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Ceris Powell

Step One: Adoption Day

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Ceris Powell



Dearest Mumsy!

I am writing to let you know that I was given the greatest opportunity of my life to adopt a little knarl for school! Unfortunately, I do not get to keep the precious baby because it’s only an internship, but Professor Qin said I get to take care of him (or her!) and love him (or her!) for a whole year!

(Gender equality is very important, Mum!)

I told Professor Qin that I am quite lucky because my mum is such a great magizoologist while dad is a herbologist, so she didn't need to worry about assigning me too much supplemental reading. Honestly Mum, you and Dad are like a power duo. And while that fact is definitely true, I need to get to the reason I’m writing you! If you could send me any information you have on knarls (please), I’d really appreciate it. Below is a list of questions I’d really like to focus on, so if you could answer them, that’d be awesome!

1) What should I name my new pet knarl?
2) What 
are knarls’ favorite food? I want to make sure my new baby is well fed
3) Do you think my knarl and my toad, Princess Lillypad, will get along/not eat each other? What’s the best way to ensure this friendship?
4) Would you like pictures of your new grandchild when he (or she!) arrives? Fur babies are precious, Mother!

Okay, I love you lots. Talk to you soon xoxoxo. And if you want to send books I should read so I become a good pet parent, please do!

Love always,

Ceri (+ Princess 

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