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River Wolfe

What blisters? Oh, these? Total coincidence...

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River Wolfe

Walking with @Nicodemus Knight to the hospital wing, there was only one thing on River's mind.  Well, two.  One would be if his wand would be taken away.  He loved Excalibur but to his not so smart idea of trying to dump a big bowl of what was supposed to be water on the common room as the whole of Ravenclaw house was in striking distance of his prank, it seemed that River would be the only victim of. Which brought the fifteen-year-old to his next question.  Two, the floating box of sweets that River needed to butter up Miss Lunes with may or may not be needed, or at least a small portion of which could be contributed to his stomach.

Approaching the wooden doors in which the Ravenclaw had visited many-a-times before in the past, River's heart began to pace.  Awkwardly shuffling closer to Nico, River stood as the doors opened,  Holding a hand up to his mouth, the teenager quickly whispered a plan of action to the head boy as so far no one was in sight.  "Ok, here's the plan,"  He spoke in loud hushed whispers " We go in, say it was an accident, Miss Lunes doesn't know I injured myself...  Again...  And we get to keep the sweets.  Deal?"

Honestly, River had a plan for almost anything, which this one time, he really shouldn't have thought of one besides just getting his burnt hands healed, but candy was involved this time.  Which he wanted...  Soooooo...  At least meet him halfway on this....


OOC Form:

Patient Name, House & Year: 
River Wolfe; Ravenclaw
Blood Type:
Allergies, if any:
Responsibility, Disciplinary actions.

What VH Year & Term/Week does this RP take place: VH38, Term 01, Week 7
Time of Day:  I want to say morning 
Link to Incident Thread: Takes place in the Ravenclaw common room


IC Form:

Reason for Visit: River thought pranking the whole Ravenclaw common room during speed friending would be a good idea, so he melted a metal bowl of snowballs and burned his hands in the process 

Damage Location: Hands, underside to be specific.

Damage Type: Fire, Fire-starter charm

Other:  River has brought along a box of candies that Nico's Grandmother had given the head boy, but River has brought the candy to the hospital wing in hopes to butter up Miss Lunes.



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Miss Lushia

Walking around the back to the front of the front she wondered if there as going to be anyone showing up for anything at the wing. Even if it was just for a quick spell she would enjoy that. Making sure the all the students were taken well care of. This was the job that she work towards for many years, she loved working at St. Mangos, but helping students was something she wanted to do.


Her back was turn, when the door was open to the wing he heard a someone talking but she was not paying attention to what they were talking about at all. Turning around, she made sure that her hair was pulled up and smiled. “Hello there.” Wondering who these boys where, there was two of them. And one she could tell had a head boy badge. She just couldn’t tell what year the other boy was in.


“How can I help you today?” Looking each boy up and down, trying to figure out what was wrong. “Take this form and fill it out for me, and tell me what is wrong and I will be able to help which everyone one is hurt today.”

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