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Avery Potter

Baking Club Proposal

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Avery Potter


If you haven't read the Club Rules, please go read them now before submitting this form.


Character name: Avery Potter

Your current group: Second Year Hufflepuff


Club Name: Future Bakers 


Privacy option: Open

Text for the Description field:

Future Bakers welcomes anyone with a passion for baking (and cooking). No cooking challenge is too large! Warning - all tasty treats must be eaten. 


Describe the purpose of the club

The goal is to allow everyone to come together and bake or cook to their hearts content. People can learn from stratch, experts can come along and show their wonderful treats. It's a place to share recipes, to cook tasty foods, and to make friends. (This club may also run alongside the Arts and Crafts club, in the terms of bake sales). 


If membership will be restricted, describe your prospective members: {in general, not details about each one} NA


Do you have a co-leader (and who is it)? Not at the moment, will ask around. 

If this is an IC club, who is your staff sponsor? The lovely @Professor Quaylehas agreed to sponsor!

Proposed structure: {Will you have forums, blogs, calendars, galleries? How many? What will you call them? This does not have to be set in stone. Just let us know what you're thinking.} I'm think just a forum is good for now. If people want to share recipes (OOCly) maybe somewhere to place them? 


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Though if you had a OOC forum for recipes: 

1. I would certainly want to post there!

But 2. I think it would edge this more into OOC Off Topic territory, which these spaces aren't meant for. 

Try to find a way to trade recipes IC?

(Also, a recipe trading topic might be okay for the Off Topic section? But don't take my word for it. The VHOT mod would know better).


Go ahead and click "Start a Club" and I'll approve your club as soon as I can.

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