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Griselda Rice

Rice, Griselda

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Griselda Rice



I, Griselda Rice, have read the Rules & Guidelines.

Name: Griselda Rice
Blood Status: unknown, likely halfblood
Are you new to VH? (Yes/No): No, but it's been a long time!
What do you want to learn the most from this school? (in character): Griselda is D Y I N G to make friends who are not muggles and to make sure she isn't a total outcast loser when she gets to Hogwarts. She wants to make sure she learns as much as she can about Hogwarts so she is prepared.
What do you want to learn the most from this school? (out of character): Character development and getting to know VH38!
A few things your character likes doing in his/her free time: Gardening, reading, exploring, and helping her mum work.

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Griselda Rice

L E S S O N 1 + E C


Griselda had always expected her Hogwarts letter to arrive with lots of fanfare. Not with like, an entire orchestra playing, everybody around standing up clapping, Harry Potter himself personally showing up to shake her hand… but she at least expected her mother to be there, to be excited, and maybe bake her a cake or something.


However, on the day of, Griselda had been outside, discovering little passageways around the dunes before they reached the sea, finding new hidey-holes where she could read books, and tending to her little garden at the bottom of the hill she lived on. It was becoming quite beautiful, and Griselda was a little sad knowing it would probably all be gone when she returned from school—her mum wasn't nearly as talented with greens as she was.


So as the sun's last rays just hit their teeny little cottage, Griselda entered, dirt under her fingernails and hair windswept, falling half out of her milkmaid braid. "Mum, I'm home!" she called up, not seeing her mother at her usual station where she was often experimenting with the newest spells or brewing a new potion.


There was no answer, however. A little frown appeared between Griselda's blonde eyebrows and she quickly scanned the room, eyes falling on a rather hefty letter sitting on the table. It didn't initially mean anything to her—with how often they shipped things for the company, letters weren't uncommon. However, when she reached the letter and turned it over, she noticed her name, and more importantly, the Hogwarts crest.


Her heart skipped a little. "Mum?" she called again, although a split second later her eyes fell on a hastily scribbled note. Got the opportunity to pick up some Acromantula poison, had to leave quickly. Sorry! Your letter arrived, knew you'd get in. Kisses, Kitty.


Zelda had wanted to share this moment with her mother. She had hoped to take the opportunity to wheedle some stories out of her mum about her time at the castle, what it was like, and maybe even hear her mum express that she would be missed. But that wasn't what she got. There was no sweet smell of vanilla drifting through the house, no warm hugs, no bittersweet thoughts that they would have to be apart for longer than Zelda remembered. There was just the business. That was usually what came first.


The last rays of sunlight disappeared, their source finally descending into the ocean as resignation settled into Griselda's heart.

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Griselda Rice

L E S S O N 2 + E C


Griselda Rice

Pre-Hogwarts Primary, VH38

I like when other people braid my hair.



Hi mum,


How are things back home? I hope you're not getting swamped with orders all of a sudden now that I'm not around to help. Please let me know if I can do anything while I'm away!


Thanks for the package by the way, I loved the Bad-Breath-Begones. I think the Bludger plushie needs some tweaking though, it still zooms quite hard and accidentally hit my dormmate in the face and I felt really bad! Maybe make it super soft? Also I wore the hat you sent that's supposed to keep away bad moods, but it didn't work because I got in trouble for wearing it! It's not part of the Hogwarts dress code apparently. It was really embarrassing. And like I said, I don't think it works because the professor's mood was foul.


Did you make progress on my school backpack? Can't wait to see what kinds of stuff you get in there!


Much love,




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Griselda Rice

L E S S O N 3 + E C


selfless | Griselda is the typical 'set yourself on fire to keep others warm' type of person. She is constantly thinking about what is best for the people around her and will always stretch out a hand to help someone in need. She will do this even if it is to her own detriment.


resourceful | Her mother's career has rubbed off on Griselda. Her way of looking at the world often involves thinking how to repurpose certain ingredients or spells to make something interesting or fun for people. She knows that knowing the right people makes life easier for her and is always trying to figure out more about the people around her. She often doesn't even know she's doing it, it's so second nature to her to be nice and curious at the same time.


disciplined | Griselda lives her life in set patterns. They give her control and thus make her happy. She always waters her plants at set hours, makes planners for her homework, and is very good at things that need precision like potionmaking. She is her mother's lookout buddy with sharp, observant eyes, and she tends to stick to the plan they set out at the beginning, unless improvising is required.


observant | As noted previously, Griselda is an observer. She is detail-oriented and not much escapes her notice. She has the emotional intelligence to guess what people are feeling and what they think and expect of her. On occasion, this makes her slow to jump to action, as she always wants to gather more information before moving on, whether that is to making a friend or saving the world.


secretive | Her mother's profession is a bit of a secret, what happened to her father is a secret, the fact that she and her mum are witches is a secret… Zelda grew up with secrets and isn't quick to share tidbits of herself with other people. Her feelings in particular is something she tries very hard not to burden anyone else with, always portraying a happy and sparkly exterior.



"Hey mum," Griselda said as she stuck another piece of Spellotape on the brown, unassuming box. "Don't you wish you could fly and deliver these yourself sometimes?"


Her mother laughed. "Does it seem like I've got time for that? No, I'm glad to have these assistants." She waved casually at the three barn owls that were currently sitting near the ceiling, having just returned from another delivery. One of them hooted haughtily, as if it were mildly insulted that Zelda thought her mum could do a better job.


"But," protested Zelda, "then you'd at least not get people complaining we never delivered it!" That happened all the time, of course—people trying to squeeze every last Knut they could out of them for services not rendered. It came with the territory of doing business with weird folk. And trust, her mum's clientele was weird.


"I trust the owls," Catalina responded lightly. "It wouldn't make a difference if we delivered it straight to their doorstep."


There were a few moments of comfortable silence, Catalina performing spells on her wares and Griselda packing them. Then, Catalina suddenly said: "Your dad could turn into an owl, you know."


Zelda dropped her scissors, startled. Her mum rarely ever mentioned her dad, and when she did, it was with that kind of tidbit? "Are you kidding? How?"


"He was an Animagus—a wizard who can turn into an animal," her mum explained, waving her wand to move the scissors to the table again. "But try not to mention it to anyone, it was a secret."


Zelda pursed her lips slightly, grabbing the scissors to resume cutting the paper. Of course. Everything was a secret in this house.

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Griselda Rice

L E S S O N 4 + E C


- the basics

name griselda leonore rice

house tbd

birthday october 15

hometown sennen cove

pureblood/half blood/muggle born unknown, but likely halfblood

five words that best describe your character selfless, resourceful, disciplined, observant, secretive


- appearance

hair color blonde

hair style straight, often braided

eye color blue

final height 5'0"


- family

father unknown

mother catalina 'kitty' rice

- pureblood, inventor

siblings none


Catalina 'Kitty' Rice is the only daughter of a pureblood family and absolutely nothing like her parents wanted. She was raised strictly, but her wild spirit could not be contained. As she got to Hogwarts, she was constantly breaking rules, getting bad grades, and getting involved in seedy activities that weren't appropriate for a decent girl from a good family. Soon after Hogwarts, Kitty fell madly in love with a much older man and got pregnant soon thereafter. She was never interested in actually marrying the bloke and being the ol' ball and chain, so she had the child out of wedlock. However, her beau stayed in her life and occasionally saw to it that Griselda was healthy and well. Around the time Griselda was five, he mysteriously disappeared. Kitty, always more of a 'live in the present' type of person, never bothered finding out what had happened to the father of her child and raised Griselda mostly alone. She avoids questions about him and thus, Griselda knows almost nothing about her father.

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