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Sorting Hat

The Sorting Ceremony

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Asher Leighton

His shoes squished as he stepped on the stone floor leading up from the heavy wooden doors and down the row between the tables to the front of the great hall. Lake water dripped off of him, but aside from a disapproving look from the professor, no one had so much as offered him a towel as he tracked lake water in. Asher Leighton had already had an unfortunate and accident-prone journey to get to Hogwarts, but his damp skin prickled with the anticipation of what was to come. 


Ingrid had told Asher that there was some sort of a test coming, that there would be a way to separate him from his peers and thrust him into a group of people who would become like his family. Asher shared a look with Finn, watching the boy rake his eyes over his appearance as his fiery red hair stuck to his face in damp tendrils. He shook his head, and they said nothing more of it, but Asher's eyes burned into the back of the blonde-haired girl who was practically bouncing her way up the narrow aisle. The boy practically vibrated with rage as he looked at the curled hair of Matilda Hobbs, the overly excited muggleborn that had facilitated Asher's first unfortunate glimpse of the Giant Squid. 


Asher sucked in a deep sigh, fanning out with the rest of the first years as they reached the front, and taking in the appearance of the tattered hat sitting on a stool, looming over them on the platform. The eleven-year-old was wary. His sister had said there would be a test. What kind of a test could a hat offer? Asher was still seething with the rage just under his skin, watching as names were called, people were ushered to the seat, and then a name of a house was shouted. How did the magical thing know where to put them? 


The Welsh boy's eyes roamed over the group of students, all clad in their non-descript, colourless clothing, waiting to gain the colours adorning the halls in droves. He looked over his shoulder, searching the Slytherin table for a shock of red hair that matched his own and seeing none. Puzzled, Asher looked back to the stool just in time to hear the name of the mysterious brunette girl from the boats be called. Her eyes met his as she walked primly off the platform to join her new house, and Asher turned his chin sharply, feeling a blush at the absolute disarray he'd been in when the professor had pulled him out of the lake, of the first smile he'd seen from her as she laughed at him with her annoyingly good-looking blond friend. 


Another sigh later and the redhead heard "Leighton, Asher," followed by a whoop and holler from the wrong side of the Great Hall. Apprehensively, the boy stepped forward to face the "challenge," that awaited him, squishing his way up to the stool, and sitting on it with another squelching sound that made him wince. The boy ran through all of the ways that a hat could possibly challenge him, waiting to find out which he'd be tasked with, Welsh idioms filling his head as he did. Would it ask him to do math? Because that might just have been the challenge that was insurmountable for Asher. The brim of the hat came down on the wet tendrils of hair sticking to his forehead, and Asher took a deep, steadying inhale. 

My, Mr. Leighton, if there’s one thing you certainly don’t lack, it's boldness! I can sense a daring nature practically radiating from your very pores and the moral compass you hold within you is stronger than I’ve seen in a very long time… and that’s saying something! I’m a very old hat, after all, as you might be able to tell from the state of my brim! Your friends and family are important to you and little would stand in the way of you coming to their aid when needed. Yes… I think the best house for you is clear. You’ll find yourself among many more bold and daring friends in GRYFFINDOR!

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Thea Abernathy

Why must she be cursed with a horrible family name? Hogwarts should surpass the method of alphabetical order and evolve to a voluntary system: allow the kids that wanted to go first to go first.


Thea, instead, preferred to be in the middle. At least there was no pressure to set the example as those of the first needed to nor would she have the pressure of finishing out strong as the last. The middle was a happy medium (quite literally) as a place for her to disappear in the midst of everyone else.


She never preferred to stand out. Being apart of the crowd was enough for her.


"Abernathy, Thea."


Merlin, it was truly a terrible last name. It came much too soon. She was still steeling herself up to take that first step forward.. but miraculously she found the strength to do so. It was only after she had desperately looked over to her brother (Casper) that she found the strength to continue forward. Normally, she would never trust her brother as a sense of emotional support. But, here she was, feeling alone in the middle of a crowd of eyes pinpointing her every move toward the stool, and she had never felt more alone.


It made her tremble with trepidation.


She settled onto the seat, cautious of every movement. It was almost mechanical-like the way she positioned herself.


This whole thing was nerve-wracking. She didn't know if she needed more time to prepare or if this forced acceptance of her fate was necessary to kick her into gear. Either way, she was still nervous. Stone-faced, if only for the benefit of the staring students, she accepted the hat atop her crown.


She didn't have any thoughts reserved for the hat. Despite that, however, her mind was whirring, wondering when this would be over. This was far too much pressure for a girl who preferred to simply blend in.

It will be over soon, Miss Abernathy, don't you worry! Now, I do remember your brother, and if I'm not mistaken, I delivered him to the house of the bold, and the daring, in Gryffindor. However, if you were hoping to be by his side there, I'm afraid that won't be the case. I see a different path for you. You have an eye for opportunity, and you know how to use what you have to get what you want - very resourceful, very cunning, which could fit well into Slytherin. Ah, but, who am I to deny the facet of you that cares about others deeply. I can see you're loyal to your friends, even at the expense of your own beliefs, and that leads me instead towards HUFFLEPUFF!

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Harlow Naginouni

posting with @Halley Naginouni:wub:

The whole trip had been daunting, to say the least.


From the moment all of this had been planned, the girls’ mother had been hellbent on trying to convince their grandmother that she was randomly taking her daughters to a boarding school in Scotland. And while that wasn’t entirely false, Hannah had neglected to inform Harlow and Halley’s grandparents that said Scottish boarding school was, in fact, a magical one.


But, useless details, right?


So, on top of the pressure Harlow was already feeling to keep the truth of their whereabouts a secret, she also felt put-off by how massive this whole place was. From Diagon Alley to Pre-Hogwarts Primary and the train station to just everything about it. The young girl was a fish out of water, so to speak: so out of her element that she was flopping desperately around, begging for some semblance of stability and foundation.


The only thing that made her feel better about this whole ordeal was the fact that she had her twin sister with her, so at least whatever she experienced, she wasn’t experiencing it alone. “Are you ready for this, Halley?” She asked, secretly hoping that her sister would voice the jitters and butterflies that currently called Harlow’s belly home.


It all must be some elaborate joke.


There was just no way, no way at all, that Halley would end up enrolled in a boarding school miles away from home to study magic, of all things. Definitely not. And yet here she was with her little sister; exiting a train with hundreds of other students.  


Halley looked from left to right and took a glance at Harlow. “To be honest .. no, not really. What about you?”


Was she ready? This was a question that Harlow grappled with since she and her sister stepped into Platform 9 ¾. She was ready to the (hopefully) new adventures she’d make at this school, and was excited to meet new people; but did that really mean that she was ready to be here? In this castle? In this country? For years of her life?


She didn’t even bother answering her sister—just smiled weakly and got on the boat to cross the lake and made room for Halley to sit down. “How d’you suppose the sorting ceremony will go?” She asked her sister in Maori. She heard talks from the other soon-to-be-first years on the train. Her limited grasp on their English vocabulary made it harder for her to really understand some of what they were saying, unfortunately.


Halley sat close to her sister, avoiding the gaze of other first years. The lake they rode on was blacker than a moonless night, faintly lit by the glow of a lamp. It seemed deeper than deep, infinite even. Halley couldn’t help but wonder what would happen if the boat capsized. But hearing Harlow speak Maori provided some comfort, even if it was for a short while. She might as well return the favour.


“Why, are you nervous?” Halley asked. “It’ll be fine. And I doubt we’ll have to speak much English, so don’t worry.” If worse comes to worst, she thought, there’s at least a few English spells I know.


It wasn’t even the fact that she was nervous about doing English spells—though that was a big part of it—it was the fact that they were literally being thrust into a completely new element and forced to fend for themselves. And worst yet: they couldn’t even tell their family back in England how they were faring because their grandparents wouldn’t want to hear about it, and their mother wouldn’t understand at all. No matter how supportive she’d try to act. The twins’ only option was to contact their father, but they hadn’t heard from him in so long, and neither one really knew how to get in contact with him.


It was then that Harlow sat out on a mission. “Halley,” she began, looking around at the infinite vastness of the lake. She knew it had a beginning and an end, but sitting atop it made it look endless. “Perhaps we could try to get in contact with dad? Nanna and granddad won’t know about it. We can keep it a secret.”

Why, Miss Naginouni, if I didn’t know any better I might think I was sitting atop a bowl full of sugar! It’s not every day I’m graced with the presence of someone so sweet, but you... you’re so kind, caring, and loyal- a rarity for sure. The compassion you show your family and willingness to sacrifice for others is admirable. You put the happiness of all over your own and you’re humble. There is strength in such a strong show of humility, one that one founder knew quite well. She, like you, fought and sacrificed for the many… and the call she has for you now is strong. I need not make you wait longer, dear girl. The right house for you is so clear, so go now… and join your new friends in HUFFLEPUFF!

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Lumina Cormierre

Lumina was exhausted. She had woken up early that morning to have a farewell breakfast with her family, double and triple checked that she had packed everything, side-apparated with her mother to King's Crossing station's platform 9 ¾, road in a train for hours, finally got off the train just to ride in a rickety boat where a professor was having far too much fun with them, arrived at the castle, got shuffled with everyone else into an antechamber, just to finally end up in a large hall with a singing hat on a stool that she was meant to wear to find out where she would sleep. Not to mention that apparently the whole school, including teachers and the headmaster was going to watch as every single eleven year old put on the ratty hat, over and over. How did the hat even decide where they would go? Why even separate them at all? Were they not all already going to be separated by age? Now they had to narrow their groups down even more?

Mina knew her expression showcased her weariness, but she was too tired to care. She just wanted the day to be over! There was not even room in her stomach to be hungry, she was too tired. She was too nervous. Why drag everyone's first day so long? She just wanted to sleep.

Sighing, Lumina twirled her wand in her pocket over and over as people were called to the stool, had the hat placed on them, then went off to one of the four dinner tables. She was honestly disappointed that there was no more to it than that. Not that she could have preformed any tasks particularly well with how she was feeling, but a hat was just so anticlimactic.

"Cormierre, Lumina!" When her name was finally called, Lumina lagged. Not because she was trying to get attention, but because she was so sleepy, the words did not process right away. Shuffling forward, Lumina sat on the stool as the hat was placed on her head.

The sooner this was over with, the sooner she would sleep. Hopefully.



All of the greatest witches and wizards of the ages have come into my dusty, old court of judgment, Miss Cormierre, and it is with great pride, though not arrogance, that I can say I've never made a mistake. Take that to heart, then, when I say that I see the potential for greatness within you. Your hunger, and your ambition, would drive you to heights few could reach, so continue to aim high, and learn the skills you'll need to take control of your future, in SLYTHERIN!



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Julie Wilson

As Julie walked out the train doors, she still felt kind of sleepy. She'd fallen asleep in the train almost immediately. She hadn't slept a lot last night, because her head had been full of thoughts and excitement. At last, Julie would get away from the orphanage and maybe even find friends.


The girl stayed behind the other first year students for the rest of the journey. She felt nervousness grow inside of her. Soon she'd have to walk to the front of the Great Hall to be sorted. And the whole school would be watching her. That made her very anxious.


Julie never liked being the center of attention. Her role had always been to stay back and avoid attention. And that, she thought, was the best and the most suitable option for her.

As the first years entered the castle, Julie tried to calm herself down as much as she could. When they stood in line waiting for the sorting ceremony to begin, Julie's heart started beating faster. She tried to reassure herself that no matter where she'd end up, it would always be better than where she came from. And the other first years didn't look that bad, either. In fact, many of them looked even more scared than Julie herself. She couldn't even imagine how shocked the muggleborns must feel.


As the sorting begun, Julie didn't pay much attention. The girl knew she'd have to wait pretty long, because she would be one of the last ones to be called.


As she finally heard her name, Julie inhaled deeply and started walking slowly towards the seat. She felt her cheeks turn red when she felt everyone's eyes on her. She just wanted this to be over as soon as possible.


As Julie sat down and felt the hat being put onto her head, she tried to calm her mind one last time. This would be it. She was about to be sorted. She closed her eyes and waited.



Yes, this is it! The day you’ve been waiting for, but no need to worry, Miss Wilson! All you need to do now is hold still and let me look through your head for a moment. Think you can do that? Feel free to close your eyes if you’re nervous… yes! Just like that! Now, what do we have here… my, aren’t you a sweet little thing? Very kind… very loyal… very empathetic. It’s clear that your close friends and family are what’s most important to you, and you’d do anything for them. You’re forgiving, though not so much when others are being discriminated against, are you? You value fair treatment… there’s a founder you very much remind me of, actually. Are you ready, Miss Wilson? The answer is clear now. All you’ve got to do is stand… and walk on over to HUFFLEPUFF!

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Lyra Bainbridge

The entire journey to her first year at Hogwarts had left Lyra a bit numb. Focused on her own thoughts between the train and the boats it was as if she was swept away in some whirlwind of details she couldn't recall. It was unlike her but means of transportation weren't worthy of her time. Gathered in with other eleven year olds, Lyra couldn't help but notice how squirmy some of them were. How uncertain.

Lyra bit the inside of her cheek - she was hesitant herself but she wouldn't let the rest of her classmates and future peers see that.


There were few students called up to the hat before her and Lyra pondered whether or not this would be a positive scenario or negative. She willed herself to not be nervous. Her parents, unlike themselves as well, didn't tell them which house they had hoped for for their daughter but Lyra still couldn't quite shake the feeling of potential failure riding on her small shoulders.


Of course, she politely clapped and smiled as the scoundrels ahead of her were placed into their new houses - homes for the next seven years but she was ready for her own turn as she managed to meander her way closer to the front of the crowd and then her name was called. 


"Bainbridge, Lyra."


There were plenty of thoughts rushing through the girl's brain, but none that could form sentenced inside of her head. Pangs of nerves, excitement, envy, she couldn't quite handle all of them at once as she chose to stay silent as she sat on the stool, feeling the weight of the hat begin to drop onto her head.

This was it.

Good evening to you, Miss Bainbridge, and welcome to Hogwarts! You know, I carry a strong sense of dignity in my duty of deciding which houses students go to. I've done the job for quite some time now, and while I try not to boast about it, I am rather proud of my station. And pride is important to you, too, is it not? Oh, yes, I see great pride and ambition. You keep your guard up to shield your vulnerabilities from the world, but when you set your sights on a goal, little will be able to stop you. Salazar would approve of the importance you place on blood purity, making my decision a clear one. You belong in no other place than SLYTHERIN!

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Spencer Hunter

Spencer’s brow furrowed as her boat reached the shore of the castle. She wondered if the rest of her peers were as nervous as she was. Just looking at the castle was so…daunting. It was huge, how would she even figure out where she needed to go?


She couldn’t even take in the beauty of the great hall. She was far too focused on other things. Where would she end up? Would any of her peers even like her? She shook it off, there was no time to think about thing like that. She just hoped that she didn’t end up in the same hall as her brother. She wanted a house to call her own. Not that she expected to be placed in Gryffindor anyway.


“Hunter, Spencer”


She jumped a bit and looked down towards the stool. As she sat down and had the hat placed on her head she thought back to some advice her brother had given her. “So, I’m supposed to talk to you right? And you know what house I’m supposed to be in right?” She paused and thought carefully about her next words. “I guess, I don’t really have any preference. Just put me in the best house for me I guess.” As she finished she looked up and realized that all eyes were on her. She wanted this hat off her as soon as possible.

You, my girl, are an interesting case! I sense that you want friends so desperately, but there’s something preventing this desire from becoming a reality. You’re insecure, fearful that others might be intimidated or put off by who you are, but little do you know there’s so much in you worthy of liking! You’re ambitious, hardworking, perhaps a little self-preserving, but also caring and would stand up for others being treated unjustly! That right there is very admirable, Miss Hunter, and very much worthy of friendship! And now… a place for you to find it? All four of the founders definitely have their interests piqued, but… it better be… SLYTHERIN!

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Phoenix Borealis

For what it was worth, Phoenix was thrilled to be here. This was more exciting than pretty much anything else he'd done in his life, and he had had a pretty exciting life thus far. He just wasn't thrilled about putting a hat on his head and letting it tell him where he was meant to be. But if he was going to do it, if he had to do it, he was going to do it with flair.


There were no lies here. He knew that thing could see inside his head and watched suspiciously as each student took their turn on the stool, had the thing placed upon their heads, and then were sent to their appropriate places in the school. It didn't take long for Nova's name to be called, and then, shortly after, his own.


Flouncing up to the stool, Phoenix plopped himself down on it, crossed his legs, and gazed out over his future friends enemies subjects peers and looked up at the inside of the brim of the hat. "You could really use a bath," he grumbled, but closed his eyes anyway and let the hat do its thing, listening carefully as he picked at one of his fingernails. 

SLYTH- oh, what’s that? You want more? Apologies, Mr. Borealis! Your ambition is just so strong, it’s practically booming from under my brim! You certainly have high aspirations for yourself, don’t you? And you’re resourceful, using whatever you can get your hands up to help you rise to those aspirations and make them a reality! Little else is more important to you than your goals and you’re clever, able to manipulate nearly any situation to roll in your favor. Yes, the answer is clear. You’ll find yourself perfectly at home in SLYTHERIN!

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Sorting Hat

Halley Naginouni
Ambition, check, resourcefulness, check… oh, don’t mind me, Miss Naginouni, I am just going through your mind a bit to confirm what I sensed right after I was placed on your head! I have a strong sense that the right place for you is Slytherin, and this is only growing more certain the longer I pick through your mind! You have very high standards set for yourself and others, and I think these lofty goals backed with your determination to achieve them will serve you quite well in SLYTHERIN!

Lee Dashner
You remind me of someone, Mister Dashner… or rather, two someones, from long ago, who sat under my brim. Do you know the names Fred and George Weasley? They shared a lot of similarities with you. Between your mischievous nature, your boldness, and your brave personality, I have little doubt it’ll serve you well to follow in their footsteps and head straight to GRYFFINDOR!

Lilith Cain
Hello, Miss Cain! I hope you won't mind me rummaging about your thoughts for a few minutes. I won't take long, I promise, but I need to be sure I make the right choice for you, here. And making the right choices is rather important to you, isn't it? Few others take the time you do, to seriously consider their options. You've a strong compass to differentiate between right and wrong, and your heart would have you stand up for the weak. Your calling is clear to me now, and if you would do me a favour: exercise that caution, and never give up on it. Your new housemates would do well to slow down, and think about their actions, every now and then. Be an example to them, and temper their recklessness, in GRYFFINDOR!

Nova Borealis
Power… fame… wealth… sound good to you, Miss Borealis? Yes… you’re definitely the ambitious girl, aren’t you? And nothing will stand in the way of what you most desire. In fact, any thing, person, or situation you happen across you will seek to use to further your goals! You’re a very resourceful little thing, but ?be careful. You’ll soon find yourself among many just like yo?u in SLYTHERIN!

Ridley Archwood
Goodness, Mister Archwood, I don’t believe I’ve had someone quite so nosy under my brim in a long while! Yes, you enjoy fact-gathering, don’t you? While this trait by itself is something that Ravenclaw would covet, especially backed with your intelligence, I don’t know if that is the house for you. You use the facts you gather rather like ammunition, choosing to collect knowledge and use it when it benefits you the most. I think this show of cunning, paired with your ambitious nature, will serve you best in SLYTHERIN!

Rowyn Lundberg
Ahh… a pinch of truth, dash of trustworthiness… a spoonful of justice, and what do we get? Mr. Lundberg! But… where to put you? Your boldness would certainly do you well in Gryffindor… but you also seek the truth. The truth is important to you and you’d go out and do what was necessary to get it. Rowena would appreciate your persistence… but is that the best place for you? No, I don’t think so. It’s your loyalty and strong desire for equality that stands out above all others. And you’re loyal… putting all else on hold for a friend. Yes, the best place for you must be…. HUFFLEPUFF!

Bastian Bascewicz

Ah, if only your ancestry would allow you to be sorted into Slytherin, my dear boy! You have a yearning to prove yourself, and the determination to back those desires. Such traits would easily fit in among the other Slytherins. But don't fret, for I do sense there's another place that you will fit just as well in! Your curious, observant nature helps you map out the smartest course of action, and I think that will serve you best in RAVENCLAW!

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Nova Borealis


“I want to ride in the carriages, why must I get in one of those awful looking boats?? I might drown.” Nova glanced into the murky grey-green water, distastefully scrunching her nose at the putrid smell. At a look from Phoenix she rolled her eyes and gingerly stepped into the boat, which rocked as she sat down. 


“This is disgusting.” 


As everyone ooo'ed and aah’ed at the majesty of Hogwarts Castle, Nova focused on staying upright and proper. By the time the boat docked beneath the castle itself Nova had never been happier to step onto dry land. She marched ahead, assuming Phoenix wasn’t far behind (and if he was, he could catch up). It was non-negotiable – she wanted to be front and centre before the ceremony began.


“Coming through,” she announced grandly as she pushed through the crowd who deigned to stand in her way. By the time they reached the Great Hall she was at the very front, and a proud grin spread across her face when her name was called. 


Nova proudly strode up to the stool, confident that the hat would not let her down.  




Power… fame… wealth… sound good to you, Miss Borealis? Yes… you’re definitely the ambitious girl, aren’t you? And nothing will stand in the way of what you most desire. In fact, any thing, person, or situation you happen across you will seek to use to further your goals! You’re a very resourceful little thing, but be careful. You’ll soon find yourself among many just like you in SLYTHERIN!



Nova beamed. Slytherin. Expected, but still a pleasant assurance. She flounced over to the Slytherin table. 


Nova Borealis had arrived.


Edited by Nova Borealis

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