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Sorting Hat

The Sorting Ceremony

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Astraea Wang



Breathe. In two three four, out two three four.


Despite the overwhelming urge to empty the non-existent contents of her stomach on the floor, Astra refused to let herself be that student. It felt as though every single set of eyes in the room were focused on the small group of even smaller students, and she didn't want to become the sole focus. Fighting to keep the panic out of her eyes and her expression neutral, she chose to blindly focus on a set of candlesticks slightly to the left of the professor holding the hat. It'd be fine, all she had to do was walk up the stairs, sit down, and have a hat put on her head. Simple.


But as the number of students surrounding her dwindled to half, then to the last handful Astra felt her pulse rising again. She hated waiting, and she could feel the energy in the room gradually shift from one of anticipation to one of impatience. Oh, why couldn't her name be some stupidly common one that was near the beginning of the alphabet? Twisting the little silver ring on her finger round and round, Astra almost bolted forward when she heard her name. But in the sudden movement, the hem of her robes twisted underneath her shoes, causing her to trip and nearly fall over.


Her face flushing a bright red, she was grateful for the darkness as the hat was put over her head.


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Fenella Begbie

Fenella was beyond excited about Hogwarts. There were no words to describe her current mood. Today had been the best day of of her life, and the fun was still continuing. First, she got to ride on a train. She'd never been on a train before so that was a pretty great moment. And then when they arrived at the train station, they were ushered onto boats. Boats were obviously amazing, so that had been loads of fun. And then, as they rounded a corner on the lake, Hogwarts castle had come into view. It was GIANT and pretty, and Fenella couldn't believe she was going to live here this year.


Now, they were being brought inside the castle and into what the professor was calling the Great Hall. The Great Hall was magnificent. There were hundreds of floating candles on the ceiling, and fancy tables and chairs. Plus, it was filled to the brim with all the older students. Fenella tripped on her own feet and ran into the person in front of her. "Sorry! I'm just really excited!" She told the person. Then she got back to her bouncing and excitement and staring at the magic candles.


The teacher explained that they were going to get sorted by a magic talking hat. Fenella clapped enthusiastically at this. Magic was so cool. She was going to live in a magic castle, with magic people, and get put into a magic house-thingy by a magic hat. How was this even real? She clapped even louder for the Hat's beautiful song.


And then the Sorting began. Fenella only had to watch a couple of people get sorted before it was her turn. "Begbie, Fenella!" was shouted out by the teacher. Fenella skipped up to the stool (and only tripped once!) and then sat down. The Hat was placed on her head, and Fenella squeaked a little. She hoped this magic hat was as awesome as she imagined it to be.

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Dale McQueen-Trengrove

His clothes were still sopping wet from rescuing Aster in the lake, making the chill in the Entrance Hall more pronounced than it probably otherwise would be. He wished that he could just get the sorting over with and be done so that he could rightly be in Slytherin where Dale had always thought that he was meant to be ever since he was old enough to understand the houses and what they meant. 


The waiting in the hall was the hard part; although admittedly he had be impatiently waiting for this day for the better part of a year now. Ever since he had to spend time at the Ottaline Gambol Centre, Dale had wanted to speed up time just to get this moment. But now that the moment was here, time seemed to tick by agonizingly slow as he stood with his fellow classmates all waiting for the same thing. He glanced around himself as he saw the faces of his fellow classmates. There were some in the class that he already hated, some people he barely knew, and some that were his good friends. Whatever the case was though, they were all going to be soon split apart into their houses and that would be that. Of course he would still need to interact with all of his classmates on some level. But having a house would give him an instant identity at Hogwarts. Sighing, he moved forward then as the entrance hall opened to the Great Hall. It was time for the sorting to begin. He fervently hoped that some of his classmates would not be in his house -- he couldn't stand some of his classmates. 


He listened with impatience to the song and just wanted them to start calling names. More minutes ticked slowly by and then finally they started on the Ms with Amy and Amalia. When he heard their names, he knew it was getting close. Sure enough his name was called soon after. 

McQueen-Trengrove, Dale! 


God, why was his last name so long? Never was that more clear than now when it seemed to take twice as long for his name to be announced as some of the others. Hs desire to have some people know him by Edmund as opposed to Dale was also probably out now. He glanced around and strode forward to the hat, trying to make himself look taller than he was. Although he was one of the tallest people in the class he was still only a first year and there were faces of teenagers in the crowd who if they stood up, would dwarf him. 


A momentary wave of fear hit him as he was making the walk. What if he was not put in Slytherin? The thought made him slightly nauseous but he hoped that he still looked confident as the hat was placed on his head. In just a few seconds he would find out his fate but his own insecurity was growing as he looked out into the crowd of people and waited. 


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Sasha Flynn

Sasha had been prepared for this day for her whole entire life. Well mostly since her father and aunts told her about Hogwarts. She couldn’t wait to get sorting and this was going be interesting day in her life. She knew after getting the longest lecture in her whole entire life from her dad that she should be good at Hogwarts and that her baby brother would be come in a year. She went on her way to the Hogwarts express.


Now waiting to get into the great hall was the least of her worries at this point of life. Mostly because the blonde just endured the longest train ride ever and also the longest carriage ride too. So the blonde eagerly wait to get shortly.


She heard some of her fellow classmates last name that made her snickered just a little until they got to her name.


Flynn Sasha


Yes this was it. She was finally getting sorted. When they put the sorting hat on her fabulous hair she thought somewhat “ Please sorting hat don’t damage my hair please but put me an house that seem to fit me “ she said.

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Viktoriya Valentin

Viktoriya could hardly believe it was happening. They’d gotten to board the Hogwarts Express - though they didn’t have Vladdy with them which made the twin sad - they’d crossed the lake in a little boat. What else was in store for them? Vladdy and Mama wouldn’t say what happened during the sorting ceremony, saying that they wanted the girls to experience it for themselves unspoiled.


“Ana,” Toriya whispered to her sister while they waited to go into the Great Hall, “Can you believe this is actually happening? We’ll have to tell Vladdy all about it in a letter, and we’ll have to let Fiona know too, ‘specially if we get Hufflepuff.”


Honestly, Viktoriya couldn’t imagine being separated from her twin so it was only logical in her head that they be sorted into the same house.


When they walked with the others to the front of the Great hall, the girl’s jaw dropped. “Holy Merlin, look at the ceiling!”


Finally they would get to experience the delights their older brother had done the past seven years previous, although it would have been great for Vladdy to have been with them to make the time even more magical the girls had far to much going on to dwell on the matter and they did have each other after all.


‘’I’m sure Vladdy will tell us more once we’re sorted. Yeah Fiona would be over the moon if we are put in Hufflepuff but I’m sure our brother would love for us to be in Ravenclaw, same as Mama.’’


It was as though they’d just walked outside as her sister pointed out the starry sky above, ‘’Oh my Toriya! It’s so amazing! Look I think it’s time.’’


- - -


Viktoriya plopped onto the seat and pulled the sorting hat over her head. I have so many things I want to talk to you about, but Mama said I should make this quick. Vladdy did too - do you remember Vladdy? Er, Vladimir? That's our big brother. Anyway, I know you'll put me where you think it's best, but if I could be with my sister that would be super awesome.

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Anastasia Valentin


It really was amazing! Viktoriya was over the moon, though she had enough sense to pay attention to what was going on once Anastasia grabbed her attention. The only downside to all of this was... "Man, now we gotta wait all the way to the end of the list," Toriya commented with a small pout, the girl almost lamenting the fact that her last name started with the letter V. On the other hand, it was interesting to watch the other kids get sorted before her, and watch them find out their house.


Some sure looked happy, and some looked afraid.


Viktoriya wasn't afraid though, she was practically bouncing on her feet as she waited for their turn. "And even though I'm the older twin, you still get to go first because your first name starts with an A," Toriya teased her twin, arm looped through hers. She wanted to know her house right now, and finally start learning magic and doing all the cool things they had been imagining since Vladdy had started going to Hogwarts.


"You think the Sorting Hat will remember Vladdy and Mama if we tell it about them?" Viktoriya mused aloud before she realized that it was almost time, and she heard the hat calling for her sister. Viktoriya beamed at her and said, "Good luck! We totally got this."


And not long after,


"Valentin, Viktoriya!"


Time to rock it!


Brought back to the scene at hand, her mind billowing with possible new artistic inspiration from the heavenly stars above, by her sisters words, ‘’We’ve got to wait, Oh yeah the sorting right. Can’t they go first names first but then we wouldn’t be close to each other so best this way!’’ Ana wanted to be by her sisters side as long as possible, only if they could try the hat on together.


Being used to teasing Ana gave a small curled smile at being the first one to go and as she heard her name she tried to pull her sister forward but soon let go when she knew Toriya wouldn’t be far behind her and hopefully joining her at one of the four tables, ‘’Here goes!’’


Running and leaping onto the seat, Ana felt the hat touching the back of her ears, Right what was I to say, oh yeah Vlady and Moma said to keep this quick. That's Vladimir! Could you keep me and my sister together even though I know you will pick what's best for us both.

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Zachary Montague

As with everything in his life, Gabriel went first. 


Zach watched as his brother went up the steps and sat down on the stool ready for the sorting hat to be placed upon him. He'd never had to do anything without his brother before, they had always come as a package deal, but there was a chance now that that would be about to change. Gabriel could be sorted now into one house and seconds later Zachary could end up in another and then the twins would be torn apart for the first time in their lives. 


Waiting on the ground whilst the decision was made was agonising, Zach had to force himself not to move, not to think, not to blink. If he started to think too much about this, if he started to panic, then everything would start to unravel. You are not that person anymore, he told himself. You are not bothered, not worried or afraid


Instinctively, his eyes sought out a familiar face across the room, one already seated at the Slytherin table. Covey had her back to him, her head turned just slightly towards the dais where Gabriel was sat. Next to her Honorine was looking bored and utterly unimpressed by the spectacle. She was just as interested in where Gabriel was going to be sorted as Zach was but she wasn't showing it. Seeing Covey and Honorine calmed him, grounding Zach back in reality. He blinked and reality resumed around him, the clapping and the cheering as his brother was sorted and sent off to his new house. 


"Montague, Zachary." 


Zach turned at the sound of his name and wondered if it was too late to suggest swapping with his twin. They'd joked about it as kids, identical in every way, wondering if they could get away at sorting with one of them being sorted twice to ensure that they both went to the same house. It was too hard to pull off, however, with a hall full of students watching and professors up at the staff table. Zach would have to get through this alone. 


He took a breath to steel himself and then walked up to the raised dais where the stool was. He could do this, he'd been doing it for months - years. Fake the confidence, act like he knew what he was doing and people were happy to believe it. Zach stepped up to the stool with an expression on his face which suggested boredom and confidence in himself and where he would be sorted. He sat down and seconds later the sorting hat slipped over his eyes and for a second the expression wavered.  



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