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Julian Banagher

Family Visit

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Julian Banagher

"Bored," Julian proclaimed dramatically, as he fell on the couch in the sun room. He could sense his mum's disapproval radiating off of her in waves.


"Only boring people are bored," Silvia said, not looking up from her book.


His mum's retort made him roll his eyes, but look away at the same time, hoping that he wouldn't catch her disapproval. 


"Anyway, Heath and Hunter should be over shortly." His mum shut her book and stood up. He wasn't blind to the fact that his mum had been inviting them over regularly, presumably to try and make him be nice to them. He was wise to the fact that it was some kind of ploy. 


Which would be hard. Very hard.


Normally, their visits were fun. At least for him they were fun. The last time they'd visited, he'd chased them with a stick that had a dead worm on the end. Another time, he'd locked the doors on them. 


When the doorbell rang, Julian ran to answer it. He opened the door, tapping his fingers against the doorframe. "So, what game do you guys want to play? I have a few ideas." 

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