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Madam Wilde-Hextor

Seminar: Don't Drop the Quaffle!

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Eli Benoit

Post 3, 125 words


'But I'm a Ravenclaw. She's a Ravenclaw.' Eli protested silently as he caught the quaffle from Sabine. He would never utter this thought aloud. He would probably die of shame or fall off of his broom in front of everybody (and then doubly die of shame) if the older Ravenclaws found out just how much he wanted to play.


Instead, he held on to the Quaffle and scanned the group before passing the quaffle onward to someone nearby. He had considered trying a longer pass but chickened out. He could just imagine they were getting scouted already, and he was too nervous about messing up to try anything hard. And it wasn't even a real match!


"HEADS!" He called. He'd had such a strong start, too.

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Zara Anguariz

Post #4


After throwing the quaffle to someone in another house, Zara looked around to see who else was there. Since she wasn't one to associate much with her peers outside her duties, Zara found that she didn't know that many people that were participating in the pitch. Long gone were those days when both she and Buddy would hang out and have disagreements. Zara was wishing that her days at Hogwarts would of gone better and that she would of drawn closer to her peers.


Knowing that it was too late for this, she nearly got knocked in the head from an oncoming quaffle, "Be more careful with that," she yelled to him and then threw it in another direction.



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