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Avery Potter

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Avery Potter



Avery Potter detested the work that had been given by her professors to complete over the summer. She did not understand why they were being punished for being at home. She wanted to spend her days with her family and her friends. She wanted to read her fairy tales in peace, to bake goods and to walk around her neighbourhood that was familiar. Instead, there were piles of books on her floor, and the cheerful girl was attempting to avoid them for as long as she possibly could.


It was for that reason she wondered out of her bedroom, down the stairs, and into the garden. The charms that surrounded her home meant that they were safe from anyone seeing anything unusual. Even though they lived within a magical community, it meant that she was able to complete the one activity that caused her joy since she was a child.


“Hey Alec…” she said quietly, not wanting any of their siblings to overhear her. Avery adored those who she had been raised with. She couldn’t wait until AJ and Amelia joined them at school, the Potter siblings officially united. It just so happened that Alec would be first and she wanted to spend a little time with him completing the one thing they both enjoyed. “Wanna go flying with me?”


She had her broomstick in hand ready for the reply.


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