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Markus Robinson

I need to get excited..

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Markus Robinson

Markus still wasn't really excited about the fact that he was going to Hogwarts. He was in two minds about it all. He just missed his friends that he had made in his home town. It wasn't that he didn't want to be a wizard, it was a pretty cool idea. So anyway, Markus was at the Park, he wanted to meet new people, and hopefully make new friends as well, so at least when they got to Hogwarts he wouldn't be alone. He wondered if anyone else was feeling the same way that he was.


He decided to sit near the fountain, it was quite pretty here, and he wanted to be available for chatting to or whatever. So he sat down on the edge, where there was space, and smiled. He hoped he looked approachable.

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Sabine Frost

Sabine was having a little bit of ‘me time.’ She loved the park and she adored the people she had met on the summer school – and she couldn’t wait to return to London to catch the train to Hogwarts.


But a part of her – albeit a small part – was keen to return to her remote Scottish island for a chance to be alone for long walks – and to spend time with her little sister of course.


Now, for Sabine, alone time didn’t have to be isolated. Walking in a park and not having to talk to someone was enough. At home, when the weather was poor, her outlet was a book. Everyone in the house knew that when she began to turn the pages, she wanted to be by herself. Sometimes the feeling lasted a chapter – sometimes more. But the process energised her and she returned to the fold raring to get involved with whatever the family had in store.


She headed for the fountain – the sound of running water was always pleasant and soothing. And as she approached it, she realised she wasn’t the only one with the same idea.


She recognised the boy – Markus. A benefit of an eidetic memory was never forgetting anyone’s name. She wondered if he was here for the same reason as her – or maybe he just wanted to be alone. Or maybe he was waiting for someone.


She smiled. If she wasn’t careful, she’d catalogue a hundred different reasons as to his presence. Then she saw him smile and decided that to ignore him would be rude – at least that’s what her parents had taught her. So, she walked over.


“Have you made a wish?” she asked, jerking her head towards the fountain.

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