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River Wolfe

London girl with an attitude.

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River Wolfe

Walking into the great hall, River wasn't surprised to see the emptiness of the tables.  Surely everyone was in the dueling chamber getting more practice in before their next round of the tournament started.  Which to his surprise, he did not partake in this year, well, not more so by choice, but more so by pure lack of interest.


Walking to the Ravenclaw table, he noticed one of his classmates, Vernie, to be exact, she was the first friend he had made, well, encountered at Diagon Alley or from a more recent memory from their first year as he had managed to get almost all of his class detention, River  figured a nice chat could enthrall the two, so, picking his poison, River headed to the Gryffindor table and sat next to one of his semi-oldest friends at the school.


"Vernie."  River spoke her name softly before leaning down and speaking to the plate for a cob salad with extra avocados.  "How have you been?"

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