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Avery Spellsworth

Spellsworth, Avery

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Avery Spellsworth

Avery Valerian Spellsworth



Scrapbook Pages

  1. Start your scrapbook! 
  2. Add to this list by replacing this item (and the next one) with the pages you've completed
  3. You might want to Include a link to each completed page whenever relevant


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Avery Spellsworth

Select a celebrity lookalike for your character




Avery Valerian Spellsworth

(Joel Courney)

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Avery Spellsworth


  • What is your character most looking forward to about going to Hogwarts?
  • Learning
  • Which Hogwarts rule(s) might your character break, and why?
  • Going into the forbidden forest
  • How does your character feel about certain rules at Hogwarts?
  • He feels fine
  • Choose 5 words that best describe your character's personality and explain why.
  • Nice, funny, tidy, smart, brave
  • Describe the first time your character met or heard about someone with a special power or race on the CCE list.
  • 6 year old Avery met a giant in the forest behind his house
  • Describe your character's family.
  • Avery's oldest siblings name is Alexander he is 19 and always had a joke ready for Avery. The second oldest siblings are Bea and Tris, 16 Year old twins. Bea is older by 5 minutes. They raised Avery because his mom and dad were always at work. They are home now, but they weren't when Avery was little. They are very strict, but they can be fun if you behave. Then there is 15 year old Merlin. He is the smartest of all of them. He took all of the classes at Hogwarts and learned a lot.  Avery also has a 9 year old little sister named Amelia and she is the youngest. She is expected to be Ravenclaw, but who knows what might happen
  • Which pet would your character have? Make up a name and personality for the pet.
  • He has a pet cat named Snuffles. The cat would never sit still. Avery will tell anyone who will listen about the time Snuffles climbed out the kitchen window and got lost in the forest when he was only a kitten.
  • Which elective classes do you think your character might be interested in taking and why?
  • Care of magical creatures because he always liked all animals
  • What event or activity at Hogwarts are you most looking forward to participating in with this character, and why?
  • He always looked forwards to dueling ever since he saw Bea duel Merlin
  • What are your character's feelings about Quidditch, or about another game at Hogwarts?
  • Avery likes flying on his broom but not to fast.
  • Which house do you think your character will get, and why? 
  • Avery might get into Ravenclaw  because all his other siblings did
  • How does your character view each of the Hogwarts houses?
  • Avery thinks that the four houses of Hogwarts represent something but he is not sure what. It is yet it is one of the many things he wants to learn.
  • How does your character think everyone gets sorted?
  • Avery's brother Merlin said you had to wrestle a troll. 

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Avery Spellsworth

The Basics:
Name: Avery Valerian Spellsworth
House: Maybe Ravenclaw?
Birthday: 5/29/
Pureblood/half blood/muggle born: Pureblood                                                                                                             
Five words that best describe your character: Nice funny tidy smart brave
Hair Color:Brown
Hair Style:It depends on his mood
Eye color:Green
Height:4ft and 11inches
Other distinguishing details:none

Father's name:Frank
Brief description (occupation, blood, etc): Pureblood, MoM worker
Mother's name: Amanda
Brief description (occupation, blood, etc): Pureblood
Siblings (names and descriptions): Alexander has Black hair and is almost always seen in brown pants (his pants are like a mood ring, brown means happy and black means sad) he is the has realy good jokes. Bea and Tris are twins they always followed the rules but they got terrible grades in their first year they got better the next year they have brown hair and brown eyes. Merlin has blue eyes and blond hair he is very fun to play with but is too good at hide and seek

At Hogwarts:
Your best subject:History of magic
Your worst subject:potions
Extracurricular activities:none
Favorite place at Hogwarts:Library
Least favorite place at Hogwarts:None
Do any of the staff members scare you? no
Do any inspire you? no

Interests/hobbies:collecting rocks
What you might like to do after Hogwarts:he will decide when he needs to
Someone you look up to:none
Something else people really should know about you?:I read too much

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