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Sorting Hat

The Sorting Ceremony

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Sorting Hat

Welcome to the Sorting Ceremony!


For instructions on how to get sorted, please read the instructions posted over here.


Please submit your form and wait for your acceptance letter before you post here.


Once you have received your acceptance letter, please come back and post in this topic. Roleplay your character coming up to the front of the Great Hall and having the hat placed on their head.


Please do not write out the Sorting Hat's reaction. Kindly allow me to speak for myself. My comments will magically appear at the end of your post on Sorting day.


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Elewyn Sauvigni

Not only the day, but the time had finally arrived. This was a time that Elewyn had been awaiting for the last 2 years, or longer. 2 years ago, her sister had sat on the chair in front of the school whilst the hat placed her into Gryffindor house. Elewyn strongly suspected that the hat would not choose the same for her, although ultimately that was for the hat to discover.


The journey up to the castle from the boats had been uneventful. She had followed along with the rest of the first years as they had walked up from the lake to the front door of the school; a school which was now also her own. She may have been living with her family for the last 2 years whilst Tami attended Hogwarts (aside from a brief stint at Pre-Hogwarts Primary) but it was here, right now that Elewyn finally felt as though she had come home.


As she waited in line for her time to come, she offered as much support and encouragement to her new year mates. She offered encouraging smiles and nods wherever she could, and when she found a student who looked a little nervous, she offered them some additional support. She was fortunate, she had come from a pureblood home, and her sister had been sorted before her. Elewyn knew what to expect, except for the unanswered question. She spent her time explaining the sorting process to anyone who looked a little confused. The poor muggleborns in particular must be mystified beyond belief. It was a small thing really, to help put of few minds at rest, and Elewyn liked to be helpful.


Sauvigni, Elewyn


At last her moment came, Elewyn stepped forward and took a seat as the hat was lowered onto her head. As she waited for the hat to start talking to her, she looked over at the Gryffindor table for her older sister. Would she be a Gryffindor too? Elewyn didn't think so. If there was one house she was sure she didn't belong, it was Slytherin. Surely she would be the antithesis of everything that Salazar Slytherin saw in his students. She looked then at the Hufflepuffs. They looked like a friendly bunch, and one of her sister's closest friends was a Hufflepuff. She would be in good company if she were sorted there.


"Good evening, hat" she sent out a welcoming thought. As she waited to hear the hat's words in her head, she felt a calmness wash over her. She wasn't frightened or nervous, she was merely curious. She was certain that the hat would know where she belonged.

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Sabine Frost

Sabine exited the train with all of the other students. It was no longer summer and at this time the small platform was bathed in darkness, adding to the sense of mystery.


Lilla was used to the cold — you had to be where she lived, on a remote Scottish island — but was pleased the first years were huddled together, to share the warmth. And then, still as one, they set off down a steep, narrow path that opened onto the edge of a great lake — and in the distance was a castle, high up a mountain that dominated the far side of the water.


They all climbed into small boats and before long they entered a tunnel that was cut into the cliff face. Scarmbling out, they all walked up a flight of stone steps and crowded around a huge front door that, as if by magic — which it may well have been — opened upon their arrival.


And then they were inside. The stone walls held flaming torches and in the distance they could hear muted voices. She’d heard enough on the train to know what was about to happen — the start-of-term banquet — but ahead of that would be the Sorting Ceremony.


Words were spoken, but they washed over Sabine, as she took in the majesty of the Great Hall and suddenly realised the Sorting had begun. She noticed that they’d somehow shuffled into something approximating a line and she stared ahead at the four-legged stool they were taking it in turns to sit upon, and the patched and frayed pointed wizard's hat that would determine which House she would end up in.


Her parents had deliberately withheld their own houses from her — and she knew why. They did not want to influence her opinion of the relative importance of each, or make her feel in some way that she had let them down if she was sorted into a different one. And given she suspected they were in separate ones, she was never going to follow in both of their footsteps.


As she’d considered the houses,  she had wondered if the hat would place her based upon who she was versus who she aspired to be – or even who she had the potential to become.


For she hoped to make a difference. Not in a Slytherin way – she saw cunning people as entirely untrustworthy. And despite her work ethic, she was not expecting to join Hufflepuff – she wanted to go out into the world and use her knowledge to bravely right wrongs. It was obvious which two houses she anticipated the Hat might sort her in to – but refrained from thinking it, in case she ended up sharing her thoughts with the Sorting Hat, and influenced it in some way.


“Frost, Sabine!”


She was shaken from her thoughts and almost fell forwards when her name was called, but collected herself and sat in the stool before placing the hat on her head, but due to the size of it, it fell over her eyes.


Sabine was not nervous as the hat was lowered. In a dispassionate way, she’d read all the books that had been recommended for first-years (and a few more besides) and trusted the hat to place her where she fitted best.

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Harmony Granger-Weasley

Note, GM of Ralph approved.


After the long (and relatively smelly) train ride, Harmony Granger-Weasley was anxious to get out and take in the fresh air. She pulled Jean back in her cat-carrier, and quickly departed the compartment. First years, as tradition, were ushered to the adult responsible for the boats. This meant that, unfortunately for Harmony, she had to part ways with Jean for a moment. Jean did not like water, and would not behave well traveling over it. Many weeks of training would go down the drain, and Harmony would have to deal with a very upset cat clinging onto her hair for dear life. It was an easier option to hand her companion off to be placed with her belongings. 


"I'll see you again soon, dear." Harmony cooed, before joining the others in her year. She never realized just how important this day was until that moment. Generations of students piled into the rickety boats, from her Grandparents, Hermione and Ron, to her father, Hugo, and now herself. All on this day, on this time. Harmony was anxious about getting in, she hated cold water and didn't want to get wet. Thankfully, Ralph and some other familiar faces found her boat and soon after the first years were off. 


With minimal flatulence from Ralph (Harmony was impressed with his digestive system's behavior given the very important day), their boat made it across the water. Next, they were ushered to a strange stone room, and the doors opened, revealing a crazy amount of people gathered in one place. Her mouth hung open in awe as she looked above at the enchanted lights that were mentioned in her well-loved copy of Hogwarts: A History. It clearly described the Great Hall in good detail, but nothing compared to being there in person. This was magic. 


When the first in their class to be sorted was announced, Harmony fell silent. Their house was called, the other students cheered loudly, and they were welcomed to their house table. Soon, that would happen to her. She felt her nerves, which were relatively absent the whole train ride, creep into her veins. What if the hat put her in Ravenclaw? Would her inherited intelligence be exposed for the world to see? Please not Ravenclaw. She silently begged before her name was called. I’m much more than my smarts. I am not just a brain. Her eyes longingly rested on the Gryffindor table for a brief moment. Would she be good enough to qualify? Brave enough to sit amongst the lions, like her family did years ago?


Then, a sound. 


“Granger-Weasley, Harmony!”


Well, this is it. She thought. After climbing on the platform, she proceeded to sit on the chair. The same hat that was placed on the head of her Father, Aunt, Grandmother, and Grandfather amongst many other relatives rested on her own bouncy curls. They said it could read minds, the inner most-wishes of those it was tasked with sorting. It was worth a shot to plead with it. If you can hear me, Hat. Harmony began, I’m much more than what I appear. Please, don’t put me in Ravenclaw just because of the intelligence I was born with. I’m brave and noble too, give me a chance to show it. 

Edited by Harmony Granger-Weasley

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Margot du Courtois

There was so much history behind the Hogwarts castle, but that didn’t really matter to the young brunette. She was more into how prestine and ornate the objects looked, and when the castle came into sight her heart sunk down into her stomach. It wasn’t anything like her father had described Beauxbatons, no intricate layers of brickwork, no true design that would differentiate it from a normal muggle castle. Honestly, it looked like something a low-level peasant would’ve been trying to renovate or live in.


“That’s Hogwarts? I thought it was supposed to be majestic, beautiful, exquisite, a nd regal,” she looked over at Mae and sighed, “I have never been more disappointed in my entire life. Next to the descriptions I’ve heard Xavier and Anais give of Beauxbatons, I thought the second oldest wizarding school in the world would at least have some elegance, but no it’s got rustic charm. Whatever that bloody means.”


Salomé didn’t like the boat ride. There was something eerie about the black water that didn’t sit too well with the young girl so she was relieved when they were on land. Smoothing out the skirt of her robes, she glanced over at the castle and unlike her friend it was everything she expected. She and Samael use to speak of this day. Of course he would have been here the year before, but they were going to experience this together. Now she was alone.

That got depressing quickly. Glancing over at Margot, her disappointment took Salomé by surprise. “Really?” She didn’t feel that way. Yes, it was kind of rustic, and it wasn’t as grand as she expected, but it was still beautiful. “I think it’s lovely. Come on, Go.” She said looping their arms. “I am sure it’s nicer on the inside.”


Honestly, Margot wasn’t quite sure if Salomé was right about the castle looking nicer on the inside. Then again she was used to the expanse and beauty of the du Courtois Manor back in Buckinghamshire, and the entire façade of her family’s home really couldn’t be beat. She was almost sure that Mae would have to agree with that. Though, she hadn’t remembered the last time she had actually invited her to her home or even been over to Mae’s. It had to have been a while, but at least they had kept in contact.


“Maybe,” she nodded, “but if they don’t have a entire movie theatre in the building or three swimming pools, then I’m pretty sure we can both agree that my house is better. In fact, I think Hogwarts is smaller than my house.”


She paused, “Do you think I could sneak Henrietta in so she can do both of our homeworks?”


Salomé didn’t really mind the castle. Growing up, her house back home before they moved to London was huge. Maybe not as big as Margot’s but her parents never felt the need  to show up. Plus, she liked it. It was big enough for their family, they had a small quidditch pitch. It was wonderful. When the accident happened, they left. The memories were too hard to be around. Their house in London was smaller, but it was better that way even if she hated it.

“Why would they have movie theatres?”She asked, a confused look crossing her face. “We don’t need theatres. I heard they have towers, disappearing steps. I don’t know.” Sometimes Margot could be a bit much, but she liked that about her most the time. “Your house is wonderful, but this is a school. You realize you’ll have to share dorms with other people, right?”

They stepped into the castle, and it was huge. Old too. Salomé glanced around taking it in. Instead of the excitement she expected to feel, she felt a little sad. It was terrible. Her lips pressed together in a scold. “They aren’t going to sneak your maid in so she can do your homework. I am sure Henrietta has a life as well.”


“Share dorms with other people?”


She raised an eyebrow at Salomé in disgust, “Oh no, no, no, no. That is unacceptable. I must have my own room, that’s the only thing I’ll accept. I want, nay, I demand my own dorm. I have the money to get my way, remember?”


The next thing she knew they were near the front of the room when she heard her name called out.


“du Courtois, Margot.”


“Wow, you mispronounced every part of my name.”

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Salomé Schiferli

“They aren’t going to give you your own rooms.” Salomé couldn’t believe her parents didn’t prepare her for that. If anyone needed that, it was Margot.  It would be interesting to see how she reacted to sleeping in the same room as other people.

“I don’t think your money will get you your own private room, Go.” Though watch her proven wrong, and Margot gets her own house to herself or something. Glancing at the other girl, in a way it might protect others from her so maybe it was a good idea.
As they stepped into the room, and the house broke into song, Salomé waited patiently for her name to be called. Margot was first. “I bet mine will be too.”

And she waited.


And waited.

Finally, it was her turn.

“Schiferli, Salomé!”

Not only was her last name said incorrectly, but her first name was as well. Stepping towards the stool, she wrinkled her nose at the hat before pulling it on. Here goes nothing.


Margot watched Mae walk up to the sorting hat as she made it over to her new house table. She desperately hoped that the two of them would be in the same house, but she laughed at the pronunciation of Mae’s name. She called up towards her best friend, “Hey, at least yours was harder to pronounce!”


She rolled her eyes, “I’m still trying to figure out how she almost pronounced Margot as Maggot.” She waited for Mae getting sorted as she was still really trying to plan her entire plot to be able to get her own private dorm room.



Once she was sorted, Salomé really hoped everyone forgot her name. It wasn’t even that she hated her name. She liked it quite a bit, but let’s face it. Being called Salami wasn’t her idea of a good time. Far from it easily. “Oh hush.” She mumbled.

She did hope they were sorted together. Glancing over she spotted Ralph, sending him a queer look before shaking her head.

“It won’t happen.” She told her. Where would they put her? In the broom closet?

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Veillamoria Auguren Crux

The day had arrived. Veil couldn't contain herself. *Finally it's here, the day I start Hogwarts* She thought to herself. Her parents didn't really want her to go , but had allowed her to choose. She chose Hogwarts.  She had all her stuff packed already and was waiting for her Parents . Finally her parents where ready , and off they went. They made it to the Hogwarts Express. She said her good byes and hopped onto the train.


After a few hours, they made it to Hogwarts. She had along the way found an empty seat , and sat down. She could over hear some students talking about *Blood* status and gave a smirk. She turned to them and smiled " I would prefer it if it was only purebreeds, going to school, half breeds or even those with muggle parents, shouldn't be allowed in." She stated before grabbing a newspaper from it's stand, and began to read it. When they arrived in Hogwarts, she was the first one to get out, having shoved and tripped some of the other students, on her way out.


The place was dark, as the day waned into night. A shadow of light crossed her path where the game keeper held a lamp that emitted a small amount of light.  She paused before continuing on her way.


She climbed in to the first boat she saw and waited for the boats to move, which they did of their own accord. She smirked hidden in the shadows. She was happy to be here, even though her parents disapproved of her choice, they still allowed it. Her parents had been allowed in to Hogwarts, and graduated. Now it was her turn.


The boats reached the castle, and she immediately got out without being told too. Veil lead her class mates up the tunnel , and up the stone flight stairs to the Great Hall.  They entered the Great Hall and where met with stares from the older students as they filed into the room. The professor led them down the isle and then stopped them, in front to the hat, which was on top of a chair.


Veil glanced around the room, feeling confident in herself knowing the exact house she would be placed in. It would be the same house her Father and Mother used to have when they attended the school. She waited for her name to come. Finally the hat said her name .


"Crux, Veillamoria!"


She straightened her back and walked up to the hat, placing it upon her head and waited for it to decide. She kept saying "Slytherin, please say Slytherin" Over and over her in her head.  The room went quiet as the hat decided on where to place her.

Edited by Veillamoria Auguren Crux

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Nico Pichardo

It was a wonder (and somewhat of a blur as he'd tried to block certain parts out) he'd made it to this moment at all. For a few moments there on the train, he'd honestly wondered if he might die in that compartment and what sort of awful headlines they'd come up with. Nico shuddered, not even wanting to think about it, but he'd made it. He needed to focus on that, grateful to his cousin for saving them, but also kind of hoping she wouldn't ask for his first born or lifelong servitude in return, though.. saving him from the smell alone -- she'd deserve it.

Someone get the girl some cookies.


Anyway, he'd been ready for this moment since he could remember. Of course he had his doubts, worry that they wouldn't actually know where to put him. Not because he could end up any number of places but what if he was too boring to belong anywhere? Nico had the tendency to overthink when nervous, but he had to pull it together and with a gulp he squared his shoulders, determined. He would get through this and with a little luck he'd actually like where they put him.


"Pichardo, Nico!"


For all his bravado, his hands had turned sweaty and did those leg things even work anymore?! It felt like he was dragging himself along, probably looking like a zombie or some such thing, but finally.. he'd made it. Had it really taken ten hours? He couldn't help but wonder as they placed the hat on his head, knowing it'd felt like it. Do you really know everything? Have you ever had someone not belong anywhere? It was hard to slow the thoughts and questions racing through his head but Nico tried.

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Penelope Ng

It was something that Penny could wait for . But then again her brother and sister both told her " Whatever house you end up in , We will love you! " they stated to youngest ng kid. Well she was the youngest kids.  Penny knew that she might end in house that would be good for her. Then again maybe she would end up in house that was her sister house . That house was slytherin but Penelope Ng wasnt like Tate. She was more like her mommy and she knew that she might be sort in something that suit her. 


 Now the brunette and somewhat curious girl  went into the place that seem to be the Hogwarts great hall. This place huge and spot the stool. The stool seem interesting and also seen the hat that got decided which house she went on. Penelope couldn't wait. 


So that being said. The brunnette began to wait for them to say her name. She couldnt wait and it was going be quite fun. 




She finally heard her name. It was her time and she was so ready for this. " Oh that me." she said. She ran up to the stool and sat down wait to see wear she was going be send.  " Oh, Hi minster Hat! " she began. " My brother and sister told about you and they said you were nice hat. " she began again some more. " Well i hope you put me in gryffindor because that house for me please" she began . 

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Cameron Hoofer

William is a NPC and Cameron's fraternal twin.


The day had finally come. It was a day Cameron had been waiting for since he was old enough to understand what Hogwarts was. Two years ago today, his older sister Alyssa had arrived, and she'd been sorted into Hufflepuff. Now it was finally time for Cameron, and his fraternal twin, William to be sorted. While Cameron was very nervous about their sorting, William was extremely excited. He'd talked non-stop all the way to Hogwarts. Cameron had tried to keep himself calm by reading some books, but his brother wouldn't allow it.


Personally, Cameron had hoped William would go and prank people in the other compartments. The weeks leading up to the first day of school, his brother had talked about all the pranks he would pull on the train, but he didn't. Cameron wondered if that meant William was more nervous than he'd let on. Usually, he wouldn't hold back when it came to pranking.


"Why are you so quiet?" William spoke now as they climbed out of the boats that had taken them to the castle.


"Just nervous," Cameron replied.


"Why? We know how we get sorted. You'll probably get Ravenclaw like you want, but I really think you should be in Gryffindor with me," William told him.


"We don't know where we will be for sure," Cameron argued. "Just because Alyssa got her wish, it doesn't mean we will."


William continued talking about they could both be Gryffindors and how amazing it would be. Cameron ignored him, but this didn't deter his brother from talking. He kept going on and on, even once they were inside. In fact, he wasn't quiet until they were in the Great Hall. One girl was reassuring the other first years, and it took Cameron a moment to realize that it was Elewyn. They'd met the previous summer when he and Alyssa had gone to Diagon Alley. He nudged William and pointed her out.


"I know, you told me about her at PHP," William replied with a shrug before glancing around. Cameron figured he was looking for Alyssa since he was scanning the tables.


Cameron thought Elewyn would be Hufflepuff. They hadn't really talked at PHP, but it wasn't because he hadn't wanted to. They'd just never had the opportunity, and William had taken up most of his time. It was one of the reasons he was happy to be at Hogwarts. They could finally do their own thing.


After the sorting hat sang it's song, Cameron watched as each of his classmates were called up. For once, he would be going up before his brother. For most of their lives, William always insisted on going first since he was the oldest twin. However, it was alphabetical order, so Cameron would be sorted first. He wondered if his brother would try to ignore this, but when he heard:


"Hoofer, Cameron," 


William didn't protest. Surprised, but not unhappy about this, Cameron moved forward to sit on the stool. Two years ago Alyssa had sat on this very spot with the hat on her head. Now it was his turn. He felt excited as the hat was placed on his head.


Hello, I know you probably get a lot of requests all the time, but please put me in Ravenclaw and away from William. I love my twin, but I need to get away from him so I can be my own person for once in my life. If you can't do that, I understand but Alyssa, my sister told me you took her wish into consideration two years ago. You sorted her into Hufflepuff where our parents were once. Anyway, I guess you have to do what is best for me. I won't be angry with you, don't worry.





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