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Annaly Dimarco

Friends are the family you meet along the way!

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Annaly Dimarco

Today was THE day.


Anna was more nervous about this than about anything she'd ever been through. Today was going to be a huge deal. It was the first time she was ever having friends over to her home. She gulped. What would Pine and Leon think? The house was massive, and they were two streets over from the royals, on a street lined with gorgeous streets and long drive ways. The Dimarco Estate was at the very end of the road, the biggest home on the street. It was a modern, brick home from the outside, but the inside it was cold and big, and not a place for a child.


She hoped her friends would like her home. Standing there in the hallway, she paced back and forth. She put on a red skirt with a blouse and white tights. She wanted to look her best. Most days, she looked a fright, with her hair a crazy frizzy mess. This time it was in a tight braid that sat on her back. She bit her nails. "Annaly, stop biting your nails! It's a disgusting habit and you know better than that." She frowned. Her father was usually critical of how she presented herself, but he meant well. She was a little girl, and being a single dad, had no idea how to raise a little girl. 


As she and her father, Pierre-Paul stood by the door in the foyer waiting for the boys to arrive, Anna decided to ask her father a question. "Can you make yourself scarce? I don't want you embarrassing me today. I've never had friends before." She frowned. "It won't be an issue Anna, I have a conference call at three with the Prime Minister anyhow." She watched as her father turned and made his way down the hallway and into a room she knew was his office and shut the door firmly behind him. Being a Diplomats daughter was the worst thing in the world because she always had to be perfect. 


Finally, the doorbell rang. Anna reached her hand out to answer the door, but instead the butler, Jean-Luc answered it. Anna rolled her eyes. She wanted to appear as normal as possible to her friends, and not some spoiled rich girl. She was truly hoping that Jean-Luc wouldn't have answered it, but he did. As Jean-Luc began to speak, Anna jumped out and said, "Come on in, we are just waiting on one more. Let me take your jacket for you." Because that wasn't weird enough.


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Margarleon Turpentine

Leon was extremely underdressed.


The thin t-shirt he was wearing left goosebumps on his arms, the holes near the seam at the side that Darby hadn’t gotten the chance to mend yet a gaping statement that he did not belong here. His jeans were the same story - the rip at the knee may have been common for where he was from, but not here. Here, everyone likely wore nice clothes. Trousers without holes, nice button-down shirts… none of that was attire he even owned, but he imagined it was something Annaly’s family had hanging in nice large closets.


Leon did not even have a closet.


In fact, he was quite certain that the entire Turpentine hovel could fit into one of the smaller rooms of the estate he’d just arrived at. He was not used to this much space. He had taken the train rather than bothering with figuring out where to floo to, and had walked the rest of the way, the thin-soled trainers he had on just another blight on his appearance. He had gotten the sense that Annaly was well off, but he didn’t know that the girl was this loaded.


Leon had really struck the jackpot when choosing his first friend, it seemed.


The boy ran a hand through his short hair, but there was nothing to be done for his appearance now. He walked up the long path towards the front door, trying to bring back his typical swagger, as if the clothes he was wearing were intentionally chosen (the distressed look was in) rather than some of the only ones he had that fit. Finally, after what felt like walking a mile, he arrived at the front entrance, which was grander than anything he’d ever seen before. The boy raised a fist, prepared to knock, before he saw the doorbell.


Leon’s home did not even have a doorbell.


Pressing the button, he heard the bell ring inside, and then he was greeted by… Merlin, did Annaly have a butler? He couldn’t help it as his mouth fell agape, especially as the interior; even grander than the exterior, was revealed to him. He could not imagine living somewhere that looked more like a museum than home. However, he gave Annaly a peculiar look as she asked to take his jacket.


Leon did not have a jacket.


“Oh, I didn’t bring one. It’s pretty nice weather outside for this time of year,” He lied right through his teeth, the goosebumps covering his arms belying his words, but he’d be damned if he was going to admit to anyone he didn’t currently have a jacket that fit over his shoulders. “Hi Anna, thanks for the invite. Nice house…” House seemed an understatement; this place was a mansion. “...you’ve got here,” He told her, trying to appear more comfortable in his surroundings than he actually was while finding it entirely impossible to stop staring at everything. His eyes darted around, latching onto one lavish decoration after the other, and even looking at the floors. Even the floors looked expensive. It was hard not to stare. He was entirely unaccustomed to anything of this magnitude.


Leon was entirely out of place; like a Christmas decoration in the heat of July.


OoC: apologies for the length, it got away from me

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Pine Tree

Pine didn’t have anything fancy at all, nothing at all, his family went to second hand shops to get clothes and than tailer them to fit. Which Pine didn’t care about at all, he didn’t care what he wore at al. But as he got to the house that he was supposed to be meeting a friend at, he looked at it and was just in shocked. Pine looked down at his feet, at least he remembered to wear his shoes this time. 


He never wore them unless he was dropped off at the center type thing that his family made him go to. This was just something that shocked him. He was also shocked that his parents let him go and he wished that Box was here with him, but he knew that he was invited and not his twin. 


Taking a deep breath he walked up towards the door of the house. Looking around, it was nothing like the forest at all. Their houses were nothing like this at all, they were logs, or in trees, or anything that would keep a roof over their head when it would start snowing or raining. Yet he was still someone that would play in the snow and rain and didn’t care. His dad always had pepper up potions ready for anything 


He got to the door after Leon was there. Knocking on the door, he was waiting. Maybe he should have rang the door bell, the house was huge and he was sure no one was able to hear just a knock on the door, but he just stood there waiting. 


Sorry this is late

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