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Duncan Metcalfe

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Duncan Metcalfe

"Ye know, rumor has it that there be a bairn ghost that haunts the halls of that place," his uncle stated as a matter of fact. Duncan usually listened to every word his Uncle dished out, but already his stomach was turning from the thought of trying to make friends. He'd rather read some comics or even explore some muddy swamp-like place than be put in a classroom with several other kids his age and try to have an intelligent conversation. "If ye donna lighten up, yer gunna scare away all the other bairns," he chuckled while playfully swatting Duncan on the back. 


"I'm going to puke on you, if you don't stop," he replied in a serious tone while rubbing his stomach that felt like he'd swallow a hoard of angry worms and all of them with wiggling around in his stomach. Yeah, not a pretty picture painted there, but that was how he was feeling. His uncle grunted and nodded his head. "Off with ye." Duncan scowled before thinking back on the days past. It wasn't his first day, heck it wasn't even his second, but somehow he'd managed to stay off of everyone's radar for the last few weeks, or at least no one had bothered him. 


Unfortunately he had promised his mother that he would make at least one friend before leaving PHP. Apparently it was best to build connections before attending Hogwarts, who knew. Drawing in a deep breath he made his way to the park where others were playing and exploring the grounds. He on the other hand was feeling as though someone had told him his puppy had died. How did one even approach someone else and make friends. Did you just ask. As his sister would say...he was completely daft in the area of social skills. 


Clearing out his throat he tried to approach someone, but his nerves got the better of him and he decided to sit under a tree like a puppy who'd run from a problem with his tail between his legs. "What a fool ye be," he muttered under his breath before pulling out a comic book and disregarding his mother's orders. She could complain all she wanted about not making any friends again, but he was not going to embarrass himself for her state of mind.

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Persephone Dimitriou

"Oi," Persephone tried to gain the boy's attention as she strode over to the tree.


People shouldn't be left alone under trees.  In Persephone's vast experience, which was mainly at the local primary, and mainly with girls if truth be told, people who sat under trees wanted interruption.  Welcomed it, in fact.


Most of them probably didn't welcome Persephone's sort of interruption, however, which is why there was a dearth of children sitting under trees at her own (former) primary school.


"What're y' doin?" she asked the boy.


But of course, Persephone could see quite clearly what he was doing.  It didn't interest her at all. 


"Y' looking forward t' Hogwarts?" she asked idly.  "What d' y' think ya favourite subject'll be?  I'm seriously looking forward to the whole summoning demons thing."


She looked at him quizzically, to see what sort of effect this had.

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