employee)

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Savannah Chancellor

Question (am I allowed to post in here?): Savannah currently is a waitress for a shop in Knockturn Alley. Can that be an option for this? Or maybe she can start working in a different shop in Diagon Alley? 


I would also like to see a St. Mungo's forum? There's a lot of alums I know that work there. And then there could be student and alum RPs there too? Just a thought while we are on this shop stuff. 


I can also volunteer to create some NPCs for the shops <333. 

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Miss Turner

My alums who have different shops/centers/whatever:


@Cargan Finley Drake

----Drake's Owl-Order Services: They get orders for different shops in Diagon Alley and Hogsmeade and get the items from the shops and send them out. They are based in Diagon Alley and have a little storefront where people can see the different owls and get order slips.


@Kenzie Pendleton-Diggory

----Skye's the Limit Matchmaking Services: A matchmaking service based in Diagon Alley with offices and a lounge where people can fill out surveys to get matched.


@Duke Daly

----Lords and Ladies Finishing School: A manners and mindfulness center based in Diagon Alley for all ages to learn social skills and how to employ them. It has classrooms and a big hall along with some smaller offices.


@Tarquin Pomfrey-Corner

----The Corner Dueling Facility: A dueling facility that has an entrance from Diagon Alley and London.


@Inara Kennedy

----Kennedy's Veterinary Services: A muggle and magical animal and creatures clinic with entrances from Diagon Alley and London.


I would like to second that a forum for St. Mungo's would be cool as well as one for the Ministry of Magic. I know VH is about school but IC students can go to both of these places too.

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Yes, you're allowed to post here, Savannah. :)

Thanks for volunteering! Do you want to maybe pick a shop that doesn't have any recent personnel (or existing NPCs) and float some ideas? 


I think we'll probably include Knockturn Alley in the Diagon Alley topic, so Savannah's restaurant could be listed there maybe.


New forums in the wizarding world are not currently in the cards. Getting these topics up for Diagon Alley and Hogsmeade are the priority right now, but we have talked about posting a similar topic in WWW that may include things like St Mungo's and other institutions. That would necessarily have to be a little different, so we'll talk about that when we get there.


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Sir Malcolm Belby

Belby owns a tattoo shop that could be in Diagon Alley but I will submit that to Snape when there's a Diagon Alley form up like the one at the end of the Hogsmeade thread?


I can draw some npcs if drawing-type stuff is the direction you want to go with those instead of photo avatars (Y)

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Miss Turner


Flourish & Blotts


Genevieve Blotts (owner)

----The great x 6 granddaughter of Blotts. She is elderly and knows every book in the store. She has an amazing memory (for books and facts) and will always remember a customer she has seen before. She enjoys knitting while working the register and sipping tea during her breaks. She constantly tries to make reading fun by holding contests and giveaways. Will often be seen shuffling around in slippers because she forgot to put shoes on.


If approached, she will treat every customer like a grandchild. She will spend as much time needed with them as possible and help them find whatever they need or want. 


Francesca Blotts (manager)

----Genevieve's daughter who will be taking over the business eventually. She is overly excitable and loves helping everyone. She can be seen darting around the store fixing books and displays and will always be dressed to some sort of book "theme". She also enjoys sweets while on the job so her excitable personality may be amplified from the sugar rush.


If approached, she will rush to help the customer find what they need. She may linger even after they no longer need help in case they change their mind. She sometimes counts out the wrong change at the register because she is too busy talking to the customer.


Mortimer Harrington (worker)

----A gruff old man who had to return to work out of retirement from being a hit wizard. He had spent all of his money on magical lottery tickets and this was the only job he could find. Knows next to nothing about books and doesn't care much for customer service.


If approached, he will send the customer to a random section of the store claiming it is where they will find what they are looking for. Will often be found perusing magazines and listening to the WWN during work hours.

Edited by Miss Turner

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Sir Malcolm:  Thank you for volunteering! I'd love for the NPCs to be original art as much as possible, as many as we have volunteer artists for. Not only would it just be very cool, but we'd also avoid using faces that future staff members might want for their LALs. 


And good point about submissions. I forgot we'd planned to have original alumni workplaces submitted to a mod per Snape's post in the database sample thread. I know that may be the more exciting part, but I'd like us to focus first on getting the standard shops set up first. 


But maybe we will take care of the first rush here in this thread after the standard shops are ready, so don't PM Snape just yet. Watch this thread for further details.


Thanks, Miss Turner! The length on those looks about right to me, so if others want to jump in and help, keep to a similar length.


Also I received one from a shopkeeper. Copying it here for safekeeping:



Edward Golden:

A Hogwarts graduate and a Ravenclaw alumnus, Eddie Golden was, for several years, Diagon Alley's Most Eligible Bachelor. He is a Quidditch fan and attends all of Puddlemere United's home games because his sister, Elizabeth Golden-Keisi, is their seeker and his brother, Elliot Golden, is one of their chasers. He is married to Elizabeth Gardner-Golden and they have two children (Wiley and Kellyn). He enjoys to play pranks and loves a good joke.


When approached, Eddie will offer upbeat small talk and usually a joke or two. He knows where everything is in the shop and will get merchandise from the back if needed. He thanks every customer and always asks them to come back. From time to time, there will be pranks set up in the shop to add some "fun" to the shopping experience.



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Harmony Granger-Weasley

I can create some NPCs, here's some for the Menagerie. 


Magical Menagerie

Ophelia Rodgers 

-Young shop-owner of Magical menagerie and a former Ravenclaw, Ophelia Rodgers is a certified cat lady. Recently taken over the shop from her retired father, she's changing the rules. She encourages fans of all animals to gather at the Menagerie to share tales of their pets (and, hopefully, to buy more accessories as well). Ophelia is often busy and sometimes doesn't know what she's gotten herself into. She recently hired owl and toad experts to work with her. 


Edgar Collins 

-A middle-aged man, Edgar Collins is an owl expert and will be the face you see when purchasing an owl. He is a stern man and straight-to-the-point, doesn't like to stay around and chat very much, but knows his thing about owls. In his previous work, he was a keeper in an owl sanctuary. 


Dillon Dewey 

-A young man who is fascinated by toads, Dillon is a former Hufflepuff and classmate of Ophelia she hired after graduating from Hogwarts. He's very enthusiastic about toads, and will chat your ear off about the subject whenever you express interest in a toad. Behind the scenes, Dillon breeds toads and his toad previously won best in show at the National Wizarding Toad Show, a topic of which he likes to brag about to anyone who will listen.  

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Savannah Chancellor

Here's two for starters <3. 


Hog's Head 


Ulysses Undergast (Bartender) 

The Undergasts are very distant relatives of the Dumbledores and Ulysses is the last surviving member of his family. He is a middle aged man with a potbelly and is balding. He dislikes anyone who is a supporter of the Taith Coch Reserve. He will often be seen creating new cocktail ideas and will try to interact with his very few regulars. Most of the time he will leave you alone but rest assured Ulysses keeps up on the news around town and will not hesitate to call up Hogwarts if he sees signs of trouble.  


Gladrags London 


Genevieve Gadbois (Designer) 

The hottest designer on the wizarding market at the moment, she will fulfill all of your dress robe needs. Genevieve's line is simply known to wizards as "The G." Strikingly thin and beautiful she speaks with a whisper and can often be seen flittering around the shop with her nervous nature. She may come up to you and start to offer throaty criticisms of your fashion sense - only the witches and wizards with true fashion sense will get any compliments from Genevieve (it is rare though!). 


Savannah's shop: 


Hand of Glory (Bar) - Knockturn Alley 


Savannah Chancellor (Waitress/Bar Keep) 


Savannah is a former Head Girl of Hufflepuff House who has fallen on hard times. She dropped out of healing school after one year and has been trying to make it as an actress in the wizarding world only without much success. Savannah is a waitress and bar keep for the Hand of Glory bar in Knockturn Alley and can often be seen flirting with the local clientele (because her other option is to marry rich). Be forewarned that because she is more interested in interacting with people she finds "cute" she may mess up your order if you do not fall under that status. 

Edited by Savannah Chancellor
Added Sav's shop

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Thank you Savannah and Harmony! ❤️


Thank you so much, Aggie! I'm going to split these off into a separate topic for reference. (NEW TOPIC LINK)


So that we can better see what we already have and still need, I think the next step may be to make two topics:

Diagon Alley



And have a post for each shop, copying into each post:

-any NPCs that people have made in this topic for that shop (plus descriptions)

-a select list of existing NPCs plus descriptions (choosing just a few if there are a lot, not including any actual shopkeepers*) 


*If there is a member account with that name (retired or inactive), it was an actual shopkeeper


I can work on this after work tonight, but if someone else if feeling motivated and organized, have at it!


(If you do, please keep in mind that we have some existing shopkeepers who may or may not choose to become NPCs in their shops. See my post here. They have some time to decide.)

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Okay, I've got a new topic up for Hogsmeade. (Diagon Alley to follow this weekend).


Quite a few still needed in there. Please take a look and help out.


Keep posting your new npcs or edits here and I'll copy them over to there. 



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Vanora Melwyn

I replied to your PM but then I came here so I'm just going to do a bio for Vanora here and now before I forget or get distracted.




Vanora Melwyn (Waitress)

A Hufflepuff graduate who dreams of someday opening her own bakery. Vanora greets every customer cheerfully, suggesting they buy extra sweet treats like biscuits and cakes with their meals. She assumes anyone under the age of seventeen is "like, twelve," tends to speculate on the potential relationships between customers, and has no filter. She is nice to everybody, but will always give someone in Hufflepuff robes an extra cookie.

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Harmony Granger-Weasley

Do we have a thread for Diagon Alley up yet? 


Here's some for Dervish and Banges: 


The Hansons are a young couple who recently took up ownership of the shop as a family business. 


Holly Hanson: 

A former Ravenclaw, Holly likes to spend more time in the back shop fixing things than in the actual shop dealing with people. Holly's passion is for fixing magical objects. She's an expert in custom items, and will be more than willing to speak with you about a new faceplate for your custom sneakoscope or other sorts of objects. Holly is a young woman with bright red hair. 


Gregory Hanson: 

A former Hufflepuff. Hobby duelist and husband to Holly. Gregory is the face of the shop. He'll work with you to find out exactly what you want, and if you need to go back to Holly to get your true desire. Gregory is also watching their toddler daughter, Lila, and their trouble-making Niffler, Noodles. He is a young, stout man with curly hair and a long beard. 



Edited by Harmony Granger-Weasley

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Harmony Granger-Weasley

Hog's Head: 

Liam Blakely 

Liam was practically raised at the Hog's Head, as his mum Charlotte was a waitress while he was growing up. She recently retired, so he took over her place, and is now learning the ropes of being a waiter. He's of average height and build with dusty brown hair. Liam is young, but friendly and still figuring out everything, so he might slip up your order from time to time. When approached, Liam will do his best to serve you properly and engage in idle chit-chat if it is a slow time. When it is busy, Liam is focused on doing his job accurately so he won't engage in much chatter. 


Madam Puddifoot's: 

Magnolia Everly: 

A fresh graduate of Beauxbatons, Magnolia is attempting to build a new life abroad, waiting tables at Madam Puddifoots to make ends meet as she pursues professional Quidditch and modeling careers. She is a slender, tall woman with strawberry-blonde hair.  When greeted, she'll direct you to your table and allow you as much time as needed to get your order ready. She's also prepared to quietly give some advice to teenagers on their first dates if she senses they're nervous. 


Three Broomsticks: (I've expanded on these slightly)

𝙱𝚊𝚛𝚋𝚊𝚛𝚊 "𝙱𝚊𝚋𝚜" 𝚂𝚒𝚗𝚐𝚑 (𝟷𝟶𝟺)  - MANAGER

Born and raised in Hogsmeade, squib Babs and her husband Sarbjit can be seen in Three Broomsticks, occasionally treating young students and people that look sad to free food. Moves slowly. If approached, Babs will gladly engage in conversation about the day's gossip, or whatever is going on in her life between her group of friends. 


   𝙸𝚍𝚛𝚒𝚜 𝙷𝚞𝚖𝚙𝚑𝚛𝚎𝚢𝚜 (𝟹𝟷) - SERVER

Friendly and efficient, Idris creates the most amazing environment and loves making people smile. Will sometimes be found playing with his daughter. When greeted, he'll make sure that your needs are met before going on to the other customers. He'll check in on you every so often to make sure your group is doing alright, and give updates on the latest Quidditch match or chat about the weather. 



Weasley's Wizard Wheezes: 

*Here's an additional character if Raymond doesn't get back to you: 


Gilly Gastrell 

Formerly a Gryffindor during her time at Hogwarts, Gilly is a retired woman, around 76 years old. She refused to do nothing after her storied career as one of the wizarding world's finest hit-witches, so she finally settled down working at WWW. Gilly is happy to pass down her years of wisdom in pranking to you if you approach her, or give you advice if you want to get into Magical Law Enforcement. Occasionally, Gilly will demonstrate products in the shop, leading to random points of chaos. 

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