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Desmond Potter

Lunch... the second best meal.

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Desmond Potter

The longer the term was going, the more bored he was becoming. Since Quidditch wasn't back, which he didn't understand why at all. There was nothing that was supposed to stop it this year. He was just bored, dueling wasn't as much fun as it used to be. Sure he would duel @Seeley Pichardo and @Avery Potter now and than. But still, it wasn't like it was when he was younger. The only thing that he wanted to do was play quidditch, how was he supposed to show off his skills for when he was to become a pro player. 


But he was trying to not think about that at this moment, he was hungry and since it was lunch time. He made sure that he was the first one there. Classes were annoying. OWL this and OWL that. He didn't care about OWLs at all, he just knew he had to pass one, one little exam shouldn't be that hard at all. 


Making his way to the Hufflepuff table, he sat down. Waiting for Seeley to join him. Since they always ate together. But wondering who else was going to be there. Lunch was one of the best meals at Hogwarts. Not as great as dinner though. Still, food was always the best. Though he was working out more this year, he still was eating what he wanted to eat. Taking some bread and mac and cheese. He was ready to dig in. 

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