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Phillip Aldermaston

She wanders closer every night

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Phillip Aldermaston

Phillip’s natural skintone was far too dark for him to ever take on the white-as-a-ghost/white-as-a-sheet appearance.  What he could do, though, was go a little paler and lose most of the ‘warm’ tones in his skin and even if he did that, like now, a slightly-pale Phillip was still pretty dark.   It may be subtler but it was his equivalent of a paler person being that white.


Yes, he was sick. Not that Phillip had any intention of going for treatment – what would be the point?  They didn’t care about him or they wouldn’t have let his auror wander into the castle – or at least – certainly not all the way up to the head’s  tower.   And…Ground Floor, First Floor, Second Floor and so on all the way up to the seventh floor and even further on up to the towers was….well, it meant that there was only one floor she hadn’t been yet – the basement and therefore the common room.


So…Phillip didn’t really care how late it was – he’d opted to disappear from the Hufflepuff Common Room.  And of course, he found the window-seat in the armour gallery – because, that’s where he always went when he didn’t know how to cope with himself.


 Phillip was constantly shifting around under the curtains (read: fidgeting) in order to keep his balance.  And of course, since he’d drawn the curtains around him, that just meant the bolt of fabric would shake every now and then.  And since he thought he was alone, he had let himself do the thing that his father referred to as dieseling i.e. sounding like a  child trying to calm down after an upset but getting stuck on the sobbing-stage and not quite able to 'turn off' the crying.  What?  It hurt but Phillip also knew that outright crying would just make it worse.

Yeh, he wasn’t going back.

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