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The club feature allows members to set up and manage mini-communities within VH. Clubs can be established for IC or OOC purposes and there are varying levels of privacy available. Each club can contain multiple components, including:

  • Forums
  • Blogs
  • Calendars
  • Galleries


Club Roles:

Club Owner: The person who starts a club. Owners can manage club settings and components, moderate content, and manage members in the group, including designating members as Moderators and Leaders.

Leaders: Leaders can moderate content and manage members in the group, including designating members as Moderators and Leaders.

Moderators: Moderators can moderate content but cannot manage members in the group.

Members: Can participate by posting in topics, commenting on blog posts, etc.


Privacy Options:

Public: Everyone can see the club and its posts. People can participate without joining the club.

Open: Everyone can see the club and its posts, but only members can participate. Anyone can join.

Closed: Everyone can see the club and who its members are, but only members can see content and participate. Users must be approved to join.

Private: Only members can find the club or see its posts. Membership is by invitation only. 


Please note that site moderators can view and moderate all clubs regardless of privacy settings.

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 All clubs require moderator approval. 


Club Purpose:

OOC Clubs:

  1. Must pertain to a certain VH job or activity for planning and plotting purposes. Examples: house prefects, house quidditch teams, mentor groups, publications (news blogs), etc.
  2. Must be Closed or Private. (Open clubs may be considered given a compelling reason)
  3. Must adhere to site rules and ratings (despite the semi-privacy)

IC Clubs:

  1. Must pertain to a certain subject or activity of interest to Hogwarts students. Examples: Quidditch fan club, Gobstones or Chess Club, Future Potion Masters of Hogwarts, etc.
  2. Must not be intended for a certain social circle or clique. Membership must be open.
  3. Must be Public or Open. (Closed clubs may be considered given a compelling reason)
  4. Should have a sponsor from the Hogwarts staff (professors, instructors, etc). This could be in name only, they don't necessarily have to participate.
  5. Should be almost entirely roleplaying (a small number of OOC planning or organization topics would be acceptable)
  6. May not function as a location that we don't have a forum for (i.e. no Chamber of Secrets "club")


Club Owners:

Any active student or staff member may start a club. However, for formal Hogwarts groups, such as House Prefects or Quidditch Teams, we will consult with your Head of House, team captains, or other leaders before approving the club, so it would be a good idea to talk to them first.


Owners are strongly encouraged to have at least one club Leader to help invite/accept members and moderate content.


Owner Replacement:  If an IC club owner graduates or any club owner retires or goes inactive, they should be replaced as club owner as soon as possible. A club leader or moderator should PM a request to @Weasley or @Snape with the name of the new club owner so we can swap them in. 


"What about alumni, Weasley?" 

I'm not sure. I could see there being good uses for clubs for alumni. Make a proposal keeping these guidelines in mind. 


Abuse of Moderation Powers:

Club owners, leaders, and moderators are prohibited from using their moderation powers to mock, belittle, or harass club members. For example, you cannot edit or delete their posts maliciously. You can't eject members from clubs because of personal differences. (Though if there are serious problems with a member, please consult a site moderator).


If we learn of such behavior, the member will at minimum be removed from the club. There may be other consequences depending on the incident.


Inactive Clubs: 

If a club is inactive for more than 6 months, it will be deleted.

--Content of OOC clubs will be moved to a private club archive. Content over a year old will be deleted from this archive.

--Content of IC clubs will be moved to a read only public club archive.

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Joining and leaving clubs as a member is very easy.


Joining a club:

Public clubs: There are no official members. Everyone can participate.

Open clubs: Open the club and click the "Join Club" button. You can start participating right way.

Closed clubs: Open the club and click the "Join Club" button. You must wait to be approved before you can view content and participate.

Private clubs: You can't see these clubs unless you receive an invitation. You'll receive a notification if you are invited to a club. Click on the notification to see the club, then click "Join Club".


Leaving a club:

Go to any club you're a member of and find the "Leave Club" button on the tabs bar.

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The settings are pretty straightforward, but here are a few tips and guidelines for setting up a club.


Club Settings:

When you start a new club, you'll need to fill out the Club Settings. Here you choose a name, privacy setting, description, and icon for your club. Please also select your Club Type (IC or OOC). 

--Once you hit save, only you will be able to view the club until it is approved by a moderator.

--After it is approved, you can edit these settings (minus the privacy options) by clicking "Manage Club".



Only the club owner or a site moderator can add, delete or edit the club's components (forums, blogs, etc.)


Click "Manage Club" and then select from the list under "Add Club Feature". In the window that pops up, you can edit the name (which will show as a tab) and add a description. 

--To edit or delete a component, click on its tab, then click "Manage Club" and  choose either "Edit this _____" or "Delete this _____".


You can have multiple instances of any of the components, but please be conservative here. Better to start out with few and expand if the need arises. Site moderators may step in and ask you to cull if you go too wild with these. 


Note about blogs: Only the club's owner, leaders and moderators can make blog posts. Other members can comment on them.


Member management:

Please note that Public clubs do not have members or a members tab as anyone can participate.


Inviting members:

You can invite members to your club either by choosing "Invite Members" from the "Manage Club" menu or by clicking the "Invite Members" button in the Members tab.

--If your club is Private, inviting members is the only way to get new members!

--Invitees will get a notification about the invitation. They must click on the notification to join.


Approving members:

If your club is Closed, people can request to join the club, but require approval. You will see a list of these requests on the home page of your club or in the Members tab. Click the green checkmark or red X to approve or deny.

--In the other types of clubs, new members are automatically approved either because membership is open or they were invited.


Remove members:

Go to the Members tab and click the gear symbol near their name and select "Remove from Club".


Moderators and Leaders:

To add, promote or demote moderators or leaders, go to the Members tab and click the gear symbol near their name. Choices may include:

  • Make Leader
  • Make Moderator
  • Remove as Leader
  • Remove as Moderator
  • Remove from Club


Content Management:

Club owners, leaders and moderators can moderate content. For example, they can pin, unpin, lock, unlock, and edit topics. 


Click on the content you want to moderate and look for Moderation Actions, Entry Actions, or Manage Event depending on the type of content.

--You can also edit multiple topics in a forum or posts within a topic by clicking the corresponding checkbox and choosing from the moderation options that pop up at the bottom of your screen.


Note: Content can be moved from a club to the main board (i.e. we can move a post in your club blog to one of the site's blogs or a topic to a forum). However, only site moderators will have this power. Please PM a moderator if you need this to be done.

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Prospective club owners should fill out and submit the following form for approval.


Submit your form in one of the following ways:

-Post it in a new topic in the Submission forum in the Club Rules club

-PM it to the site moderators in charge of Clubs (check here to find out who they are).




If you haven't read the Club Rules, please go read them now before submitting this form.


Character name: 

Your current group: 


Club Name: 

IC or OOC:

Privacy option:

Text for the Description field:


Describe the purpose of the club: 

If membership will be restricted, describe your prospective members:


Do you have a co-leader (and who is it)?

If this is an IC club, who is your staff sponsor?

Proposed structure: {Will you have forums, blogs, calendars, galleries? How many? What will you call them? This does not have to be set in stone. Just let us know what you're thinking.}






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