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Francis Barnes II

Craft Fairs and Workshops

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Francis Barnes II

        SO HERE'S MY PROPOSAL        


Hey everyone!


I really wanted to get the ball started on throwing ideas around for Arts and Crafts Club, so here's my proposal:


   CRAFT FAIR               

I would love to have a craft fair this year!  Preferably something where the club puts (some) of their best works on display to be auctioned off so that we can (icly) raise enough money to keep craft supplies in stock.  I also think it might be fun to have this tied into some student-led workshops where people can RP their participation.  Club members can both complete and fail the workshops (your choice!), and as an additional option, club members can submit their works for auction.


I have a few ideas on how we could GET to the auction from here:


Option 1: club members who want to submit their art-piece for auction fill out a form that describes their work in some capacity, and club members votes until we have something of a top five list for that workshop.  These five picks will then get drawn up and go to auction.



  • Making a contest out of this might be a good reward incentive for participation
  • Might be less work for me in the long run
  • People get to vote on things, which is always fun


  • Pretty limiting in terms of what goes to auction
  • This is going to stop being fun real fast if the same people keep winning


Option 2: I Frankenstein something together that's part coloring book, part doll-maker for student-led seminars so that club members get an actual "craft table" to work with.  For example, if Francis were to lead a crafting seminar on quill-making, I would sketch up a few different feather shapes and ornamentation details, save them altogether as one transparent image (the "craft table"), and club members can mix and match, layer, and color elements until they get the exact quill they want.



  • More interactive/fun for you guys
  • People can rp their progress instead of submitting ONE THING at the very end
  • ALL works can make it to auction, no voting


  • Not everyone has Photoshop or something similar, which might limit participation
  • A LITTLE BIT more work for me at the beginning (but less work overall?)
  • Other club members who want to make use of the "craft table" set up would have to wait on me >>


So uh, yeah.  THOUGHTS?



Like I said above, I think it would be a lot of fun to make the results of student-led workshops the auctioned off prizes for the end of the year craft fair, but like, that's just my opinion, man.  If you have a different one, I'd love to hear it!


Maybe I'll also get the ball rolling on this as well:


Who wants to lead which workshops?  I'm dead-set on tackling quills with Francis, and I think I remember reading in the intro thread that someone wanted to do UGLY CHRISTMAS SWEATERS (and I am here for it!) but there have not been any individual posts/topics on what people want to do yet, so... feel free to use this thread to stake your own claim, if you want! ❤️

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Radueriel Benson

It seems like a lot of people already know how to knit, but if there are those who want to learn, Rad would love to lead a knitting workshop!!


And I think the craft fair could be fun, even without the voting component-- it could be purely RP based, with people running their own tables, and RPing visiting the different tables and stuff like that? And then maybe part of that would be the auction with the voted pieces? Just so that lots of people can be involved and it can be a Big Event without meaning a boatload of work for you 😧

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Francis Barnes II

Nah, its cool :3  I wouldn't volunteer to do it if I thought it was beyond my means! XD  And I just did a TEST VERSION of the "craft table" for the quills and SURPRISE: it was a lot less time consuming than I thought it was going to be!



(click image for larger version)


So this is what I'm thinking a craft table would look like.  People can open this image in photoshop (or whatever their program of choice is), layer decorations (or add their own!) and color their own unique quill! :3






These probably took me like, 5 minutes each? XD  BUT I AM PRETTY HAPPY WITH THEM??


Edit: sorry, I posted this literally before going to bed following a night shift.  Regarding the rest of your suggestion @Radueriel Benson: like the the idea of people running their own craft stalls at the craft fair and having them be entirely RP based, and then maybe having a separate thread for auctions where THINGS LIKE THESE can be up for grabs.


OR MAYBE skip having an auction altogether and people can decide for themselves how they want to run their stalls (entirely RP, or RP with visual aids that show off what they're selling!)

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