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PHP Instructor Applications

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With the revamping of PHP, now known as the Pre-Hogwarts Programme, we’re looking for at least one new instructor to help provide roleplaying and character development opportunities for Pre-Hogwarts members.


This position is open to both original characters and alumni. Alumni characters must meet these criteria:

  1. Be at least 30 years old.
  2. Have at least 3 NEWTS in any class of your choosing.

Due to the recent changes in PHP's structure, this role will focus on roleplaying with pre-Hogwarts members, providing ambience, leading or hosting activities, and helping add to the OOC content.


If you’re interested, please PM the following application to Undercliffe and Creaseworthy. You have until October 7 to submit your application. Please also contact us if you have any questions.



PHP Instructor Application


Part I: About You

Name(s) of your VH characters: (Like all applications to the mods, include all your active students, alumni, active/retired staff and ambience, and other accounts you feel are noteworthy.)

A Discord username we could reach you on:

How often are you online, and for how long?

How old are you? (You may be as specific or non-specific as you like.)

What have you done for Virtual Hogwarts in the past? (Be creative, if you're in a lot of clubs: Tell us. If you roleplay often: Tell us. Etc)


Why would you like to be an Instructor for PHP? 



Part II: Your Character
Given the chance, which character (canon or invented by you) would you choose to play for this role? Tell us a little bit about this character.

What is your character's attitude towards their job? How would they interact with children?

Please submit a sample activity day or excursion for PHP in no more than 400 words. (This is roleplay-based, please see the PHP forums for examples.)


Part III: Innovation

The PHP position includes a variety of responsibilities. What do you think the position entails? Which parts of the job do you see yourself most enjoying?


Do you have any ideas for enhancing the new PHP? (This could be for roleplays, activities, scrapbooks, or something else entirely.)

If given the opportunity to serve in a position of authority, what would you do to better VH?


Part IV: Alumni

Why do you want to teach with your alumnus instead of an original character?

If you're teaching with your alumnus, you will lose the anonymity that helps greatly with some of the situations you could run into. (This may include discipline, such as dealing with potential plagiarism.) While the current students won't know your alumnus, their puppeteers probably will. How will you handle these situations?

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Hello! We are still accepting applications. (We didn't receive any :( )


If you're interested, please send the application above to Creaseworthy and Undercliffe ASAP. We'll consider apps as we receive them. And please let us know if you have any questions regarding the application or the position! Thank you. ❤️

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