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Alvis Anderson

Pardon? Am I a little left?

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Alvis Anderson

 OOC Form:

Patient Name, House & Year: Alvis Anderson / Gryffindor / Second year
Gender: Male
Blood Type:  [Pureblood, Halfblood, Muggleborn] [Indicate here if Werewolf, Goblin, Giant, Veela] Muggle born wizard
Allergies, if any: N/A

What VH Year & Term/Week does this RP take place: VHXX, Term XX, Week XX VH38 Term 1 Week 2
Time of Day:  [Morning, Afternoon, Evening, Night, After Curfew, etc.] After HoM class / Afternoon
Link to Incident Thread: Optional, if there is one Link



IC Form:

Reason for Visit: Has a ringing in his ears due to Augureys replicas in HoM class 

Damage Location: Ringing in the ears and onset of headache possible migraine (Muggle terms but could be worse?) 

Damage Type: Screech of Augureys

Other:  Anything else we should know?




Gingerly Alvis opened the door to the hospital wing, who knows how he hadn't been here by now after all the duelling and exploring the young lion liked to do but the officiators tended to deal with most of the aliments from duelling spells and he himself was a dab hand at first aid when it came to cuts and grazes. However things that involved magic or something from the magical world he was a little bit out of luck and not verse or used to.


In a bit of a shouting and very loud voice due to The ringing in his ears Alvis tried to get someones attention, ''HOWDY DOODLEY DO! ANYONE ABOUT?'' he wasn't the best at subtle let alone when in this predicament. 

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