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Sabine Frost

Will there be a troupe of dancing skeletons for entertainment?

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Elewyn Sauvigni

Sabine appeared to nod, then seemed to change her mind. When she gave her answer, Elewyn could see why but she wasn't entirely sure they would have changed the system. "I can accept that" she agreed "but of course the muggle minister would have to be monitored to make sure they didn't reveal anything they shouldn't. I would also suspect that when they leave office they will be met with a memory charm." She was sure the wizarding world would not want a bunch of ex prime ministers to be walking around with knowledge of their society. "If it can be used as a 'just in case' measure, I suspect that it is still done" she added.


"Yes, history is merely a record of the past" Elewyn agreed "and an incomplete one at that. She forgets most of what you tell her anyway." History only seemed to pay attention when people paid homage to it; be it by use of the written word or other method of record keeping, or by word of mouth. The latter was of course the least reliable because the words changed with each retelling. "It is true that there is a great deal of bias involved in history" she nodded "that is why it is important to consider the source, and try to read between the lines."


Sabine showed little interest in Muggle Studies and Elewyn could see why. "As there is muggle history in your family, you probably know most of what would be taught in that class anyway" she advised. "If I am to be a healer, it may be necessary to tend to muggles as well as magical patients sometimes. I might have to revise my methods when treating muggles, and it could be helpful if I could successfully blend in with them." It was not through simple curiosity that Elewyn considered that Muggle Studies might be useful for her.


Sabine had managed to fit the pumpkin flesh into her juicer at this point, but she didn't look convinced that she had done the right thing. "Okay, it is in there" she nodded "I'll just check what to do next." She examined her own juicer for a moment until she found what she was looking for. "That's how it works" she grinned "you pull down on the handle. That presses the plunger down onto the pumpkin flesh. The juice should drop through those tiny holes into the container in the bottom."

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