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Sabine Frost

When only a tree will do...

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Sabine Frost

“Professor Flitwick... took the register, and when he reached Harry's name he gave an excited squeak and toppled out of sight.”

— Harry Potter's first Charms lesson


Following the advice of a second-year Ravenclaw, Sabine had invested in her second-year books already – and spent any spare five minutes reading up on the following year’s syllabus.


Today, she’d finished her homework, as well as her prescribed reading for tomorrow’s lessons. And the day after that. She was disappointed there was no more formal work to complete and so decided to head outside for some additional study. The library was a little too boisterous for her – given the number of study groups that had sprung up – and the Ravenclaw Common Room was quiet, but too often crammed with students and their copious number of books next to them. So, every now and then, she’d take herself off to the grounds and ready quietly with only nature to keep her company. Today, she was keen to further read ‘Extreme Incantations’ by Professor Violeta Stitch. Charms was one of her favourite subjects and she was keen to learn the Lumos Maxima spell.


So, she headed out of the huge oak front doors of the castle and into the valley, with the surrounding mountains in the distance. To the south was the Great Lake and in front were sloping lawns.


But Sabine was heading for a small copse. Autumn was already in the air, as it was a clear, breezy day and the grass rippled beneath her feet. Once she reached the trees, she sat with her back to one of the trunks – facing the lake and fished in her bag for the book, which she opened and was soon engrossed in understanding the charm.


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