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Leah Princeley

A cousin is a ready made friend for life

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Leah Princeley

Kermit was leave Hogwarts soon. Leah didn't know if she could handle being the only Princeley at Hogwarts. But she was going have to real soon. The blonde also knew that she want to talk to her cousin.


So write the boy note that he asked one her fellow hufflepuff friend to give to him . She wait for her cousin on the lawn to just hang out with Kermit. Sure it was probably going be boring! But for Leah she was going try to make the most fun that she was going have her cousin. 


" KIT!" she said when she spotted her older cousin. Sure he was real taller than her but she knew that she was going to have some bond time with .  " Hey kit , i want hang out with you before you leave " she said. 

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