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Seeley Pichardo

Rise of the Robed Dragons

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Seeley Pichardo

Sometime Week Six 


Not that Seeley was one to toot her own horn, but it had been a stroke of genius really.  There was only one way she could be sure that she could collect both @Grace Foster and @Addison Toft at the same time, and that was by making them think something very serious was going on.  What could be more serious then a Howler?  


A Howler, from the Headmistress... in the middle of class?  


Sure, it had taken Seeley days to perfect and she had fully annoyed her roommates until she had taken her things elsewhere to practice but she was finally fairly sure she had gotten it right.  After all, it didn't have to sound exactly like McGonagall.  Who actually knew what McGonagall sounded like in Howler form anyway?  It just needed to sound angry.   And serious.  


"Alright... did you set up everything else?" She arched an eyebrow at Fletcher as the two of them were perched behind a corner down the corridor from the classroom that the two seventh years should have been in right about that moment.  Seeley waited for confirmation from the slytherin before she plucked the red envelop from her back pocket and held it up in the air.  


"Mission: Robed Dragon Party is a go." She grinned and thought to herself that they really needed a better name for this, but then a flick of her wand later had the howler shooting off down the hallway and slipping under a classroom door.  Even they could hear the shouts from where they stood as it opened up and demanded that Grace and Addison report to the headmistress's office immediately - only the two fourth years didn't let it get that far into the message before they were off and running.  


They hadn't skipped a class of their own to get caught by the head girl and their other former teammate so quickly and ruin the surprise.  

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Fletcher Barrow

Fletcher would never turn down a good excuse to skive off a boring class. So when Seeley proposed that they steal away Addison and Grace for the lesson period, the Slytherin boy grinned and nodded his head. It had been quite some time since they had all competed together as a team during the Hogwarts Tournament of Champions, but it was a time that he would never forget, and a legend that would live on, even if it was only between him and his other teammates.


Fletch gathered all of his trusty mischief-making supplies in a bag and slung it over his shoulder. The plan Seeley had come up with was simple but (hopefully) effective. He left the Howler business to her, mostly because it was her plan but also because he didn’t think he could pull off a convincing McGonagall voice.


He hid stealthily with the Hufflepuff girl in the shadows and nodded again when she asked about the preparations. “Yeah, the posters are up. Leading right to the trophy room.” Fletcher opened his bag and pointed. “There were even a couple more left over, in case we feel like decorating again later. Can’t let our legacy die, ya know?”


Seeley then sent the Howler into the seventh years’ classroom, and at this point Fletch couldn’t help but let out a soft laugh. The Hufflepuff’s impression of McGonagall was actually pretty impressive, even while it was muffled through the door. Much better than anything he could have done. He didn’t get to listen for long before the two of them were jumping up from their hiding place and taking off down the hallway.


He was panting a bit by the time they made it to the trophy room, but the grin was still plastered to his face. This would be their last gift to their former teammates, and although he was disappointed that Lenny was no longer around to join the celebration, he knew she would still be there in spirit.

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Addison Toft

Addison was doing her utmost to stay awake. With her schedule crammed with revision and prefect duties, she was burning the midnight oil to get everything done, and that left her sorely lacking in the energy department when it came to paying attention in class. Her eyelids were so heavy, and it would be so soothing to just let them flutter and droop further, and further, and further...




The world exploded. Her eyes shot open, and she sat up straight in her seat. An ominous scarlet letter was hovering in the air above their heads, interrupting the class lecture while it shouted at them to immediately report to the headmistress' office. Addison winced - what did McGonagall want? Shooting Silas a quizzical look (after all, when McGonagall summoned her, it was usually with him as well), she shrugged and packed her things. McGonagall's voice sounded a bit strained, a little odd, but Addison chalked it up to the nature of the howler.


"Sorry professor," she mumbled, sliding out of the classroom, and... coming to a halt. 


Why was there a poster for Team Ninja Dragon? Why were there multiple posters for Team Ninja Dragon running down the hallway?


The door creaked open and shut as Grace joined her in the corridor. "Oi, do you have any idea what's up?"

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