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Alvis Anderson

Back to back they faced each other. Drew their swords and shot each other!

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Alvis Anderson

Sweat was dripping from his face, a felling of despair and futility growing by the second as he made is way down the dark corridor that seemed to be completely deserted except for Alvis! The young cub had a feeling that something was following him but he just couldn't seem to locate a single thing around him be it a student, professor or creature, it was this thought that Alvis suddenly felt a jolt in the pit of his stomach. What was the creature that professor Foster had shown them in class the other day? A Pogrebin, that was it.


He span round looking very low to the floor and just as he caught sight of the little but very dumpy looking creature, rock like with teeth, he heard someone calling his name as though from far away, he turned and was no longer in a dark and almost pitch black corridor but in the flame lit Armour Gallery. ''Where am I? Who called my name?'' Alvis thought he saw someone at the other end of the gallery and he strained to see who or what it was, quickly he pulled out his wand instinctively just in case it was a Pogrebin or someone not to friendly.


Slowly he began to move towards the figure and when he was half way down the Gallery he stopped, ''OH Blueberries! It's you!'' 

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