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Julian Pritchard

and you fix yourself there like a map pin

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Julian Pritchard

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Julian stood just outside the forest, eyes apprehensively scanning the grounds for Jake's approaching figure. It had taken a good amount of waiting outside the Gryffindor common room, book in hand, for the older boy to emerge so he could set this up, and he could barely contain his impatience now. Or his excitement.


He could scarcely believe that he was going to see a whole grove of wiggentrees. He was sure it would be a goldmine of information for his internship, and he couldn’t wait to tell Stella all about it. He just needed Jake to actually show him where it was first.


“Jake!” he called out as soon as he spotted the seventh year, raising his hand slightly - half in greeting, half to make his location even more obvious. Once the boy was close enough, Julian took a couple of bouncing steps towards him, and shoved his hand - the one that wasn’t clasping a notebook - into his pocket.


“Alright,” he skidded to a stop and beamed at Jake. “So where to?”

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